Pakistan protests to Afghanistan



ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has lodged a protest with Afghanistan over the killing of three security personnel in Bajaur in a cross-border attack.

In a statement, the Foreign Office reiterated that Afghanistan should eliminate terrorist sanctuaries and not allow its territory to be used against Pakistan.

“At a time when a monumental effort is under way through operation ‘Zarb-i-Azb’ to eliminate all terrorists and their hideouts, Afghanistan’s cooperation remains essential for the success of our counter-terrorism endeavours,” the statement said.

The incident of cross-border terrorism took place less than two weeks after Pakistan and Afghanistan reached an agreement not to allow their territories to be used for attacks on each other.

The agreement was marred by allegations emanating from Kabul linking Pakistan’s security personnel with the armed clashes in Helmand province.

The allegations levelled by some Afghan authorities, including National Security Adviser Rangin Spanta, were dismissed as baseless by Pakistan which keeps on reiterating its position that a strong and stable Afghanistan will serve its interests.


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