Pakistan pledges to keep pushing UN to free Kashmir from India’s yoke


NEW YORK: Highlighting India’s “ruthless” military attack of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJ&K), presently in its third year, Pakistan’s Ambassador to UN Munir Akram has said that Islamabad will keep on supporting Kashmir’s call for freedom at every one of the discussions, particularly United Nations.

“We stand solidly with our Kashmiri family in their battle for the right to self-assurance,” saying the representative in a video message to the Pakistani people group on Sunday denoting country’s Independence Day. He further said, “The premonition of Quaid-e-Azam in propelling the reasoning for the making of Pakistan is decidedly approved today in the constraint of the Muslims, who live in India.

“They face coordinated state-constraint, contracting social space and usurpation of their basic freedoms as the ‘Hindutva’ spurred BJP government on the side of RSS, a Hindu radical outfit, looks to dispose of the Islamic heritage from India and once again compose history to reject the extraordinary commitments of Muslim rulers and lines in India. “Our initial architects,” he said, “confronted energetic resistance and got Pakistan through assurance, resolve, intelligence and majority rule battle.”

Diplomat Akram said individuals of Indian Illegally involved Jammu and Kashmir are essential for Pakistanand tragically being denied of the right to self-assurance by Indian abusing government. “They have been under a fierce military attack for the beyond three years and upwards of 900,000 Indian soldiers have released a reign of dread in the IIOJ&K, turning extra-legal killings, snatching, torment of Kashmiri youths, and evaporating whole towns and neighborhoods, as well as the unlawful imprisonment of Kashmiri pioneers.

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