Pakistan IT industry hits international markets


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan based IT companies are making their way towards international markets through their mobile applications and gaming apps.

According to PSEB, there was dire need to promote gaming, animation at international level to increase the market revenue for Pakistani developers.

Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) is determined to support all such IT companies for creating constructive and conceptual mobile games.

There are already plenty of Pakistani IT companies working in international arena
mainly named as Mindstorm Studios, GameView Studios, Pepper PK and TkXeL etc.
From these companies, TkXel has created mobile applications and gaming companies from a university lab in Lahore while Pepper PK made history by developing paid BlackBerry applications which reached top rankings on BlackBerry’s App World store.
Tintashhas designed many innovative casual games for iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms.

Games are not the only avenue on the mobile platform that Pakistani companies are focusing on, bit a number of companies have looked at broader educational and infotainment markets.

Folio3 judged as one of the Harvard Business Schools All-World Fast Growth 500 companies in 2010 – has interesting products in its portfolio.








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