Pakistan should not behave like an enemy towards Israel: Israeli PM Netanyahu


Israeli Prime Minister Benjanmin Netanyahu has stressed that his country is not an enemy of Pakistan, and the South Asian nation should adapt its attitude to that effect, Express News reports.

The Israeli PM is currently on a visit to India, where he has been busy signing bilateral military and trade agreements with the Hindu-majority country.

People in India have been protesting against the visit of the Israeli PM in Mumbai, New Delhi and a number of other cities, according to news reports.

Netanyahu has also backed Indian double-speak over the situation on the Line of Control (LoC) along the border with Pakistan, as part of his diplomatic efforts to woe the Modi government.

“Pakistan should not behave like an enemy towards us because we do not view them that way,” he added.

Netanyahu met Bollywood superstars in Mumbai as part of his visit to India as well.

“I love the film industry of India and want it to collaborate with the Israeli actors and directors too,” he said.

The Israeli PM also made a visit to Indian PM Modi’s hometown of Gujarat, and went to the burial place Mahatama Gandhi in Ahmadabad.

During his visit to India, Netanyahu has signed bilateral agreement with India on cyber-security, science and technology, air transport, film production, oil and gas, solar and thermal energy and space technology.

Talks for a free-trade deal and the purchase of anti-tank missiles are currently underway.


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