Pakistan May Approach UNSC on Drone Issue


Pakistan may approach UNSC on drone issue

ISLAMABAD: For the first time, the Pakistan mission in the United States is all set to directly approach the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for a resolution against the highly controversial drone attacks that are believed to have spoiled peace talks between the Pakistani government and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

Talking to The News minister for information and broadcasting Pervaiz Rashid said Pakistan has started preparations to raise the issue of drone attacks at the United Nations forum in accordance with the recommendations of the recently held All Parties Conference.

The minister said the embassies and diplomatic mission of Pakistan would also raise the issue of drone attacks all over the world and “we would inform the international about how drone attacks are fanning extremism and terrorism in Pakistan.”

“We strongly believe that the recent drone attack that killed TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsood has caused dent to the peace process that was aimed at finding out a solution to the growing terrorism in Pakistan,” he said.

An official claimed that Masood Khan, Pakistan’s permanent envoy at the United Nations, also held talks with high-ups of the government in September this year and he was directed to carry out the spade work to raise the issue of drone strikes at the United Nations.

The minister said Pakistan has lodged formal and informal protests over America’s highly controversial unmanned war in Pakistan’s tribal regions, but now it has finally decided to take up the issue at the United Nations.

Referring to the international laws the minister said killing unarmed and innocent civilians is a clear breach of the international law and Pakistan calls for immediate cessation of drone attacks inside its territorial borders.

Some media reports quoting official sources claimed that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif raised the issue of drone strikes twice during his recent meeting with US President Obama.

Source: The News

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  1. It is actions like this that make Pakistan the laughing stock of the world…the biggest terrorist in Pakistan has been eliminated by your ally…and all you can do is complain about sovereignty…wake up Pakistan…your enemy within has confused the people into thinking the Taliban are good and all the while they are killing thousands of innocent civilians….the mullahs want you to believe that the USA is the enemy and your coward politicians will not speak the truth about who the real mass murders are because they are afraid of the TTP…what a confused country…

    • it’s these types of comments that have convinced the world that americans are arguably the dumbest ppl on the planet. your proxy stooge went behind ur back and was considering peace talks. u did not want peace and so decided to take him out. just like u took out baitullah mehsud when he was close to being captured.

      • As usual you justify your unintelligent comment by offering another conspiracy theory that has absolutely no basis in fact….poor deluded individual…it is your country that is suffering by these home grown terrorists…and yet you support them…stupid is not a strong enough word to describe what you do…

        • “conspiracy theory” this “conspiracy theory” that. u probably don’t even know what a conspiracy theory is. don’t u get tired of lying? i mean the pay must be great but surely it cannot justify telling massive lies.

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