Pakistan: Peace Maker or Peace Buster?


The entire Pakistan movement was peaceful, and on 14th August, 1947, a new country was born Pakistan without shedding a drop of blood.


23rd March, 1940 was the day when the Muslims of India decided that they cannot live together with the Hindus and need a separate homeland where they can lead their lives according to the norms of Islam.  It is not that the Muslims of India never tried to live together with the Hindus of India; until 1937, for the Muslims of India, Independence meant “the end of British Raj” and the establishment of the government of India – encompassing all the people (Muslims and Hindus) of India. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah believed that the Muslims could protect their rights in a united India in case of separate electorates, or if the provincial boundaries were drawn so as to preserve Muslim minorities. But in the elections of 1937, when the Muslim League faced the reality of total political powerlessness and failed to win a majority even on the Muslim seats, and the Congress formed the government even in the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP), where the League won no seats despite the fact that almost all the residents were Muslim, Quaid realized that it would be difficult for the Muslims to protect their rights in united India, which would lead to violence after independence from the British raj.

Hence, the foundation stone of Pakistan was laid on the need for peace in the region. For Quaid-e-Azam, the partition of the subcontinent did not just mean a separate piece of land, but he desired peace in the region, so that both the nations could work for the betterment of their people and not be fighting with each other over Hindu-Muslim issues. The entire Pakistan movement was peaceful, and on 14th August, 1947, a new country was born – Pakistan – without shedding a drop of blood, (not to be confused with the blood shed after the partition, when violence forced a large number of people to migrate) which was a distinct achievement in itself.

August 13, 1947 – in a speech at the banquet held in honor of Lord Mountbatten at the Governor General’s residence, the Quaid said, “This task has now been accomplished. There lies in front of us a new chapter, and it will be our endeavor to create and maintain goodwill and friendship with Britain and our neighboring dominion Hindustan along with other sister nations, so that we all together may make our greatest contribution for the peace and prosperity of the world.”

August 13, 2013 – Visiting Pakistan on the eve of its 66th Independence Day, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hailed Pakistan’s lead role in the United Nations peacekeeping operations, at the inauguration of the Center of International Peace and Stability in Islamabad. He said, “More than 100 countries contribute troops and police for the United Nations peacekeeping missions. Pakistan is number one,” adding that it is impossible to speak about the history of UN peacekeeping without highlighting Pakistan’s contributions.

Pakistan joined the United Nations on 30 September, 1947. Pakistan has been not only actively involved in most of the UN peacekeeping missions but is also playing its role as a peacemaker in the UN’s specialized agencies, other bodies and various UN conferences.

Pakistan is a member of the Peace Building Commission (PBC) of the UN from the category of Troop Contributing Countries. The Peace Building Commission (PBC) is an intergovernmental advisory body that supports peace making efforts in countries emerging from conflicts, and is a key addition to the capacity of the International Community in the broad peace agenda. Pakistan looks forward to contributing to the work of the Peace Building Commission with its vast experience in peacekeeping and peace-building.

Pakistan Army is famous for numerous achievements in peacekeeping missions around the globe. Pakistan has a long and cherished history of involvement in peacekeeping that can be traced from 1960, when Pakistani soldiers became part of United Nations peacekeeping efforts in Congo. With the expanded and renewed role of the UN, we have gradually become a harbinger in the worldwide peace efforts. Pakistan’s past contributions to various UN missions are as under:-

Mission Year
UN Operation in Congo (ONUC) 1960-1964
UN Security Force in New Guinea, West Irian (UNSF) 1962-1963
UN Yemen Observer Mission, Yemen (UNYOM) 1963-1964
UN Transition Assistance Group in Namibia (UNTAG) 1989-1990
UN Iraq-Kuwait Observer Mission (UNIKOM) 1991-2003
UN Mission in Haiti (UNMIH) 1993-1996
UN Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC) 1992-1993
UN Operations in Somalia (UNOSOM) 1992-1995
UN Protection Force in Bosnia (UNPROFOR) 1992-1995
UN Observer Mission in Liberia (UNOMIL) 1993-1997
UN Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR) 1993-1996
UN Verification Mission in Angola (UN AVEMIII) 1995-1997
UN Transitional Administration for Eastern Slavonia (UNTAES) 1996-1997
UN Mission of Observers in Prevlaka (UNMOP) 1996-2002
UN Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) 2001-2005

136 Pakistani soldiers have been martyred while wearing the blue helmets of the UN. Today, around 8,000 of Pakistan’s men and women serve in complex and challenging missions, including Darfur, Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Since 1947, Pakistan has fought four wars, first in 1947 – also known as the First Kashmir War, second in 1965 regarding the Kashmir Issue, third in 1971 and fourth in 1999 – again regarding the Kashmir issue. All these wars were fought against India, and three of these wars were over the same issue of “Kashmir”.



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Atiq is an IT professional, his area of interest are Socio-Politico issues of subcontinent and regional security issues with a special focus on Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. Can be reached at and tweets at @atiqpkkh.

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  1. There was never an India before British colonisation. The Muslims reclaimed their lands, heritage, past and are trying to make a new future in what has always been ours, the land of our forefathers and we call it Pakistan.

  2. Bomb Man – what land of the Jews?
    On what right?

    We have lived along the banks of the Indus since time immortal.
    We were occupied for a blip in history by The British and we were on paper incorporated into British India.
    We reclaimed the land we lived in.

    Onto Jerusalem.

    The Jews were massacred and exterminated from Jerusalem by The Romans and Jerusalem left in ruin and barren.

    The People of Palestine continued living in Palestine.

    The second righteous Caliph Umar ibne Khattab pbuh defeats The Romans in Transjordan and Palestine.
    He enters Jerusalem and rebuilds Jerusalem and calls the Jews and Christian back to “Jerusalem” and we Muslim continue to respect this.

    Israel is an abomination and calls for nob Semitic Jews accounting for 90% if global Judaism to displace the indigenous Palestinian semitic people.

    What right have these non Semites have on Palestine other than a spiritual connection to Jerusalem as does every non Semitic Muslim.

    Based on this do we non Semitic Muslims also claim Jerusalem.

    Israel is an abomination, occupation and comp,steely illegal and without global Zionism monopolising Western Economy has no sustainability.

    A bit like dirty Ganges people claiming Kashmir and seeking to displace the indigenous Kashmiris.
    The difference you have not even a spiritual connection just mumbo jumbo fabrications.

    Pakistan was The Mughal Empire and part of ever great Khorasani Islamic Empire, prior to this Persian Empire, before this Jain and Bhuddist but what WE were Never part of the backward civilisations of East of Indus the lands and Kingdoms of Hind.

    You Indians have your again uncertified, unrecorded spurious claims that do not hold. East of Indus has been influenced by its North and West not visa vi.

    Indian Saris, Tilaks, dirties are western and Persian influenced.
    The Salwar Kameez and Sherwani was Central Asian.

    You people wore nothing 🙂 semi clad.

    The Indian language is more comfortable with Hindi which has Arabic, Turkic and Persian words in it even today rather than speak your debunked Sanskrit.

  3. Non Semitic Jews namely the Ashkenazi Jews account for 90 % of the Israeli population.
    A bit like a Bihari Hindu claiming Kashmiriyat – illegal and ridiculous.

    So it is what it is – occupation, displacement and genocide.

  4. Pakistan wake up:

    Another 9 civilians die in Azad Kashmir and a woman murdered by Indian blatant targeting of civilians.

    Friendship with who?
    India is the eternal enemy, we extend friendship and talk peace it/they see this as Pakistani weakness. Pakistan needs to get it’s act together spner than later.

    Latton kay boot baatein say nehin maantay.

    History has shown us in 65 years that the Banya nation has only talked peace when it sees Pakistani in a strategic place or assertive.

    Pakistan should dismiss any calls for freindship with India and focus on stabilising the nation and borders and provide complete support to Kashmir and WARN India that the continued ceasefire violation from India will result Pakistan full retalliation and we should use China also to give them “the Sino-Pak pinch” – a taste of what it would feel if it became a squeeze.

    continued opression of Kashmiris need to be countered with tough talk that Pakistan has the right to cross into Kashmir to assist the Kashmiris as this is a UN ceasefire line of LoC based on India honouring UN resolutions and desisting in it’s persecution of Kashmir.

    • This war mongering mindset is the source of your problem…” India is the eternal enemy”…get past this stupidity…did you ever think about what improvements to life in Kashmir could be possible if you had peace and free commerce with India?…continuous war is not normal or helpful…is it the Muslim attitude that pushes you into thinking that you must be at war with people who think differently?…is it the intolerance of radical Islam that brings you to the conclusion that you must fight your neighbors over territorial disputes?…when will you grow up and try to settle this conflict with talks and goodwill instead of violence?…

      • Did u ever think about what improvements to life in Kashmir could be possible if India leave them alone and let them decide what the want. Exactly continuous war is not normal or helpful so let them decide what they want wht is your 600,000 Army doing there. We don’t have only one neighbor Mr. and we don’t have any history of fighting with our other neighbors but India has. So it will be better to correct yourself and try to find which country is always fighting with its neighbors If its India then give this lecture to your Gov.

  5. Brother this fabrication of banya nation has an expiry date. It is fast approaching as I smell the putrid rot within this filthy nation, I am convinced that the end is near!

  6. Hi,

    i will not comment on issues that are tgere and that need to be solved. ONLY I NEET TO MENTION THAT THE AUTHOUR (Atiq Durrani ) DOES NOT KNOW HIS FACTS.

    1>Pakistan was created on 14 th of August 1947 WITHOUT BLOODSHED BEFORE IT, GUESS YOU FORGET “DIRECT ACTION DAY OF 1946”


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