Pakistan has done enough, cannot do more on dictation by any country : ISPR


Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Chief Major General Asif Ghafoor in a media briefing today said Pakistan has done enough for everyone and will not do more.

“We cannot do more on dictation by any country,” he stated.

ISPR chief stated that Pakistan ensures peace on all fronts and it is the duty of the army to stabilise the region. India has been carrying out surgical strikes and spreading false propaganda and Pakistan will not be reactive to such false lies anymore.

“You can not lure us to your unprofessional tactics,” he noted.

DG ISPR said that through Zarb-e-Azb, Pakistan has tried to eliminate terrorism and will continue the efforts.

We don’t want conflict with friends but we will ensure country’s defence, he said on the constant threats being posed by the US.

“Pakistan army cannot compromise on its honor. We will not fight for money against terrorism.”

On the subject of Afghanistan, Ghafoor said, “Peace in Afghanistan is in Pakistan’s interest and will”

“We have dismantled all terror networks in FATA,” said Ghafoor while sharing statistics and graphs of number of casualties and terror attacks recorded since 2013.

He further said that the Indian propaganda is for its local media only. “India wants to divert attention from atrocities in Kashmir thus they continue malpractices but Pakistan will continue fighting for the right of the Kashmiri people.”

On US threatening Pakistan over Haqqani network, Ghafoor stated, “We are confident that there is no organised terror network inside Pakistan, US and Afghan authorities are well aware that Pakistan tackled the Haqqanis too. They are no more valid.”

“We are confident that there is no more organised terror in Pakistan.”

On the role of media in war he said that, “Media’s role is vital in fifth generation war.”

“We have established state’s writ across the country, law and order situation has evidently improved in Karachi particularly,” he added.

DG ISPR commented on Jadhav’s meeting with the spy’s family saying “India will never appreciate Pakistan for the humanity it shows. Good acts of Pakistan still continues to receive negative treatment in India”

Socio-economic developments

DG ISPR also briefed the audience about the socio-economic developments in K-P and FATA, “800 km roads were planned by the army for FATA and K-P, 730 kms have been completed, and the rest will be too,” he said with pride.

“The roads start from areas in North Waziristan to facilitate people and to make trade of fruits and vegetables easier.”

Reverting to terrorist attacks, Major Ghafoor claimed a large number of attacks have been averted. “Thanks to our intelligence agencies, we have been able to avert 483 attacks in 2017 alone,” he stated, “of which 254 were averted in K-P and FATA.”

Ghafoor further added that, “the maximum number of suicide bombers are from Afghanistan.”

Expressing his gratitude towards intelligence agencies, he said, “People don’t know about the attacks averted because those are never really discussed.”

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