Pakistan Orders Crackdown on US Security Agents

Islamabad, Dec 24: The Pakistani government has directed its intelligence agencies to identify and arrest the members of American security firm Blackwater operating in Pakistan.

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The government has issued a deadline of one week following reports about the ongoing presence of Blackwater agents in the country, according to a Press TV report.

The report, citing Pakistan’s spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), said Blackwater agents are still operating inside the country. The American security firm was reportedly behind the killing of senior Haqqani network leader Naseeruddin Haqqani Nov 10.

Naseeruddin Haqqani, the son of Haqqani network leader Jalaluddin Haqqani, was killed in a firing incident in Islamabad. Naseeruddin Haqqani was responsible for fund-raising, logistics and political affairs of the Haqqani network.

In 2009, the former Pakistani government denied that the US security firm was active in the country.

According to the report, the security firm has carried out targeted assassinations across Pakistan.

The American security contractor was formed to provide training support to military and law enforcement organisations. It is specialised in carrying out covert operations in hostile territories.


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  1. IS this a security operation or a political advertisement? This operation must be hidden from others.. Why alerting everyone..
    WE ARE COMING.. HIDE OUT!!! We will count to 7 days only

  2. So this is a story that is using a report from Iranian TV to explain what is supposedly happening in Pakistan?…Press TV is the propaganda arm of iran and its reports are always suspect since they do not involve professional journalists…they are unsigned reports written by propaganda creators that use dubious sources that cannot be verified…people should be very hesitant to believe this…

      • As usual, 321 has no clue about professional media and would not recognize quality journalism if it were in front of him…his anti American opinions are not based on any truth but simply Madrassah learned hate for anything western…his ignorance is the product of poor education coupled with fanatic religion that is unfortunately so typical..nothing but cheap insults have ever come from 321..

        • ED-DIED, I suppose you’re an expert on all that’s reported? 321 perhaps may not recognise quality journalism but what makes you so learned you futile waste os space!

        • Your the master of cheap shots Eddied however far removed from the truth and stupid.

          Your not the mouthpiece of truth or fair and balanced responding now are you but the ill with verbal diarrhoea.

          If this is indeed true then what ever happened to the clamp down under PPP and previous ISI number 1 man.

          They need to be found tracked and killed…

          Remember the Caucasian men with tattoos on their back skulls and bones foiled attack on Peshawar airport.

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