Pakistan needs to be part of wider solution for Afghan conflict, says Alice Wells


The US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice Wells on Monday said that a negotiated political solution that includes Pakistan needs to be found in order to ensure security in Afghanistan.

In an interview with TOLOnews, during a three-day visit to Afghanistan this week, Wells stated that the solution to Afghanistan’s security and stability will lie in a political resolution and not only on the military battlefield.

The US official stated that the US sees an opportunity for Pakistan to secure its legitimate interests through support for a negotiated settlement.

“We see the strategy for South Asia as an opportunity for Pakistan,” said Wells, adding that Pakistan needs to be part of a wider solution for Afghanistan.

She also said that as the dialogue between Pakistan and the US continues, it is important to achieve results around peace that are mutually beneficial for both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

On the recent spate of attacks in Kabul, she said the offensive was a testimony that some elements within the Taliban are not prepared to work for peace.

Wells further added that the vision for peace has the support of the international community, which is scheduled to meet later this month for the Kabul Process.

“The United States understands the courage it takes to continue to stand for peace,” said Wells.


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