Pakistan Fashion Week



Since the past few years, Pakistan has witnessed an increase in the amount of terrorist attacks and civilian deaths. Through suicide bombings, target killings and drone attacks, the image of Pakistan has been reduced to a state under constant warfare. Much needs to be done to revive the lost image, as government incompetency and terrorist activities continue to hammer it down the trails of anarchy.

Presently, vital steps are needed to allow the country to restore itself, in terms of development and prosperity that seems to have come to a sudden halt. When it comes to development, the significant points needed to be primarily focused upon are education and a firm infrastructure. Apparently, the concept of development as per the liberal class of our society seems to be slightly twisted. They believe that fashion can play a fair hand in rescuing Pakistan from this dilemma.

For this purpose, the Pakistan Fashion Industry holds the Pakistan Fashion Week annually, bringing to light new designers under the name of development. Hundreds and thousands of rupees are squandered upon bizarre outfits that one wouldnt even imagine wearing to the circus! Top class models walk the ramp, as the rich audience rattle their jewelry in approval, and this three-day event is featured by equally liberated newspapers of the country.

Meanwhile, there are kids on the streets with less than a shirt on their back. There are textile industries that have shut down due to lack of production. People need money to get back to their feet. There are people still recovering from the trauma that death has brought to their homes. The people of Pakistan need saviors that can help improve their condition. They dont need women in revealing outfits to promote liberation in an attempt to restore the picture of Pakistan.

Also, allow me to remind us, that such events are un-Islamic; no matter what purpose, and what name you may give them. I can almost hear the Liberals scoffing now but this is the truth. It is next to ignorance to believe that a woman with a comical hat upon her head, and a dress that looks like a devoured peel of banana skin, can be in any way productive to the society. Such is the unfortunate condition of our perceptions that we tend to prioritize our desires and our understandings over logic and struggle to pull out reason to justify our attempts in that manner.

The form of liberation that is brought about by nudity, and vulgarity, speaks for itself in the present picture of India today that is struggling under a rape-epidemic. When our minds are ready to accept that development can come if our women show skin on big screens; is the time to realize that we are the ones suffering from a mental sickness.

If anything, the Pakistan Fashion Industry can play its role productively, by investing that amount of money on restoring textile cities, textile universities, and cotton production. Textile engineers and Textile designers are out of jobs, and have to buy their way in to starting small businesses of their own. The PFI can help them with a head start by funding these brilliant minds, so they dont have to fly abroad to Bangladesh or Germany for a better future in the textile industry.
It is time to act sensibly, and discourage such events that only serve as entertainment to the filthy rich only, and leave the homeless kid starved and cold for yet, more nights.

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