Pakistan inks new agreement for fuel import to reduce reliance on Gulf States


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is ready to begin oil and gas imports from Central Asian states as the Foreign Office has given the thumbs up to the consenting to of an arrangement with vitality rich Azerbaijan, in a move that will diminish Pakistan’s unnecessary dependence on Middle Eastern nations.

At present, Pakistan is bringing in oil from Gulf Arab nations including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. To address gas issues, it is buying the ware from another Gulf nation.

A senior authority of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources uncovered that Azerbaijan had offered to fare unrefined petroleum, petroleum items and condensed regular gas (LNG) to Pakistan.

It has likewise communicated enthusiasm for building a terminal and also LNG and melted petroleum gas (LPG) stockpiles in a joint wander between Azerbaijan’s state oil organization Socar and a Pakistan-assigned organization.





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