Pakistan Must Demand General VK Singh’s Extradition


Pakistan must demand General VK Singh’s extraditio​n for involvemen​t in bombings on Pak soil


The current US Secretary of Defense also confirmed in a previously unreleased video that India has, over the years, ‘financed problems for Pakistan’ using Afghanistan as a base.

When Bilal Lashari’s WAAR was released just days ago in Pakistan, a lot of eyebrows were raised over the depiction of the Indian involvement in terror on Pakistan’s soil. Prominent Pakistani journalists declared it as jingoistic propaganda, far removed from reality.

It is, therefore, a timely slap in the faces of the pro-Indian lobby in Pakistan that the recently retired Indian Army Chief General Vijay Kumar Singh admitted India’s involvement in doling out money to separatist terrorists in Balochistan and sponsoring bombings elsewhere in the country.

VK Singh is a political ally of BJP leader Narendra Modi, also known as the Butcher of Gujarat for his role in the massacre of Muslims in the Indian state in 2002.

VK Singh’s admission comes in an inquiry report prepared by India’s DG Military Operations, highlighting the activities of an army unit called the Tactical Support Division (TSD) – raised on the directives of the Defence Minister and National Security Adviser Shiv Shankar Menon. It consists of six officers, five JCOs and 30 men, and is operated out of the capital, Delhi.

The TSD is said to have been given tasks ranging from clandestine monetary support and training of separatists and other terrorist elements targeting the Pakistani state and military, as well as targeted assassinations of senior political and religious leaders, including Jama’at ud Dawa Chief Hafiz Saeed, blamed by India for the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Saeed has a US$ 10m bounty on his head, placed by the United States last year, although bizarrely it is for ‘information leading to (his) arrest’ that would stand up in court – an admission by the Americans that the current information, including that from India, for Saeed’s alleged involvement in the Mumbai attacks is insufficient and inadmissible in court.

In light of the above, it is criminal of the Pakistani state and the Interior as well as Foreign and Defence Ministries to ignore General VK Singh’s admission of guilt in running a terrorist cartel in Pakistan and not call for his immediate arrest and extradition to Pakistan, along with Colonel Munishwar Nath Bakshi who heads the TSD. In addition to these two, Pakistan must also demand the extradition of Colonel Purohit, a serving Indian Army Officer who was found involved in a series of bombings on Indian soil, including the Samjhauta Express bombing of 2007. All of these attacks were initially blamed on Pakistan by the Indian media and security officials.

Pakistan must also press on the United States to put a leash on the Indian presence in Afghanistan and restrict it from using that country to destabilize Pakistan.

The current US Secretary of Defense also confirmed in a previously unreleased video that India has, over the years, ‘financed problems for Pakistan’ using Afghanistan as a base.

Additionally, Pakistan needs a strong media and broadcast watchdog to keep an eye on the presence of the pro-Indian lobby in Pakistan’s media, acting against the national interest by deliberately downplaying Indian terrorism in Pakistan, and serving Delhi’s interests by using every opportunity to attack Pakistan and its security forces.

is an editor and analyst at – writing on Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Dan also writes for the defense and security journal Fortress Magazine, published out of Karachi, Pakistan, and is a senior research fellow at the Pakistan Institute of Strategic Affairs.

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  1. @ Dan Qayyum,
    Yeh …. you Pakis may ask for extradition of the Indian Army chief today, and you may ask for Indian PM to be extradited tomorrow …… you Pakis however will eventually realize that state sponsored terrorism is not a one way street, on which Pakistan has the sole patent …. be prepared to play the game on your own strength, as the US will not be there to help you pakis this time …… and at the end of the day, the stronger will eventually survive the deadly game …..

    • the problem is… we can handle these terrorist as we fear no bombs or killing by these funded terorrist…. when this happens in India, your whole India will become like Mumbai hostage to terrorist and hide in your houses for weeks… so shut the fuck up you stupid indian and admit the fact that you Indian bastards started the terroism in our country starting form 1971….

  2. Really? He has admitted?

    You know what – can you point out exactly WHERE he admitted it? Just out of curiosity…… where he said he sponsored terrorism.

    C’mon….. surely you can point out the exact statement in the India Today article since you are “demanding extradition”.

    • how about u put the little intelligence u might have to use and find it urself? it’s not hard. well maybe for u it is. here i’ll even help u since it’s obvious that ur paymasters didn’t deem it important to give u proper training and education.

      now to start off, do u know what a mouse is? it’s that thing u use to move the cursor on the screen. recognize it? if yes good job! at least u can do that much! now use that mouse to move the cursor over to the address bar at the top of the browser. hopefully u know what that is. here i’ll even describe it for u. it should be a white bar with “www.pakistankakhudahafiz….” written in it. see it? type a search website into it. u do know what that is right? google or yahoo or bing? u probably don’t. but in the off chance that u do, when u get to the site, type in the words “india today singh”. that should be plenty and besides i don’t want to confuse u too much. god knows it probably took all u have just to get to this point. it’s okay. rest that poor excuse of a brain of yours and resume when ure able to. now there should be quite a few links that pop up. choose one and click on it. hopefully u can manage to do that. now when the article opens up read it. i know ur reading ability and comprehension aren’t too great but hopefully even a dimwit like u will be able to understand what is written. now when ure finally able to finish reading, sit for a moment to let it sink in. then go and turn urself into the authorities for being promoting terrorism. get ur coworkers to follow these steps as well. although i think u might have some trouble with jeeth and anjaan.

      • Exactly what I thought. There is NO reference in India Today. Just made up stuff in PKKH.

        I asked for a specific reference – and you demonstrate a behaviour of a brain washed cabbie.

        I’ve asked for evidence – and you can’t really produce any where Singh claims he got blasts done. Guess what – coz there ain’t any !!

        • oh really? then what’s this?

          HEHE looks like u were too much of an idiot to follow these simple steps after all.

          • Precisely. I knew you would point to that link. Now read it carefully – and tell me – WHERE HE ADMITTED IT.

            Read my first comment. I’m asking for evidence where he admitted it. The article does not claim he admitted it.

            Are you really too stupid to understand plain english or are you just brainwashed?

          • where did pkkh say that he had admitted? they are reporting a story in the indian media that is based upon a report implicating general vk singh. i like how ure trying to distract us from this fact by saying that just b/c he hasn’t admitted it, it isn’t true. yes that’s definitely how the world works. if u don’t admit something u never did it. see how screwed up your brain is?

            HOWEVER your one saving grace is that apparently the IDEA for this unit was formed BEFORE vk singh became chief. VK singh was the one who IMPLEMENTED it. either way he is GUILTY. and also the previous chief and everyone else involved as well. either way it PROVES india is a terrorist state.

            so are u satisfied being humiliated by me yet again? u seem to love it 🙂

          • oh and 2 more things:

            1)by your logic hafiz saeed is also innocent b/c he hasn’t admitted anything. maybe u dogs should stop barking after him then, no? in any case u need evidence to implicate someone in a crime. the evidence surrounding saeed was laughable. as for vk singh well the evidence points to him having implementing or at the very least continuing, an operational directive by defence minister antony (it seems that the previous chief told military intelligence to work on a position paper and it was after it was approved by Antony that this disgusting plan was proposed).

            2) i’ve been reading articles in which vk singh denies that he didn’t try to topple the jammu and kashmir gov which i absolutely concur with. why he try and put down such a faithful dog?
            HOWEVER i’m STILL searching for an article in which he denies his involvement in terrorism inside pakistan. u know? the part of the report that the indian media seems to be ignoring? how convenient! i guess it’s true that if they don’t discuss it then ppl wouldn’t know about it. the silence from singh and the media concerning this is quite revealing!
            since i’m not having much luck, perhaps u could help me find an article in which singh denies his involvement in terrorism?

            all in all pkkh is still right in demanding vk singh’s extradition.

  3. @Dan Qayyum

    One thing you failed to notice and which I really like about you and your PKKH is that, with all your anti-india publishing, you are able to bring a new higher level of patriotism on those indians who accidently enter your site. Thank you for giving us more strength.

    • haha accidentally enter? what would an indian want with a pakistani site unless he is just some stupid paid shill like u? any indian with even a little empathy, humanity and humility would instead curse the name of vk singh and would immediately denounce the likes of u.

      • Dont cry babe.. Okay I will include your name also along with Dan Qayyum.. You guys rock in filling our hearts with patriotism.. Good job girl..

        • thank you! i feel honoured to be included in the list of names trying to expose the truth to bharatis! it’s a tough job considering how dumb you ppl are but hey, i have to try!

    • Jeeth the good thing is you come on Pakistani forum and are able to post… where your stupid Indians cant handle Pakistani debaters and block our posts or delete them… just have a look at Indiatimes website full of hot masala news that has no reality just to keep your India patroitism going… We Pakistanis dont need Masala news we PAkistanis are Pakistanis in blood and Muslim in Imaan… that combination alone bring fear into our enemies so try your bullshit somewhere else.

  4. u indians are just a bunch of lunatic terrorists. u have no empathy nor humanity whatsoever. a man admits to being a terrorist and u applaud him. it’s amazing to see how utterlly disgusting u rapists really are. instead of showing humility and begging for forgiveness, u despicable creatures instead blame us for your own acts of false-flag terrorism.

      • oh i dunno jeeth. thx for the “advice”, but considering the lunatic comments by u and ur fellow bharatis, i think u should take ur own advice first. i mean maybe then u dimwits might have enough brainpower to actually try and prove me wrong for once.

  5. If V. K. Singh has committed any crime let you approach the Indian Govt. In fact India does not want to involve with internal matter of Pakistan we always advocate better Pakistan for better India. But you wanted created unwanted problem for India in which you never succeed. If India begin to involve in your internal matter then Pakistan will be divided into many parts.

    • Dude – you must be nuts. Expecting the Pakis to approach the Indian Govt? Really?

      These guys are scared that the Indian Govt will do exactly what they do…. which is – claim evidence is insufficient, claim non-state actors, blame the CIA…..and never get anything done.

      Because it is what Pakis do 24×7. Morons haven’t figured out that the rule of law actually exists and works in India, which is why all perpetrators of crimes are actually behind bars, including the Samjahuta Express and yes, even Godhra.

      Don’t expect Pakis to behave rationally. Instead, tell them to go f**k themselves and watch them work themselves into a frenzy. More fun that way 😉

      • Rule of Law? offer me the names of those who were involved in muslim massacre in Guzrat. No, you can’t so stop making fool of others and lets put our own house in-order before trying to blast Pakistan.

        Sincerely, a fellow Indian.

  6. @321 – “so are u satisfied being humiliated by me yet again? u seem to love it 🙂 ”

    Enjoying our flights of fancy yet again are we?

    As before – my question still stands – where did he admit.

    Since you obviously have the IQ of a lemming, let me answer. HE DID NOT ADMIT TO ANYTHING.

    Doesn’t matter what articles have been written – your claim was that he admitted it.

    Oh – and by the way, Day Qayyum – nice one mate – changing the article to remove that offending line. I should really keep screen prints of your pages prior to changing

    • HAHAHA trying to distract from the bigger picture again? vk singh should be extradited b/c he implemented th tsd program which both u and i agree. now has vk singh denied the terrorism claim? no he hasn’t. why doesn’t he come out and deny the report? hafiz saeed denied his involvement so why can’t singh? THIS is what you can’t seem to process.

      • Whoa…. wait a sec now. All of a sudden, we are changing the goal post from “He admitted it” … to “He hasn’t denied it”

        I’ll tell you what – I’m sure little voices in your head tell you that sounds perfect, but I’ll come back to the original point

        Point out where VK Singh ADMITTED he caused 8 blasts in Pakistan. Let’s not change the topic. You give me evidence where Singh says he did the eight, and I’ll tell you what, I’ll file a PIL myself.

        • no i was wrong and you’re probably right. he hasn’t admitted it and i suppose pkkh is lying in this regard. satisfied? good! now let’s get back to the REAL matter at hand which I have been trying to bring attention to and you have been conveniently ignoring.
          Once again u have ignored basic logic. ure always telling pakistan to hand over saeed. has saeed admitted to any crimes? no he hasn’t and yet u still demand him. but all of a sudden an indian report comes out revealing that singh has supported terrorists and yet ure claiming that he’s innocent b/c he hasn’t admitted it. see the fallacy in ur logic?
          BOTH singh AND your media have been ignoring the terrorism issue. they have only been focusing on the IOK part. want to know why? b/c it’s a distraction from the actual revelation which is that india is a terrorist state. if singh had been innocent, instead of ignoring this he would have denied it, just like hafiz saeed did.

        • You get us a written proof form your goverment that when Pakistan provides solid evidence of your offical invovlement in Pakistan blasts you will hand over the accused… your Indians just bark about Pakistan with every act of terrorism in your country… till today your mumbai enquiry is a joke where you couldnt let PAkistani officials carry out there investigation properly… so mate take your head out of your ass and think the reality

        • The Bomb Man . did we provide any damned proof of Pakistani involvement in Mumbai attack? Did we?

          which world do you live in where only others are accountable but not us? India today is much worse than it was in 1980s. Admit it and no amount of lying can make it any better!

  7. 312…why do all pakistanis behave like this !!…irrationaly and illogicaly..easily believing all the conspiracy theories..just read wikipedia india involvement in pakistan terrorism..pakistan is desperately trying to get evidence against india..but never got any so it is cooking up stories..vk singh never said india is sponsoring terrorism in pakistan or anything like that…it was only about covert operations to get into the inner circles of hafeez sayed so as to protect our country from you people who are sponsering terrorism know baluchi terrorists are very poorly equipped and dey only gt ak 47 which is easily available there.they are in dire need of money equipments and
    training.even there leader asked for indias money and help openly in 2012 do you think if indiia actualy trained tequipments

    • oh ok!! let me guess: every one claiming pakistan is supporting terrorists WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE is telling an absolute unquestionable fact. but anyone who PROVIDES UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE that india is supporting terrorism inside pakistan is a crazy conspiracy theorist. is that it? you comment is exactly how you’re trying to describe me: irrational and illogical.

      i’m not even going to bother reading the rest of your nonsense.

  8. 312…why do all pakistanis behave like this !!…irrationaly and illogicaly..easily believing all the conspiracy theories..just read wikipedia india involvement in pakistan terrorism..pakistan is desperately trying to get evidence against india..but never got any so it is cooking up stories..vk singh never said india is sponsoring terrorism in pakistan or anything like that…it was only about covert operations to get into the inner circles of hafeez sayed so as to protect our country from you people who are sponsering terrorism know baluchi terrorists are very poorly equipped and dey only gt ak 47 which is easily available there.they are in dire need of money equipments and
    training.even there leader asked for indias money and help openly in 201trained tequipments

  9. If india was involved they would have got modern equipments ied training and not in this poor state.this is what neutral obserevers say.india has given many evidences against pakistan to UN but pakistan couldn give even one evidence against india in 3 decades.becoz india was nevr involved in terrorism and the whole world agrees to it.all pakistanis are suffering from delusionary psychotic disorder.

  10. 30 years and not even a single advice? And you know no secretory of defence of US ever said that ….. Hagel was only a nominee for position of secretory of defence…and he is already being criticised in his own country for speaking like a rabid dog on every other issue afganistan iraq israel..he was giving controversial statements on every issue go and read about him and actual secretory of defence came in suport of india.go and read about bangladesh atrocities how u killed millions.sindhi people recently held a demonstration where lakhs gathered for independence baluch people hate waziristan azad kashmir gilgit everyone hates you….the whole world hates you…just go anywhere in the world…and say that you are from pakistan…u will understand what i am saying…and you know ur govt is using hate india propaganda as a cohesive unit…otherwise u will simply disintegrate

  11. Yeah surely dont read what i am saying just go and read what the whole world is saying about pakiztan..just go and read what the wikipedia is saying about india involvment in pakistan terrorism…go and read urself…pakistan cudnt give even one evidence to UN against india in 3 decades if u dont believe me check urself just go through net

  12. And one more thing read article from your own newspaper the nation “”blaming india for terror aimed at derailing peace prospects july 8 or better still baluchistan insurgency wikipedia state sponsered terrorism wikipedia terrorism in pakistan wikipedia go and read yourself.they are neutral sources after are holding onto just one so called evidence and i am giving you 100s of evidence against your view.btw are you a girl?

  13. HAHA!! wikipedia is fine if you’re trying to finish some school homework but if you want to get dirty and dig deeper to find the truth of the matter i can assure you that wikipedia is not going to get you anywhere.
    but hey! don’t mind me sandeep dear! you can go ahead and continue to cite wikipedia as much as you want. in the end it’s your own credibility that you’re tarnishing not mine.

  14. This is indeed funny…
    Once an Indian general went to Pakistan and brought with him 93000 armed Pakistani soldiers.
    Once India invited a Pakistani general to Agra, he enjoyed goan fish curry, hyderabadi biryani and other delicacies and returned home burping without even looking back at his hosts.
    Now Pakistan is inviting Gen VK singh… lets see if India can accommodate another 100,000 pakistani soldiers that he will bring with him.

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