Pakistan expresses concern over violence in Kashmir


Pakistan FO

Pakistan today expressed concern over the death of four persons during protests in Jammu and Kashmir and asked India to conduct a speedy probe into the incident.

“Such acts incite violence and hurt the sentiments of Muslims not only in Pakistan but all over the world,” Foreign Office spokesman Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry said in a statement issued this evening.

Expressing Pakistan’s “deep concern” over the protests, the statement said, “We have noted the comments of the Indian leadership to carry out an investigation into the incident.

“The government of Pakistan calls for a thorough and proper investigation to be carried out expeditiously and those responsible for this act to be brought to justice.”

Protests erupted in Ramban area of Jammu and Kashmir yesterday and four persons died in firing by security forces.

Forty people, including 19 security personnel, were injured in clashes, stone-pelting and baton-charge today.

Source: PTI

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  1. Pakistan should express concern at the violence INSIDE Pakistan first. The four people who died, were in a riot causing violence in the first place because some “book” had been insulted.

    What nonsense. If you don’t like it – leave the country and go to Pakistan !!

    • are u serious? ur terrorist soldier came into a mosque and terrorized innocent ppl, desecrated their holy book and when they protested u killed them!! then u have the nerve to tell them to get out of their own land?!?! how utterly inhumane and heartless can u freaks get?

      • You porkis only listen to one half of the story, do you??

        Did any pakis know that the BSF had to fight back on self-defense when the people (your protesters) turned violent on them and tried to attack and kill them?? Ofcourse you wouldnt have heard about it.. Because if a news has to be sold in your country by your media conglomerate, it should always be anti-indian or anti-hindu..

        Again its your holy book isnt it? So much for a religion which took the word “peace” itself as the name of the religion..

        Lets label everybody who fights for self-defense ‘inhuman and heartless’, shall we??

      • If they don’t like it, they can get out. End of story. No negotiations with people who don’t want peace. And rather than worry about what is happening in India, fix your garbage can of a country first (and no, I don’t mean Canada – you taxi driver)

        • wow ure braindead aren’t u? its THEIR land! what part of that didn’t you understand? ppl who don’t want peace? YOU invaded their land and are occupying it. YOU are oppressing them! YOU are preventing their right of self-determination. YOU are raping their women. YOU are murdering them. YOU are torturing them. YOU are going into their mosques and desecrating their religious places. NOT the other way around. its the kashmiris NOT YOU who own the place. so no, YOU get out of there. THEY have EVERY right to stay and resist ur terrorist army. get this through ur head u terrorist freak.

          and i suggest u fix ur own country first. a third of the worlds poor live there. i don’t see why ure so satisfied by yourselves. stop those dozens of insurgent groups first. u indians are blind to the countless faults of ur own country. at least pakistanis admit that our country needs to improve.

          and why would u even mention canada? what has canada got to do with this?

  2. What 2 sides? one side are the oppressed kashmiris who have been raped murdered and tortured. on the other side are the occupying terrorists who backed by 2 draconian laws are committing these acts of tyrrany. yea i think i’ll stick with the Kashmiri point of view.
    Let me make something clear to u. YOUR terrorist army that is occupying THEIR land. It has been murdering, raping and torturing them. You DO NOT have the right to claim self defence even if it was a violent protest which it wasn’t. You lost this right when u started occupying their land and oppressed them. Even if Kashmiris defeat ur army and then decide to invade india to bring justice to it you STILL DO NOT have ANY right whatsoever to claim self-defence. YOU as the tyrranical aggressor started this and its your fault.

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