Pakistan Navy Launches Housing Scheme in Gwadar


As CPEC continues to pick up steam, Pakistan is all set to witness an economic Renaissance. Places such as the deep sea port at Gwadar are expected to become the most critical business and societal hub as various projects get completed.

In light of this, Pakistan Navy has launched the first-ever housing scheme in Gwadar. Naval Anchorage Gwadar is a project by Pakistan Navy Benevolent Association.

The scheme claims to offer the best land at the most competitive market rates. The housing project is expected to be highly lucrative in the years ahead, as Gwadar welcomes a new generation of workers and professionals who wish to settle there.

About the Gwadar Housing Scheme

If you are looking to secure your future, investing in the Gwadar housing scheme is an ideal option.

Backed by the Pakistan Navy, the project assures safe and secure return on investment with huge growth potential as Gwadar powers on with various infrastructural projects.

Pakistan Navy is the first Defense Institution to have launched a housing scheme in Gwadar so far. More importantly, buyer will get a confirmed plot without any balloting hassles.

The scale of the project rivals those launched by DHA and Bahria in other parts of the country as well.

The plots, measuring 500 yards apiece, are based at the Naval Anchorage Gwadar.

The scheme is targeted for real estate investors, businessmen, Chinese expats and overseas Pakistanis alike who want to become part of the next big economic hub in the region.

Pricing Details

Uprise Ventures is the authorized reseller of plots in Naval Anchorage Gwadar.  They are offering plots at Gwadar at a special introductory rate of 35 lacs for 500 yards in Naval Anchorage Gwadar.

Currently the plots in Naval Anchorage Gwadar is being offered at an introductory price of Rs. 60 lacs through balloting, but if you choose to go with Uprise Ventures (authorized resellers on behalf of Pakistan Navy), then you may just get your money’s worth.
Just to reiterate, the plots are available through balloting for 60 lacs, however Uprise Ventures is offering plots right away at a discounted price of 35 lacs (15 lacs upfront, and the remaining amountwithin 30 days) on first come first served basis.

No Balloting. No Waiting. Get your plot after payment instantly.

For more details on the Housing scheme at Naval Anchorage Gwadar, you can follow Uprise Ventures on Facebook here. You can also visit their website and fill out the form to kick off the process of owning prime real estate property today.








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