Pakistan Cruise Missiles Vs India Ballistic Missile Defense



“Agreements of peace shall be made with equal or superior kings. An inferior King must be attacked”. Chanakya Kautaliya. 350-283 BC (Arthashastra).

Pakistan, an ideological state, and for many a miracle on the world map, that happened on 14 august 1947; but a miracle threatened by a permanent threat – India, from its birth.

The father of the nation focused heavily on Pakistan’s defense strategy, and made it clear to the world that Pakistan is a peace-loving country, but the circumstances in which Pakistan got birth were not acceptable to the Indian Pundits.

In his early addresses, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah signaled the need of a strong Air Force to thwart any threat from the Air. He also made a significant impact on Pakistan’s recent defense strategy, implying that it would threaten no one, but remain deterrent to cause any nefarious plan to fail. He also focused on a strong and balanced Navy that can defend its coast.

Shortly after independence, Pakistan faced Indian aggression on a full scale, that was not just border skirmishes or some sort of battle, but it was a large scale war to wipe out Pakistan. In 1948, our Armed Forces got a strategic victory; in 1965, it was again a scale war; in 1971, the flames from East Pakistan were thrown on the western border by India. All the time Pakistan kept getting existential threats from this adventurous rival.

India’s conventional superiority in weapons and numbers has also alarmed Pakistani strategists, but with the dawn of the nuclear weapons, and after acquiring them, there was a silence and a hope that India might change its stance on Pakistan, and would never ever threaten its sovereignty again. Both the countries are nuclear armed with sophisticated ballistic missiles. But the psyche of the Indian political Pundits remains the same, they tried and got help from other powers, and discovered new ways to disturb this strategic balance, by acquiring nuclear tipped missiles.

India got a Ballistic Missile Defense system, to detect, track, intercept and then destroy any Pakistani missile coming towards India in case of a nuclear war, and got the capability to eliminate Pakistani missile threats considerably.

After this imbalance, the Pakistani defense establishment devised other ways to eliminate and minimize the strategic imbalance. They studied models of nuclear armed states like the US and Russia, and embarked upon a strategy to pursue tactical nuclear weapons, also called battlefield nuclear weapons, that can target any moving threat along the borders, with a fast short range capability. Indian Generals were ever busy in maneuvering and utilizing their conventional superiority, and devised many plans too. With greater conventional superiority, they sometimes talked about a limited war, or of surgical strikes, sometimes of punishing Pakistan, once they were able to eliminate the Pakistani missile threat; and according to their General Sunderji’s theory, they will dissect Pakistan into two.

These were the developments that led Pakistan to develop a new and a very effective class of nuclear weapons, that can be termed as “doctrine busters”.

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    • PAKISTAN is the most peaceful country in the world
      And All PAKISTANI want to live just like a true MUSLIM

        • No more like state sponsored garbage like the RSS, spies like Kulbushan yadav killing Pakistanis in balochistan and karachi. Or maybe the terrorists funding of Atlaf Hussain who sits in London and orders the attack on Pakistanis from there. Hindustan is a cowardly nation, 1 billion Indians and in all 4 wars they couldn’t even cross Lahore which is right on tbe border. Your designs against Pakistan failed. Most u indians ever did was take territory 1000 miles aways from us(Bangladesh). Well done. We Kashmiris hate u, Pakistan is free and will remain so, never under hindu rule. India has 500 million people below poverty and another 600 million people without toilets. I suggest u focus on your own problems. Leave Pakistan alone. Pakistan zindabad

          • well.. brother RAW is not at all involved in our day to day life like isi. They only secure our borders and tackle enemies. isi & army is in hearts & minds of your people and have larger then life impression. Just look at your society, they take pride on their missiles & nukes whereas Indians take pride on Mangalyaan & being fastest developing nation in the world. Did Kasab not belong to pakistan.. is dawood not given shelter in pakistan.. are all the terror strikes in the world not traced back to pakistan..
            & yeah did pakistan not trade part of kashmir with china & did surgical strike not happen… in the bbc link check “part of kashmir ceded to china” & truth about surgical str. 🙂

      • What a joke. Pakistan is the nation that only wants war with india and is aiding groups like all Qaida taliban and Isis .it’s like north Korea and is a threat to world peace and must be destroyed by ASAP

      • Mr. Waqas Jan have u lost ur mind writing nonsense pakistan is a terrorist country that shouldn’t exist . It is extremist country and every person in pakistan must be killed

        • You are an oxymoron. The moment you said everyone in “Pakistan should be killed” you made yourself the terrorist, then I guess you, who is now the terrorist, should be killed 🙂

      • Ya we know seeing in Iraq and Syria as isis if you are same as you saying then why not accept the infiltration from your side india never did as such as we have concrete proofs

    • Since India first tested Nucelar test in 1974. Pakistan is a small part seprated from India which Nehru Ji gives on begging of Jinnah saab. Now Pakistan breaths on funds aided by United States of America and World Bank. 3 times Pakistan tried to enter Indian boundries and everytime Pakistan failed in its planning and hit with great loss and economy downfall and moreover critisized by people of his own country 3 times. Pakistan own standing terrorism killing Pakistan itself. If Pakistani people go to back history Lahore is the Capital of Punjab conqured by Sikh King Maharaja Ranjit Singh after Mughals and set throne as Lahore for more than 40 years before invasion of British Raj. So you nothing have to do much with youself and even CIA 2014 reports showing far difference in defence of man power, Aircrafts, Navy warships of India as much and far ahead of Pakistan. Pakistan always depends on snatching and eating since from beginning of 1947….either its India, USA aid or World Bank aid… So cheer up Pakistani’s you set a tradition since from 1947 of begging and fighting.

      • Mr.Rajive ap log khawabon ki dunia mein rehte hain apko pata hona chaiye k Pakistan tecnoloji mein india se kahen aage hai 1974 mein india ka neuclear test fail ho gia tha neuclear Pakistan ne pehley bnaya hai Pakistan eaghties mein neuclear bna chucka tha meanwhile india ne neuclear 1994 k bhad bnaya aor doosery baat qarzon ki to india k qarze ham se ziada hain aor india mein ghurbat b ham se ziada hai india poverty 29.8 %aor Pakistan ki 22.3% hai thees figher you can check on net

      • HAHAHAHAHAHA u got it wrong boy, MUSLIMS inslaved your land for 800 years then you were slaves to Englishmen for 200 years even then your poor and illiterate flock couldnot taste the complete ruling chance and British india was split up out of which 2 muslim states (PAK AND BANGLADESH) and one peoples repulic (Baharat) was formed, where most of the times muslims come and rule the fuck out of you.

        If you are ashamed of your forefathers like NEHRU who is the founder of

        Cheer up bro, your history is so dull that if start explaining you ill get offended very quickly , but its a SAD SAD reality my man. cheer up.

      • Mr. Rajiv!!!
        Pakistan is a continuation of Muhammad Bin Qasim invasion to indus valley and Muslims ruled over sub continent over the ten decade. I think your history knowledge is very weak.
        India has been a place of hindus for thousands of years but still it is drowning in hunger, rape threats, inhuman traditions.Do you know how many indians go to foields while they should go to toilets.
        How Much Muslims and sikhs are safe in india???????????
        don’t you know pakistan is much safe and clean than India ???
        We have a better nuclear and missile system than india which is well known to your defence experts.Pakistan is making progress every dayand night.
        Do you like to compare rape ratio in india with pakistan??
        how many indians go to fields while they should go to toilets??
        Pakistan has sacrified a huge amount of lives and economy fighting terrorism the world admired it.
        There are so many other examples but time is short..
        Jiye Jiye Pakistan
        I love Pakistan.

  1. Yay. Please keep on spending more money on missiles. And all the best. Make more and more. Just remember, spend less on social welfare, proper education and infrastructure.

    Just make more and more bombs guns and other fun stuff.

  2. Total lies manufactured to spread hate. Pakistan’s birth was based on the hate Hindu and it still continues unabated. Pakistan is not threatened by anybody but its own inside hate, intolerance, and Islamic Caliphate. You can always justify anything, now your leaders lament of terror threat to Pakistan from the Islamic jihadis, forgetting it their own creation.

    • Tejpal,

      What came first the freedom movement for the liberation of Islamic Indus or did the vile Hindu shuvra campaign in SE British India that forced 2 million Muslims to Hinduism.

      What came first the movement for Pakistan or the armed Hindu gangs terrorising a defenceless Muslim population. A time when the British was systematically removing Muslim positions of authority in place for their Hindu proxy zealots.

      Things have not changed in Nehru’s India after all he was the homosexual lover of the British viceroy.

      • Well, I sincerely hope you di realize what you wrote has no factual value or historical significance. I hope you realize you lie when you are lying. And lastly, I hope you graduate from the madarasas based Pak curriculum whose entire aim is to incite enmity with India and Indians but has no connection with truth.

        Wikipedia is a start, please read up international history and not mullah-modified history.. Our history books barely talk of Pakistan but your textbooks teach hate in the name of history.. What more to expect from a practitioner of an insecure faith and country that has no collaboration with truth and who prefer to live in a perennially deluded state of mind claiming adherents of a God who begs his followers to convert others by force.

        India was a great country before Muhammad era. Everyone was prosperous, happy, learned and at peace. An Arab chronicler wrote “In Hind if you drop a coin, no one picks it”. A bunch of jealousy inferior bigots came and ruined it by treachery (read Will Durant’s summation of the Islamic conquest of India). But India will rise again.. it’s blessed.

        You can continue to lick China’s derriere.. I was sad that the Muslims from central Asia err sorry the Indian converts who claim to be descendents of Arabs now, took a big part of our great country Aryavart but I am happy I do not have to share my country with people like you.. Lastly, India has sizeable number of Muslims but Muslims have wiped Hindus in Pakistan and Kashmir, what an insecure faith!

        • Mr great joke that everyone in india is happy and in peace, if u drop a single coin no body pick it up hahahahahahha it is popular about the poverty of indian’s peoples if u put pubic hair anywhere somebody stolen it also and u also know about the sexuality, what kind of and on which stage?
          why r u lying and what u want to prove every body know what are hinds u are those who sale their sisters mothers & daughters for money what are u showing in ur movies what are ur porn star doing shame on u and on ur country. Why india licking the derriere of Russia America. we have a friendship relation with china u peoples feeling jealousy because china fuck india in war.
          and india is not a country indians occupied on big part of subcontinent this is our land u r talking about history remember who was occupied on subcontinent only muslims are in dominance before 1857 u hinds are selfish and shameless u offered u r women for dominance ur power always ur women and ur kid shame on you.
          and u r talking Pakistan wiped all hindoos from pakistan we are narrow minded like you.let me one thing we muslim how many munder destroy from pakistan and u hindos destroy babry Mosjid why? shame one and also show the real face of hindoos every day u hindoos are killing muslim in india every day why? let all the world reality what was the fault of kashmiri muslim student when he said Pakistan zinda baad on the victory of pakistani cricket team in asia cup 2014. what was the fault of those kashmiri muslim students who struck from indian university.
          and u r saying india is a great country. u should say india is a shameless country we always occupy on the right of others

          • MR.bitter reality u are saying we destroyed babri masjid. what a fun .i would like to say it is a muslim king who destroyed lord rams temple in his own birth place and built that mosque. and u believe india is trying to attack what a joke?. plz note that pakistan voilated ciese fire agreement 376. times.. i repeat (three hundred seventy six times).. u guys are spreading violence in our country. but god is there..u guys are getting what u are making.terroeism is what u guys are propagating and the very own terrorists are making rampage in ur country,nearly 5345 memebrs are quit barking on others and try to reform ur country

        • Mr great joke that everyone in india is happy and in peace, if u drop a single coin no body pick it up hahahahahahha it is popular about the poverty of indian’s peoples if u put pubic hair anywhere somebody stolen it also and u also know about the sexuality, what kind of and on which stage?
          why r u lying and what u want to prove every body know what are hinds u are those who sale their sisters mothers & daughters for money what are u showing in ur movies what are ur porn star doing shame on u and on ur country. Why india licking the derriere of Russia America. we have a friendship relation with china u peoples feeling jealousy because china fuck india in war.
          and india is not a country indians occupied on big part of subcontinent this is our land u r talking about history remember who was occupied on subcontinent only muslims are in dominance before 1857 u hinds are selfish and shameless u offered u r women for dominance ur power always ur women and ur kid shame on you.
          and u r talking Pakistan wiped all hindoos from pakistan we are narrow minded like you.let me one thing we muslim how many munder destroy from pakistan and u hindos destroy babry Mosjid why? shame one and also show the real face of hindoos every day u hindoos are killing muslim in india every day why? let all the world reality what was the fault of kashmiri muslim student when he said Pakistan zinda baad on the victory of pakistani cricket team in asia cup 2014. what was the fault of those kashmiri muslim students who struck from indian university.
          and u r saying india is a great country. u should say india is a shameless country we always occupy on the right of others……………………………………

        • Hey there Vijay, I am so sorry for this reply to you after such a long time, I hope I still caught you alive. Well, let’s start off with your argument about “I hope you graduate from the madarasas based Pak curriculum whose entire aim is to incite enmity with India and Indians but has no connection with truth.” Since you were explaining to the previous user about factual irrelevancy and lack of historic stance and you were kind enough to make him/her realize that he is misinformed because his/her information is not based on relevance to how you would like it to be.
          Now let’s begin with WikiPedia, Do you actually know WikiPedia lies? And not EVERYTHING on Wikipedia is true? Do you actually know for academic purposes usage of Wikipedia as reference is not considered credible? I am sure you do, I would love to discuss their pattern of putting in information through an unscientific process but that is not what I am here to discuss. On the contrary, where you claim that Pakistani curriculum is based on Hindu hatred and enmity towards in India, I absolutely disagree just like you said Indian curriculum does not talk about Pakistan, India is not talked about on our end either. This is merely just an unjustified claim that you Indians have to justify the hate you people command. But on the same page, you talk about insecure faith? Lol! You could not be any more deluded yourself or maybe you are just trying to satisfy your own insecurity not just as an Hindu but as an Indian. The truth of the matter lies in post-partitioned subcontinent, I do not know what your “history books” talk about the war of independence on 1857 but check out your Wikipedia as well, it says 3 Nations, i.e Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus united against the British to get them to leave and guess what happened? Isn’t it obvious? Hindus chickened out leaving the blame on Muslims and Sikhs which is why the cowardly Hindus giving in to the supremacy of British, I mean isn’t that what your Hinduism is based upon? Worship the strong and the one you benefit from? Of course you do know this. And don’t be so naive into believing as well as stating that Hindus are innocent little creatures which were violated and exploited to a great extend, awwww, it is a touchy story but you people have always been very keen with your enmity with the rest of the faiths of the subcontinent likewise. Because in the true sense it is/was not the ones insecure, it was you, yea you, because it was your very own people who left your faith and converted to different faiths realizing the falsehood from within.
          I must say it is absolutely amusing to read about “India” before Muhammad era. I don’t know whether you’re really that stupid or trying to be funny, read your sources as well as international sources, Muslim rule in this region has been a golden era for the hindus and the subcontinent. Whatever you have that you pry about, that you are proud of is result of the Muslim empire, it is that era that this region of the Subcontinent was recognized worldwide and before that, all you people had were broken temples with statues of Naked women, sorry I mean Naked matas of Hinduism. And you talk about forceful conversion, well unlike you, I will not deny, there has been incidences of such a kind but a very few and far between. You know what is the most positive thing about a Muslim? Of course, you don’t, we have a very strong faith in what we believe. Do yourself a favour and search the internet to find out that Islam is the only religion with the least amount of leavings, yea that’s right, once and Muslim you wouldn’t want to worship some 100 million idols. But hey we were talking about force conversions, well if you were a person with some sort of sense of Justice and truthfulness, you would know, in your INDIA, your very own Hindu nationalists are engaged in mass conversions FORCEFULLY, just recently, they are exploiting the Christian community with the choice conversion or death. And guess what, it is just the Muslims those are rebelling against this unworldly and cowardly act. Which has, in the past, and also in the present leading to your civil wars or what you call Hindu Muslim wars. So don’t go on places whining about India being safe of Muslims and Christians and any other faith. The truth is, currently in your very own Indian congress there was this Muslim congressmen who stated and appreciated the founding fathers of Pakistan to have created a Nation where they are safe now and they warned us of this day when the Hindus would, in all their might, try to dominate and exterminate you. I mean how shameful is that! A congress filled with Hindus viewed Nation-wide on television, had to hear an appreciation of the Muslim advance. And recently, one of your RSS official said by 2021 India will be a 100% Hindu state, I mean what a pleasant joke eh? You people are either delusional or absolutely sunk deep in your fantasy world that you can not see the reality. And just to let you know, apart from the few cases that you hear about on television, the minorities in Pakistan are not living a life of drag, they live amoung us just as we do. I have many Hindu friends and I know how is the conduct of our nation towards them. A clown sitting thousands of miles away telling me about our Minorities is pretty pathetic if you ask me, given the fact, apart from Hindus everyone in India have the Hindus and are being oppressed by them and you want to talk about something that does not exist in Pakistan? I mean how insecure are you really from Pakistan? A country 6th the size and population of India and we have such a terror on you tells us a lot about who is insecure and about what! How ridiculously unthankful of Nation you people really are, the founding father who helped the Hindus grab majority land unlawfully from the Muslims, your extremist hate filled Hindus killed him as well because his plans did not go too well with them. I mean a pathetic disgraced nation who can kill their own leader, what more is there to understand about their insecurity? I suggest you leave our insecurity to us and concern yourself about the security of your Nation’s mothers and daughters who get raped in open public and rods inserted into them to kill them. The very Capital of this pathetically Hippocratic country is known as “RAPE CAPITAL OF INDIA”. And this clown wants to talk about our insecurity, dude your sisters and daughters are not secure the second they step outside their houses and at times even inside their houses. And you’re talking about our insecurity? Nepal being your closest ally is beginning to doubt your selfishness and starting to move a distance and those guys are Hindus as well, they are right to do us as they are always used and killed in Indian favour and Nepal get no benefit, let alone benefit, they don’t even get credit, no recognition, none! You have an unfriendly relations with each and every one of your neighbours with no one considering India as an pretentious goon and you want to talk about our insecurity? You get a chill deep down your anuses when your media talks about Pakistan-China ties, out of the blue, with no concern to the matter what-so-ever, you get blustered away from the thought of our ties with China, and development agreements we have, the plans we seek to carry out. I mean What is your GOD DAMN PROBLEM? We want to connect Pakistan and China through a road, India being a pampered child, has complains regarding that…. Come on, what we do on our side of the boarder is of no concern to you so quit whining about it. LOL! this reminds me of a Indian Media report about tactical advantage that India should get over China in case of war, dude, no matter what your size is and population is, you can not fight and win a war against Pakistan in the first place forget about China. Yea right, you can whine and bark the very common dialogue “Remember 65, remember 71, remember Kargil” the truth of the matter is, if India had really won those battles, Pakistan would cease to exist, which is so not the case. Remember your cold start doctrine? Whatever you kids over there have planned against Pakistan, you have failed. And yet, Pakistan has not planned anything against you YET! And that is what this article is saying, we are defending as yet.
          And also, take a sneak peak at washington crimes report and interview/views of CIA against in Afghanistan, they will tell you truly who is sponsoring these terrorist activities not only in Pakistan but in India VIA Pakistani soil. I am sure you must have read or watched the CNN, BBC as well as our local news nation’s reports, the army had raided terrorist strong hold and confiscated Indian weaponry and A HUGE amount of Indian currency with possible and positive ties to Indian Government sponsors. So on one front you can not defend your own country from within which leads to riots and killings of thousands at the hands of RSS and Bajrang Dal and various other terrorist wings, on the other hand you seek to gain empathy of the world on the unfortunate incidences at the very hands of the Hindus, I mean I applaud to you, I truly do. But that is exactly what the Hindu has always been, a coward, striking the powerless and bowing to the strong, that was the very first line of this Article ;).
          Then there is a Kashmir Issue, which I do not want to waste my time in getting into apart from just a sentence, more like a slogan of the Kashmiris “Kashmir banega Pakistan”. That tells us and the whole world enough about what India is doing in Kashmir. Those people do not want to be part of your Hippocratic Hindu oppressed state where there is nothing about lies and deceit.
          So let’s not try to be ahead of ourselves, and stay in a very reasonable limitation of respect, or else, what you have against us, we have more than that against you. It is good to discuss things in good stance but when you decide to be disrespectful, we don’t have respect for you either :).
          Oh and by the end of it, I hope I made my point very clear about the insecurity part lol!
          Good day.

    • Tejpal,,
      why you indians always blame on Pakistan…why you indian bought radar system from israel. Why you indian started war in 1965, 1971 and 1999…why you indian blame on Pakistan after any terror happened in india like samjhota train and mumbai attacks but after inquiry one of your army person or intelligence person reveal the truth.
      If Pakistan hates you then Pakistan never make any friendship call every time….It is confirmed in world that Pakistan has more powerful technology than india even your media has accepted this issue.

      • We dont have any problem with pakistanis as such.The best thing that can happen is the fragmentation of pakistan in to five small nations; Punjab, POK and Sindh will be part of Indian union and will have reasonable autonomy to make decisions except in defense, external affairs, postal and telecommunications; Baloochi will be completely an independent nation; WZ and northwest will be united with Afghanistan;all terrorists must be handed over to India/USA/Russia; Pak army and Intelligence must be totally dissolved;all missiles must be handed over to UNO for ever. ISI, if plays any tricks will also be dealt on par with terrorists.So, finally, pakistan doesn’t exist any more as a nation in world map; this fragmentation will be very use full for the people and their fast development and to get the best education and health care too.

      • True Pakistani Friend

        I agree with all but India didnt start 1965, 1971 or 1999 war …. Check anywhere who came to war. Please

    • listen; what strategy you have to treat muslims in kashmir or in ahmedabad? killing of muslims like insects? have you ever listen that muslims of pakistan threaten to hindus whose are living in every where in pakistan?
      today we know that 200 million of pakistani muslims are safe as compare to indian muslims…….

      • Mr masood r u fool or mad. don’t view yourself in ur views because india dont have need war to break pakistan . we just need to stop you water soures or open ur dams. pak will easily break automatically.

        • Yes thats why u send spies ans terrorist to. Kill. Our people. Thats why hindu India has occupied Kashmir for 70 years non stop and even today u have 700,000 troops in Kashmir, for what? To party?? No just so u can control it because we Kashmir HATE u for what u done to us. Pakistan water resources will be secure always inshallah. Worry about your own population where 500 million people live below poverty line. Where 600 million Indians dont have toilets. Your dams your Ganga river everything drying up fast. Now your evil hindu eyes are on our Indus river, we will never let ir happen. Jo marzi karlo hindu. Thats why u occupy our Kashmir for the water access and access to central asia because u are surrounded by ocean on 3 sides and himalayas block you in north east. We Kashmiri understand Hindu mentality very. Cheap and cowardly. Pakistan zindabad

    • Pakistan is not threatened by any one, would any Pakistani believe that?

      just now 4 soldiers are killed by a rocket fired from Afghanistan, with pin point accuracy

      who is behind it, ajit doval, who is behind samjohta express murder, come on ajit doval

      do not spread lies, give me a break will you?

    • My dear friend,nothing offensive but Pakistan was not made on hate Hindu concept but only to save Muslims from extremist Hindus, who are showing the real face of India these days. The way things are happening in India today, how can you call others intolerant. It would be better to look into your own Gareban first and then blame others. Your politicians, retired generals, actors and all sensible people are calling for and end to the intolerance and you …… Please first put your house in order and then care about others. Cheers

  3. Well written.

    Look to history and you will see The eastern neighbours were a marauding, barbarian race, war mongering is in their blood.

    Their idols are the liks of Siva who attack from the back in deceit and this is the Cha Nakya way and certainly the Indian Foreign policy towards Pakistan having failed full frontal assault on Pakistan.

    They use 1971 as their blue print even today in Balohistan, in Sindh and Khyber and Pakthunkwa but they will no break us.

    Bangladesh was destined to be created, how could two distinct nations with distinct national boundaries exist as one separated by a nefarious neighbour in the middle.

    East and West Pakistan can exist in the context of a Mughal Empire and we need a stable Central Asia and a stable Pakistan before we can even contemplate this.

    Pakistan must always be 2 steps ahead of the forked tongued Indians, we were not one or part of them, they were part of us and our empires. We has to keep them subservient in order to bring a peaceful and stable South Asia.

    Pakistan must continue supporting our armed forces and study India closely and maintain the strategic advantage over them. India tried very best to attack Pakistan at the height of the TTP invasion to recreate 1971.

    The Indian Generals had to stop short of a full scale war because Pakistan had a strategic conventional advantage over them in the battlefield, tanks, aircrafts and tactical nukes witha sophisticated delivery system.

    Had we not have had the conventional advantage Pakistan would have been attacked by India from the East and their and NeoCon proxy from the West in the face if TTP.

    Pakistan must continue maintaining this tactical advantage to fend off the daily threat of India.
    India has naval superiority over Pakistan but Pakistan has tactical plutonium nukes that can be launched on babar missiles from the sea via small freights or even smaller.

    Pakistan continues to have air superiority today with old Indian planes out manouvered by PAF.

    Pakistan continues have a far more robust missile delivery and missile technology than India.

    India has strength in numbers but one Pakistani is worth 10 Indians on a battlefield.

    Pakistan needs to continue investing in plutonium grade nukes more agile and able to move across regions very carefully and can be hidden from enemy eyes.

    Pakistan army needs to be inducted in the SCO post Afghanistan war and it seems logical to do so and begin its ascension as a Central Asian power and let India do the dirty work on behalf of USA in the Pacific.

    Indians are a meek people but in groups or droves dangerous, schizophrenic, war mongering therefore very unstable. The more the Indians thought they had USA supporting them the more bolder they got in attacking Pakistan.

    Pakistan must exceed India in capability and resolve, Kargill serves a reminder to India on just how quickly Pakistan can occupy strategic positions. Sino Pakistani nexus must make it possible for India to be boxed in, in the northern regions and remain forever more on the defensive.

    India’s paranoia, schizoid nature and a resurgent Hindu fanatic culture will be it’s own doing.

    • Why is your post always so long and boring??? Your post is always misery and misery and misery and ‘death to indians’ and ‘death to indians’ and ‘death to indians’.. Do you write your post after you finish your vodka?? You probably had a very bad personal experience with an Indian..

      Why dont you take a gun and shoot yourself so that you will get releived of the pain? 🙂

      To all my dear pakistanis, an all out war will never happen between the 2 countries.. It is politically and economically tooooooo costly…

      So instead of missile comparison (which the author did not present), can we have comparison of economies?? It will be much more usefull..

      • Lets compare KARACHI biriyani with Mumbai biriyani , what is this ? yes both countries can totally distruct each other from the face of the earth so what , should they would they , naahhh lets talk about samossas and pakooray and pani puri comparisons i suggest

      • Bde ajeeb log ho yaar..Jo mulk aap ko 60 saal se paal RHA h..usi se itni nfrt.. paalne wale Baap ko baksh dete yaar. Janm dene wale baap ki to or baat h.
        Ab Jo mulk aap se hr tarah ki tarakki me kai guna bda se to nfrt honi hi h. Like india.
        Or is ko aap khud ki kuwwat kabliyat nhi balki China ki kuwwat or kabliyat se nutrilise krna chahte ho.
        Come on dear..khud k pero pr khde ho kr brabri kro India ki.. Dusro k dam pr itna uchhalna sehat k liye Acchi baat nhi h.
        Israel se him defancive weapons lete barak Iron Dome..Aero..aap k chinies american hathiyaro se difa k liye. And sensors. Aap k smuglled terrorists ko Rokne k liye.
        Facts pr baat kiya kro
        ESE oink oink to suar bhi kr lete hain.

    • Pakistan is a shining example of service to mankind even at the cost of its own people (It has assisted USA all along and at great cost and stands tall in its support to the weak Moslems)

      Pakistan should continue the good work even at the cost of its people and nationhood, as is the case now. Only Pakistan should stop terrorist outfits from operating from its land as that destroys the standing of this great people, in the eyes of the world.

  4. Pakistan Cruise Missiles Vs India Ballistic Missile Defense. Where is the comparision between the two and imapct asasment. Article is fine but you have written more on histrocial aspact. For justifing the title you need to have a compasrision between the Pakistan Cruise Missiles Vs India Ballistic Missile Defense. The strategic and technology apact both neede to be address which are missing in this.

  5. Investment in nuclear weapons is a complete waste of money…reading the comments by hate filled anti Indians who don’t have a clue about the futility of warfare with India is depressing…luckily your new prime minister understands that peace with India is the smartest path to follow for all of Pakistan…but there is so much hate on this topic being generated by irresponsible media that it could lead to a destabilizing war that would be a disaster for Pakistan and could lead to the end of your country…some angry people are playing with fire for no beneficial reason…when you get burned we will all just shake our heads and say we told you so…

  6. ratties are scared stupid by our weapons, no wonder they (bhindians) have been kept in their box (the rightful place) for good 3 or 4 decades now, all bark (of course being slum doggies) but no bite!

  7. salam what ever you said guys i felt very important to mention here that Pakistan is a miracle state our faith oN Allah enables us to make a separate nation for muslims and the concept of “ghazva e hind” which is mentioned in several ahadees always turned around in my mind.But the ghazva e hind is a unbelievable truth that must has to be done then u will see the power of Pakistan Pakistan Zindabad Pak Fouj Paindabad

  8. how india attack pakistan in 1947. Pakistan attack kasmir then india send her troops. how pakistan win 1965 war. indian army reach to lahore and then your pm go to un for peace talk and taskhand for ceasefire. remember asaluttar.. biggest tank battle after ww2. india lost only 29 and pakistan lost 150+ tanks. go to Wikipedia and search. how about kargil. your country refuse to accept your own armymens body. in bangaladesh war pak army surrender 93000 soldiers, biggest after ww2. how about Karachi port. 7 days and 7 nights under fire. and also indian missiles which are the best of the best. only india has prithvi, brahmos, nirbhay type of missiles. no america and china have this type of weapons. remember that jo garajte hay wo baraste nehi. you paki think that a revolber can fire like a machine gun. and your nukes are also don’t fear us because we have world’s best defence systems. if we engage to paki even today the world know that there was be a terrorist country name pakistan. laden was killed by us navy seals in pakistan. shame shame. and also remind to you that bbc disclosed pakistani cities are full of gays.

    • you forgot something. whatever was written on wikipedia it was fake.”PAKISTANI” MISSILE are best and best in the world IT WAS SAID by westren countries.our ARMY IS BEST in the world.PAKISTAN secret agency”ISI” is rated no 1 in the world.You cheap peoples provide amunition to taliban.they use it against “PAKISTAN”.you said it is the contry of terrorist.
      I advised you to not read wikipedia. because it contained fake meterial.
      you are far from us.our “TANKS” ARE better than yours tanks.our missiles are also better.YOU people cannot trade in amunition its not our fault.WE TRADE and buy amunition.
      mind it cheapersssssssssss…….
      WE are able to hit india at every place.
      WE are more advanced than you and korea.
      MANY missiles are construct by “PAKISTANI” scientist itself go on google and search it not on wikipedia.
      CHINA IS our friend .you have enemies everyware.
      AND one more thing don’t talk about “PAKISTAN”.

  9. its not true dear
    the truth behind of 1965 is that
    that the indian govrnament suddenly attack on Pakistan where people was sleeping at the night when india attack
    so the indian troops easy come inside the pak border
    when our holy and brave soldiers wake than india go back
    Pakistan troops capture kimkaran area form india and so many tanks indai leave in side our country and run away before this chaina also beat to india in 1963
    1971 we not lose against india we lose against Bangladesh so don’t think about your victory
    1999 kargil war india defeated Pakistan by politics and the help of amirica
    kalinton order to Nawaz that remove your troops from the kargil so he follow
    see the dare of pak troops first he captured kargil we start this war it self
    if india is best why he not capture Pakistan why he not capture azad Kashmir
    1965 Russia help india so many tanks give Russia to india 1971 America and Russia also support india
    Pakistan is alone but still alive
    so becareful Pakistan is world no one super power and world no one brave army its true

    • I won’t say much. Pls read “”. Please continue commenting. They are brilliant pieces of work. Loved “kalinton order to Nawaz that remove your troops from the kargil so he follow”

      • why you Indians always refer to wikipedia??why don’t you do some serous research,just look at what your own writers say on the subject,just check, who went to UN first to beg for seize fire in 1965?? ever care to think, that if you were so close to Lahore,then why you did not capture it,let alone,at least stayed at the place your brave solders came so for?? why you were not able to capture Kashmir then, who stopped you,if you were WINNING??? If you were not able to do so,with the help of 2 to 3 times of arms and men power, then wake up to the reality, that a smaller nation,with smaller military DID defeated you. and yes the famous brawl about 1971,(which actually was between east and west Pakistanies) with that GREAT victory,you still didn’t get Kashmir,or did any harm to west Pakistan, just go and ask your MILITARY( or,perhaps here you were facing Pakistan with out the help of Bangalies). why they missed the chance?? or Alas!!!perhaps they were not able to do so…I feel pity on your EMPTY greatness.

        • mister kahlid india will win the 730 km square of pakistan land in 1965 and indian army kill 3800 of pak amry people but pak can only win 200 square km indian land and kill only 2200 indian army

          • india lost 6000 men in kargil, ran out of body bags, asked for help from Israel and usa to find Pakistan army in 4 posts,

            mr Nawaz shareef just acted stupid, 1971 war was a sabotaged war

            and many powers were involved in it, we shall never forget that or

            forgive, you say we have no enemies, do not keep a knife in your

            jacket, we know all that

    • Nawaz Sharif was not invited by cliton, he himself went there begged him to give the suggestion to Indian army to stop there force. Pakistan was about to be destroyed that time.
      you had only 7days petrol in your country, say thanks to America to begged you once again.
      you bloody begger

    • U idiot king Khan, are u u educated there are so many spelling mistake in ur comment.
      r u seriously think that you uneducated people are better than India. 😂😂😂

      • Yar ye padhe likhe hai ya Nhi bus kuch na kuch bolna h china ke patako ki dukan kholke baithe hai us pe uchalna ata h bus.. I think u guys should finish ur school first so many mistakes u al r behaving like hicks..first improve ur education system spend something on that if there is any budget issue then ho to yours china..

  10. Yeah, Pakistan has the most sophisticated missile technology the world has ever seen. The sophistication are listed below.

    1. Buy a missile from China with the money that you begged.
    2. Paint it Green with some white stars
    3. Give it the name of any invader to India.
    4. Translate the Chinese manual to Urdu.


  11. This is all bullshit…Tarikh gawah he kon kispe kitna bhari pada he..jab jab dushmano ne sar uthaya he unko sar kuchal diye gaye he

  12. Pakistan is still dreaming. We will crush you swiftly. You are a race of shudras , untouchables – conquered by your central Asian masters, have noo lineage. A defeated people bringing upon themselves humiliation after humiliation.

  13. Writing on indopak relations is indeed a tricky subject i cant pull my self away from a side or another even buy trying here are some findings which i think are facts
    1 it was not a neeceeesty to make a pakistan when british left
    2 the creation of pakistan push us to become miltarized its natural
    3 masses of muslims hindus and sikhs wanted to live togather in peace but their politacle parties were highjaked buy people with predetermined frame of minds
    4 reults are 1948 1965 1971 kargil saichin etc etc and wait for more
    5 indian acts are proof enoughf to show do they acpeted pakistan as country or not
    6 last but not least we pakistan have produced enogh screew heads who hate india with or without a reason
    8 an innavetable war is pending its written every were on our faceses and in our actions
    9 question is what and how can we change all this and what are we doing for it
    10 praying will not help need solid agreements on water issue and all outstanding issue inculding kashmir to be satteled once for an all so a hope could be given to coming generations to live in peace and harmony and to cutt defence spendings

    • Dear All (Indians & Pakis) Stop your all nonsense talks first. If war comes it will effect only the TAX payers from both sides. Only the Politicians & Diplomats are safe & the common man always suffers. Pakistan is borrowing a lot of arsenal form Americans – Remember their is no friendship with out a cause. People in Pakistani streets are still begging as funds are diverted to American treasury & pakistani politician are earning heafty commission on it. Same is with Indian politician (Bofors Guns Deal / Tetra Truck Deal).Instead of spending on Arms & ammunition the money have to spend on civil development. The western country wants Pakistan to fight as they are running their economy by selling arms & ammunition, They don’t have other source of it will effect only the TAX payers from both sides. Only the Politicians & Diplomats are safe & the common man always suffers. Pakistan is borrowing a lot of arsenal form Americans – Remember their is no friendship with out a cause. People in Pakistani streets are still begging as funds are diverted to American treasury & pakistani politician are earning heafty commission on it. Same is with Indian politician (Bofors Guns Deal / Tetra Truck Deal).Instead of spending on Arms & ammunition the money have to spend on civil development. The western country wants Pakistan to fight as they are running their economy by selling arms & ammunition, They don’t have other source of income.

    • Pakistan is military dictatorship county, military has run the country for 40 years its the reason,
      1.ya ya khan has changed the system of their eduction to hide the army miss did,they have to change it from the ideology of military hate.
      2.Mr .Jinnah (kaida ajam )had different thought about Pakistan, which military has destroyed it sute it self .he had the thought that every provinces should have the right of their language & culture.His books are still there but no one shows you, Indian too has his books written by him in Delhi university, or you can search in wikipedia to read it .Indian know the truth that is way they never say a word about him cos he was great leader.
      3.correptstion is too deep in Pakistan in all level, let it be military or political they have sold Pakistan in the hand of rich best example is attoadabad .

  14. It is need of time to maintain peace and progress socially and economically for bright future of sub continent and Both India and Pakistan have to beleive one another.India have to understand and realize the issues of Kashmiri Muslims that will be a stable step towards the solution all issues peacefully through table talks. Same time Pakistan should always be alert for its defence.

  15. Its true that we should not comments on a Pakistani post full of hatred ,agony & some bullshit comparison .This always happens when u don’t have good education as such people doesn’t go for true facts, its true that Pakistan is our neigh but on which ground,first they said that we will give equal importance to all the religion,what happen is something opposite which can be read in our partition history,now about our religion somebody took name of our lord Shiva & by the way its Shiva not Siva ,yes u can talk any nonsense about him neither he will bother not us since we know each one of us have to die and all of us will go to him only at last, now about power which all in the world know from where did u get all of the warhead goods u get from ,from whom did u get money to purchase those goods ,we still have our own money to purchase it,as we know depending on other will lead to disasters like drone bombing leading to killing of innocence people and also the daily bombing in Pakistan by terrorist is an different issue all together ,this will always happen when a money use to build a nation is used to destroy the peace of other nation so rather saying Pakistan zindabad for a small reason first invest on something like education through which u can still call yourself zindabad

  16. LOL! I wonder what they teach in your country. Education twisted for the likes of extremists is what you have seen and been through, right from your birth. Its not your fault, young pakistani. Its the system developed in your country for such a long time nurtured through wars, hate crimes and back stabbing. Be it Allah, Shiva or Jesus..its not religion which divided our country my friend, it was just for the political gain of extremists who partitioned, divided and looted this country for such long which people have not yet realised and still narrowing your minds for more war and hate. Wish we were still a big country so that all our money spending on defence, espionage, nukes can be all put together to build up an economy, infrastructure, education, social welfare, exploration and some love between people rather than hate. Invest in self-transformation.
    Love you both countries.

  17. Is this site a “zanankhana” where men are not allowed? If so, please block it for the world or else anyone will make comments. I thought the article would give some meaningful comparison between indian and pakistani missiles but its more for a feel good for pakistanis. I am surprized to know about the Pakistani claim of winning 1948 war, india starting the 1965 war and India not winning the 1971 war.
    For your info. India entered the 1948 war when Pakistan was on the virge of capturing Srinagar but it was pushed back and ceasefire imposed by UN. This stopped India from pushing Pakistan army out of Kashmir and Nehru is till date blamed for this.

    1962, India lost territories to China and sufferred militarily but Indian forces did not surrender nor India ceded any territory without fighting the way Pakistan handed over Shaksgam Valley without fighting. Despite 1962 experience, India fought with Chinese again in 1967 and integrated Sikkim with India on which China was eyeing.
    Emboldened by 1962 attack on India, Pakistan thought it was an opportune moment in 1965 to occupy kashmir but its designs were halted by Indian forces. It was a draw for both countries.

    In 1971, if India did not win then why Gen. AAK Niazi surrendered to Gen. J S Arora along with 93000 pakistani soldiers? No where in the history of mankind such a huge number of soldiers have ever surrendered. whatever happenned to the theory of 1 paki soldier equals to 10 indian soldier? And if Pakistan lost to bangladeshi fighters then imagine what will happen with India.
    Occupying vacant indian post is not an act of courage. If Pakistan had courage it would have defended it. Remember India occupied high positions in Siachin Glacier and continues to occupy till day. Thats what we call courage and it comes from conviction.

  18. Being an Indian I feel sorry for you guys, you hate us a lot!
    The truth about India is, some people don’t pakistan and most of us don’t even care except regular terrorist attacks you you.

    See India has lost a lot after islmic people invaded our land, our world. Land know as pakistan was never yours bit then even you attacked us, took our land…. so think logically who attacked whom? who should be worried about whom?

    India has to go a long way. We are a superpower in defense and space. We do have poverty but hey India was bankrupt in 1990s (we had money to buy oil/ gas for next 7 days only)… but then even we are back, we have povery but we are still considered as superpower.

    Do yourself a favor and try to ignore India… try to not beg west for money and learn something from India.

  19. I am pakistani but real fact is Pakistan still not win single war with India.Pakistan require to use brain to attack the india

  20. Pakistan is an artificial land created out of Bharat. Pakistans borders with Afghanistan are disputed . Afghanis lost a lot of land when Britishers tricked them and made Durrand line as the border. Afghanis want Pakhtoonistan and NWFP to be merged with them. Baluchistan was forcibly made part of Pakistan. What do Baluchis have in common with Punjabis of Pakistan ??? Actually Baluchis have always been independent throughout history.
    India has had a headache called Pakistan from the day britishers left and that was precisely the Great Game that India should be left embrodiled in South Asia for many years. Our strategists are not upto mark and they are still not plotting the destruction of evil Pakistan. Pakistanis will never improve , they are feed with deep hatred for their mother religion Hinduism. They will keep denying that their forefathers were Hindus for thousands or years and that present day generations are forcible converts. Hinduism is the worlds oldest religion and blessed by Lord of 3 worlds Lord Shiva himself and will exist till eternity.

    • Well, We have a separate Country for Muslims Called “Pakistan” Because we really really don’t want to live in India with racist Hindus. That’s why we have PAKISTAN. We have our own issues. And Hinduism is the oldest religion with millions of gods! Even some hindus says amabitab Bachan is also a god! So, These are Lords of Hinduism?

    • shahid qureshi

      o hello hold your tongue otherwise you dont know what will happen with you who gave you right to speak against our beloved country Pakistan. world knows that if India will attack on Pakistan then India will be destroy by Pakistan armed forces . think before you speak be mature . you don’t have enough knowledge about Pakistan defense . Every one knows that India don’t have strength to beat Pakistan . we are peaceful nation otherwise you know very well what we can do so next time don’t loss your mind . we are very dangerous if anyone will attack on our country everybody that country is Pakistan. we have a world no one secret agency ISI.

    • Shahid Qureshi

      o hello hold your tongue otherwise you dont know what will happen with you who gave you right to speak against our beloved country Pakistan. world knows that if India will attack on Pakistan then India will be destroy by Pakistan armed forces . think before you speak be mature . you don’t have enough knowledge about Pakistan defense . Every one knows that India don’t have strength to beat Pakistan . we are peaceful nation otherwise you know very well what we can do so next time don’t loss your mind . we are very dangerous if anyone will attack on our country everybody that country is Pakistan. we have a world no one secret agency ISI.

      • You have been bombarding FATA, KPK, Balochistan with your air force, could you do anything to TTP or BLA???
        India captured Sir Creek, Siachin…. where is your mighty army??? They kept foghting for 20 yrs in siachin and could not do anything? When you captured vacant indian posts in Kargil, we kicked you out so hard. Please tell your ISI to stop terrorism in Pakistan. Please tell ISI to counter RAW designs of choking Pakistan economically and dividing Pakistan by helping Balochistan get freedom. Killing Hamid Mir or other pakistani journalists is not a sign of bravery.

  21. Dear Indians,
    you come and comment on our sites, having isreal as partner and trying to earn money in middle east from muslim countries… you will again be salved and this time for eternity insha ALLAH keep dreaming destruction of Pakistan but the grond reality is completely different, keep worshipping idols, keeping drinking urine, keeping burning brides and keep raping women india is shining you good for nothing constipated vegetarian race of slaVES…

  22. your atom bombs and missiles are of no threat to india…useless peice of junks that u brought from china out of the money u begged from usa…..plz buzz off

    • One more thing we say in india that everyroadside gadget is Chinese, so there nukes might fail in the air. Pakistan always forget the giggest favour made by india to them, was during their so called freedom we threw 65 crores on their faces to start their livings. Dont bother I think they should try diving in a spoon full of water.
      Guys why are we comparing father(ind) and son(pak). There is no comparison between these two. Our economy is 15 times greater then them. Our fimstars buy cars which can run their states economy. So don’t bother these poor chaps.

  23. please check the history of south asia! pak hind Bangladesh Afghan befor a Muslim state and soon returned a Muslim state .”in shaa Allah”

  24. i would just like to answer to this anynomous shit head that pakistan has a better nuclear and missile technology than india. all of you know that most of the indian missiles have failed during test flights..and just to make sure go to youtube and see for urself.if i were to talk about facts it would take 2 days for india to set their missiles on the pak-india border but would take pakistan only 2 hours to do so.

    • a country that has one of the most advanced space technologies in the world and has a long marvellous track record in rocketry science field , how can u just imagine that it will not have a decent ballistic missile program????
      meanwhile we don’t need to deploy our missiles on border because even our short range missiles are capable of hitting any city in pakistan whether lahore or karachi

    • i am an indian and secular country we have 2 largest muslim
      population and pakistan even dont considered elected person
      east pakistan just because he is a bengali and in india our
      president is bengali even indian muslim strongly appose and hate pakistan except some isi kahmiri above all they
      compare their missile with indian\russia developed missile which is best in world in all area and dear king of bengal dont take this this pigeating person qasim words just think we share a long border with you but is there is any problem with your country? simple answer is no its only pak problem creating people and their friend china which captured tibet

  25. i am pakistani we are not begger people we have power of mind india is the very begger country indian all political agency is befool and pakistan army force is a brave in the all world indian bloody people in world and we are buying the technology from us and china because we use mind and india can not use mind as this and and the last sentence india is our real enemy country shame to india and india all poltical agency

    • Qusim Khan Pakistan killed our lakhs of people at that time india help us .Now pakistan is depended on USA and they can do anything in pakistan.Pakistani army and thinking is equal to terroists.

      • Dear king of bangladesh you dont know what is the realty what is the secret . what india is doing in kashmir bludy bastard i dont like india if i will be the president of pakistn i will attack on india. listen indian army killed lac of people of bangladesh .Bangladesh is muslim country and we are muslims india dont want this unity most of bangladeshi dont know what was the secret . insha ALLAH one day will come india will be destroy just wait and watch

  26. All Indians and Pakistanis commenting on this topic. I am very much interested in studying missiles technology possessed by the various countries. Believe me the babar and Raad are master pieces while all others possessed by PAK are too accurate. Whether bough or indigenous bhaya they are dam good and deadly. Go and work on this and u will find the same answer.

    • AUZAIN: do you know why no muslim country is able to defeat Israel? They have the best radar and anti-missile system. Israel is completely safe from Missile attacks and India is the largest buyer of missile defence systems from Israel.
      By the way, the way Pakistan is using its Army and Air Force against her own people in Baluchistan, FATA, KPK…. the missiles and nukes will be used by army aginst her own people.

  27. pakistan is a muslim country and we proud it..pakistan have a best missile tecnology against india”’hindoos r the most ugly nation of world’ hindoos have millions of gods’ even last 2 days i saw at net that hindoos worshipping a moterbike..hindoos drink cow urine..thay called that hindooism is the oldest religen,,my foot…shame on ur activeties about ur religen..

    • @Maqbool Khan Niazi: (your name reminds me of Gen. Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi)
      Well, beauty lies in the eyes of beholders, so if you find hindus ugly, its not them but your mind that is ugly. Moreover, please ask pakistani youth to stop worshipping hindu actors and actresses of bollywood. Also, you have in your veins the blood of hindus as your forefathers were hindus before they were forced to convert to Islam.

      Wont comment about religion but all i will say that you are highly misinformed, misguided aparently by your madrassas and the government which teach all negatives about hinduism and india. its your education. Actually hindus drink only cow milk while muslims eat cow flesh, bone, blood and perhaps the urine that gets cooked with it. Do you know that your M A Jinnah was an alcoholic and pork eater?

  28. why muslim india is not safe they are treated as animals in gujrat ahmedabad are they r not indian? they r treated so because they r muslim.hindustan means land of hindues not for muslim so dont make fool the world that india is a secular state and rhe present election had proved that hindue extremisim is key to sucesses in indian ploitics.

    • Indian constitution gives equal rights to muslims, hindus and all its citizens regardless of their religions. Can pakistan say the same?

      As regards to communal riots, its an outcome of pre-independence 2-nation theory and in a riot people from both communities are killed.

      Whenever Pakistani hindus come to India, they beg to take refuge here no indian muslim who visits pakistan ever tries to denounce indian citizenship and live forever in Pakistan. Thats the difference.

  29. Pakistan should not be underestimated. It is the largest exporter of terrorists in the world. It has defeated every other country in this field.lolzz..

  30. I just say pity on u indians and ur knowledge.Whole world knows what u r doing with muslims in india whole world media shows these facts.have they ever reported news of killing hindus in pak?what ur army is doing with KashmirI people?is this also a liE? and u say hinduism is oldest religion their is one country of hindus only one am I wrong?,,is their any other hindu country in the world?this is ur religion?u worship those who are unable to even clean dirt of them .those r ur gods?now come to the missile technology their is still no system in the world which can intercept coming missile america’s last experiment also failed then how india can have this technology just answer this?and u should search on internet there are lot of videos available in which ur own media is saying that pak has better missile technology than india after ten experiments u get one usable missile all others fails in tests.there are hundred of analysis and researches available on the net about pak army,isi and our missile technology are they all wrong?pak army won title of army in 2010 competitions held in Australia has indian army ever finished in top 5?and for ur further information pak missiles can hit every iindiaf india in seconds and lets suppose both countries completely destroys after attack on each other still there are islamicislamic countries but there will be no hindu country.islam will remain and hinduism……………….?
    Ur own media says that maximum missiles that india army have are just crap and of no use just search for those videos in which ur own media is
    talking about ur technology…..
    Now come to talibans all the weapons and ammo that is captured frm them all is of indian,israel and russian origin.india is providing them with funds to destabilize pak bcz u know that u can’t win war from pak so u r using these strategies.these all facts are available on net just search for them.
    U people dnt have mind u are worshipping those who are unable to even save themselves.cow is god for u nd u can see muslims powre that they are eating ur god if we can eat ur god then what we will do with u?just hindu humans……

    • @paki lover: if you dont know about hinduism and religions, just keep your mouth shut. There is no hindu country in the world. India is a secular country and Nepal with more than 95% hindu population is also a secular country. You Pakis have been taught to hate people and religion other than your own but Indians respect all religions and faith.

      If you think you are champions of muslims worldwide, you are a nuclear power and no. 1 Army in the world and India is suppresing and killing her own muslim population specially in J&K, then what stops you from saving your muslim brethren in India? Why you could not stop Bangladesh from separating? Why you can not take “Sir Creek”? Why you can not take Siachin Glacier? Why you can not take J&K? Why did you leave the areas of kargil when indian army started firing? Why Pakistan Army cant fight TTP without using Air Force? Have you ever heard Indian Army using Airforce against her own people even during worst time in J&K? Your Army just wants to vacate the Waziristan of civilians and then use Air force to bomb the area completely and then your Army will enter the areas to hoist its flag of triumphant. This is not bravery.

  31. Hii I am related with politics and foreign policy -, I have full prove and other documents about the nations and its future all build up document i kept with me for more research.

    Americans — Never have faith on anyone ,Loose Morality, strong faith on weapon and currency — they are the future looser

    Chinese—— So emotional country, love short term goal, week from inner strength ,always have lots of fear around it ,even a smallest happening make it to worry…It wants as soon as possible to be to find it on top in earth. This is its main problem. It has to compete with many countries many strategic … though it had taken plan cleverly to capture Tebat and Indian part…same way it captures other countries many it has no friend in asia except pakistan ,meyamar

    India– IT is country full of magic it took to ruin it self 10 years if it will start from now, and its growth also visible to world after 10 years if it starts now. It means its one percent 3 or 4 percent increase will effect whole Asia economy, because it is house of All kinds of talents , full of young talented skilled generation.
    soon after 10 years all its people will be rich.
    a research report says — it happened because of wonderful culture people are more mixing highest ambitious in world , their culture teach them and make their brain superb more, recently in UK usa all indian kids got champion in school in spell bee, few scientist discovered their brain and Dna are multi talented.But before any conclusion we should research more on their veda and many more atharba and philosophy ,We recently found In hindusim there bunch practice-rs there who donot worship any image or Ido, they never worship, this sages are most primitive ,they use Alekh niranjan mantra chant….Alekh means “which cannot be written ,unending might powerful supreme god”.
    Apart from that Hindusim is divided to many subformats to teach and give solutions that earth has ever found that number problem. It is wonderful combinations and more complex even most intelligent people has told this is above our intelligence and and same time it is most simplest religion ……it is mother of all religion —– we never found after creator there any reformer comes to earth in any religion ,,,,but we found in hindu religion more than billion Reformer has comes and gone …..they have published new best theories and again back people to track, hindusim is based on frequency of sounds its most scientific—- starting creation of Zero was inventions of veda which has most ancient than Jessus and Mahhmadd…….It Zero says wonderful and rich explanations about science and mathematics and culture and practices of it in perfect way— it was same concept mahhmad saying — zero means nothing, hindu fast brought this concept to earth as religious point that time they had no idol worshiping ,,, but after that they found there are also many other path are present they research and found many paths untold , in one hyman — they told many 10000 messages ..which now not easy to describe even — poorn meedam poornat poornmadeschyatey, poornasy poornmadaya poornn meba bascischaetey”——– it means — if you get attain phase of zero you will feel and find yourself everywhere not as distinguished but as part of every distinguished matters and elements — what mahhmaad had told … mahmmad had told one thing but not told full — hindu had discovered a man can transform to god it is possible — many of their sages and made it ..jessus had made budhha had made probably mahhmadd had made … but for hindu it doesnot matter for them who made it possible , moreover they had instruction to make themselves perfect so that they can attain such phase….every time they analysis ,they love to analysis their fault which rarely seen in any religion or any community or any society , not only it makes them stronger also change their Dna as most efficient leader and wonderful thinker peacemaker , it was thousands and thousands years of consistent practices —- you can see indian muslims are more polite more intelligent more good kind generous than AFRICAN , sirya , jorda ,palestine ,afgan, belluchi, tajikstha , kzaksthan , russian tartar, turkey , irq, iran , indonesiyan nigerian egyptian taliban , and pakistani Muslim …. we can rate most highest rank to Indian muslims .British Scientist got this research in atop secret- they found it because culture kindness ,loveliness of heart get prosperous here”
    then indian drinks cow urine — because it cures many disease …any one can drink if they want to cure scientifically proved . also human urine can cure few particular disease , lots of animal urine is used as medicine …most people they feel very bad but science is science some culture has not developed those medicine , chrak who written book about trees he had mentioned all trees has medicine qualities but we hardly know few trees name , these are the gift to modern generation , if we can keep research we can help many people ,economy and arth satra are part of religious book as well that time…. science was practiced that time as religion that time specially meta science ,mathematics , India is country where you dig its soil you find 100 or 200 feet under another temple …sometimes we researcher get confused this temple is some what older BC and newly found temple is 1900years before ….how many genration after genration …millions in number ….. recently Nasa found connection between india and srilanka we named it ADAM bridge because for us it is very very ancient than our computer calculation it probably a floating bridge ….but indian people marked it ram setu …it had described very clearly in their ancient mythology…., IN NASA we found indian words and sanskrit is very logical and it has deep connection with science and body and space — they are root is well defined—- How it can be possible is one biggest Question WE need to Preserve Country India because Itself is Mini world and it has all kinds of solution present in it soil in its forest in its mountains rivers .AS a scientist I have full of faith this land will preserve all its theories inventions in past mythology and history in aurveda and in composite metal alloy science , how utilizing frequency of sounds in human body making it cure…I will get mad …..we are very far away from india ….we are not like pakistan which is near to india Some day Russian will tell everyone That in the past history indian aryan were living near Today’s Keiv city and near Volga river … This is the main reason INDIAN and Russian can play CHESS best way in earth .

    • I am a hindu from India. Never came across what you have written. Never saw any hindu drinking cow urine. Today, hindus respect Veda for the sake of respecting as its part of our evolution but majority wont do what s mentioned in it like caste -system that was bane of hindu society.
      I am an Indian and disagree with you that in 10 yrs india will be rich. we are pragmatic and not stupid. all indians to be rich our economy needs to grow 10 times and it wont happen in 10 years. but india is making right progress and in next 10 yrs there wont be any poverty or it will be less than 2% of our population. we will be a huge middle class country. to be like north america or west europe, it will take another 40-50 yrs. provided india is not forced into any war.

  32. Reply to all …. Why whenever pakistan tests it’s missile the result comes always success…. Even US and Russia had failure in missile test … I wonder a country which is good in missile technology cannot launch its own satellite lol how funny that is, a country which cannot make its own rail engines which imports chinese junks is talking about missile do u have one thing to be proud of except your terrorist. Even Iran is much better than u ppl in missile ….. Missile technology is nothing for india a country which can develop its own satellite vehicle and satellite recovery system ,to develop a missile is like peanut……
    And more thing we are standing on our feets ,not like u ppl whichever country throws money at u, u start doing mujra for that nation….
    We have our dignity not like u ppl … Every time u have to request USA please don’t bang our ass with your drone now I hope u ppl got who is getting banged
    From so many years u ppl say one day we will invade india ….. Today india is on the path of economic power and u ppl are still invading india
    I must say if this is your invasion then we will like to get invaded …
    I have seen many pakistanis say don’t refer WIkipedia everything is lies on Wikipedia tell me one thing then u ppl are saying truth where a terrorist like Osama use to stay and who are u to judge Wikipedia is wright or wrong a failed state cannot judge…
    Now abut poverty
    We know we have many ills in our society not all fingers are same we accept it but at the same time we are trying to eliminate it every year millions of Indians are added in middle class
    But what’s ur prblm is ACCEPTING , whoever accept the facts gets chance to correct the path but u ppl won’t understand

    Nways like this thousands of forums are there on net but reality is this ….. I don’t have haterade to this nation but feel pity on pakistan

  33. But then where is the comparison? Perhaps the author forgot what he was writing.
    Anyway the taste of pudding is in its eating. Wonder what kind of Army Pakistan has? Tens of thousands of them surrendered in front of 3K Indian soldiers in 1971. So much of the so called “Martial race”
    Or may be like the author they too forgot why they were in Bangladesh (Then E. Pakistan) in first place and went off course.

  34. Of course Pakistan is best..LOL.. A nation which says 1 Pakistani = 10 Indi, and then 90000 surrender to a few 1000 INDIANS.. A nation which teaches its people that its their right and duty to kill all infidels and book their ticket to 72 virgins in heaven.. A nation which gave asylum to Osama and mullah umar… A nation which has destroyed its economy in arms race with India and now relies on American and IMF aids to stay alive.. A nation which is now famous for being a terror hub.. A nation in top 5 in the list of failed states.. Hmmm… PAKISTAN IS GREAT INDEED..!! 😀

  35. Indian perspective, We don’t want war with anyone. I need money at any cost…can’t waste our resources and manpower in fighting. But yes, India needs to keep developing nuclear arsenals and anti-ballistic missile technology and should become self-sufficient and export arms by 2020.

  36. We(indian) don’t want war. We are child of same mother (ind & pak). Why we are wasting our powers in war. We have help each other to grow in world.If ind+pak came together no one can beat them.

  37. We Pakistan want war with INDIA and we will soon launch it with the name of ” GHAZWA-e-HIND ” and IN SHA ALLAH with the grace of ALLAH we will capture it and IN SHA ALLAH permanently drown AKHAND BHARAT deep into the INDIAN OCEAN permanently so that it will never emerge again and in future people will not even have in their backminds that any country with the name of MALEECH INDIA exists ….. We want to destroy all the temples and we will destroy all those and ALLAH-O-AKBAR will cheers the whole india soon

  38. all this is just lol

    All the things thus developed by either country are just burdening their economy.
    In pak literacy rate is 56% while in india its 68%.
    Indian subcontinent harbours the largest illetrate lot of the world including India Pak And Bangaladesh.

    we should lay stress on things like life standerds , HDI, education , health and quality of life.

    There are many nations in Europe that do not have even armed forces.

  39. im an indian muslim… we are proud to be indian… and we are in quiet peace and secure… im from kerala,south india

  40. The year is 2015 we Pakistan have surpassed in years Indian predictions of a dismembered Pakistan.

    We are here the heir to the Mughal Empire and the Indus Valley Civilization and WE were here before the Ganges plains were infested with their kind.

    We in one form or another will ALWAYS be here bit it will take one only one nuclear exchange and the nation of Hindus will be no more.

    Contrary to the b.s from Indians:

    Kashmir was occupied by Indian Forces and still is. Pakistan did not have an army in 1948 but a third of Kashmir was liberated, I should know I am testimony to this as I hail from Azad Kashmir.

    In 1965 Pakistan was a conscript army out manned no conventional capability we even had to borrow rusty she ran tanks from the US.

    We had rust bucket old RAF planes outnumbered 5 to 1.

    Contrary to the b.s from Indians it was India who attacked Pakistan in Sialkot Lahore and tried to reoccupy Azad Kashmir.

    The Pakistanis fought valiantly on record and while we did not have the means to continue we had jazbah and junior for our free nation to fight to the very end and it was India who ran to the UN.

    Now onto 1971 between 1968 and 1971 80,000 Hindu Bengolis trained by The Soviets and Indian military infiltrated then East Pakistan’s porous border with Indian West Bengal.

    Where did that 80000 Hindu terror force go?

    In 1961 and again 1968 Mujibur Rehman met with Indian intelligence to lay the plans for Indian State Sponsored Terrorism in East Pakistan.

    The year is 1979 and India goads the Soviets to occupy Qabul and March onto Karachi. A decade like this last decade Indian proxies bomb Peshawar and Karachi and occupy Kargil and Siachin from Pakistan.

    Kargil War militarily was a resounding success for those dim wit Indians remember we occupied the vantage point a ridge onto where Indian planes and copters could not land as Pakistani guns were blowing them out of the sky.

    Kargill was a political failure and Nawaz Sharif disgraced the brave people if Kashmir the brave soldiers and mujahadeen.

    The Afghan war ends and India incites a sectarian war by financing and arming Northern AllIance against the majority Pashtuns which gives birth to a counter proxy The Taliban.

    The year is 2001 and India offers airspace and access to bomb Afghanistan and extend the war into Pakistan.

    Between 2002 and 2008 Indian RAW recruits Afghan and Uzbekistani criminals to enter into Pakistan under the disguise of refugees. This is an incubation process where they rally and incite Pashtuns to take up arms against Pakistani state and army. Some within the refugee camps fall prey to Indian and Neocon agenda but Pakistani Pashtuns remain defiant and stand up against them. From the SWAT offensive a new Indian and Neocons proxy is born The Tereek e Taliban.

    Blackwater / Xe operatives roam Pakistani freely under diplomatic immunity planting bombs and providing high value Intel and targets / logistics to Tereek e Taliban.

    Indians are rejoicing in 2009 and publishing maps of a dismembered map and financing and arming her proxies like TTP, BLA and Jundullah.

    The year is 2015 and we are still here and we will continue to stand tall.

    You will not break us.

    For the first time in history Pakistan is conventionally militarily stronger. Superior air power and superior missile technology with more potency in our Nukes. This has remained a deterrence against further Indian direct aggression.

    We must remain ever vigilant for it is a historic struggle. We Pakistanis are Afzal Khan and you sons of the dirty Ganges are Siva.

    We will not be stabbed in the back from your deceitful hands of friendship, we will remain ever vigilant.

    We want peaceful co existence as equals and your Hindu fanatical dreams of a greater Hindu empire stretching from Indus to Amu Darya is a fallacy and if not changed as a foreign policy of India will ensure the future remains unpredictable between the two.

    Pakistan is heir to the Mughal Empire and Indus Valley Civilization we will always remain strategic.

    USA gave you an opportunity to carve up Pakistan and contain China over the last decade but you referring to India have failed.

    USA will realise once more the strategic importance of Pakistan geographical and regional. We are a building block of a stable integrated Central Asia referred to as the wider middle east.

    We are the bridge between Turkish Farsi and Arab world linking it to China, Russia and Europe.

    We are than bridge.

    Indian manufactured problems that has rocked and destabilised Pakistan are artificial and in the long term will be a superficial wound.

    We will return where we left off before 2001 and are destined to rise as a Asian Tiger.

    Resilient like our terrain to see us flourish us you need to keep us free like our valleys and terrain from the snow capped Hindu Kush to the warm waters of Karachi.

    A very harsh terrain but equally lovely and honourable just like our people we are very hospitable to the outsider but very aggressive to the aggressor.

    Know us our history and who we are we are The Indus Valley the Mighty Mughal Empire…We Are Pakistan.

  41. salam to all…….in 2015 v r going to build econmic coridore ..this thing hurts india a lot….above some one talked about english speling etc…bro jo nations apni mother tongue bhol kar dosro ki language p proud feel kary ..i think their mind level can b guesed…Mulims rulled over india hunders of years… bolywood ,amir,sha rukh and amir khan who ar they?…they are muslim and than Indian .mean to say v r still ruling over ur minds…..India is biger than pak but botth are equiped wid nukes…at the end war is no solution but the end of every war dialogue is last solution….in fact india had and has great leaders and persons author,poet,philospher,scintist ..mean to say now v are two dfrnt nations so v respect each other…jab war hoty hn to goly nhi dkhty k muslim ko lag rahi hi ya hindu ko..or ha khoon ka rang bh same hota hi ,pain bh hota hi…

  42. what is that no fight both countrys are poaceful u r mind is broken we loved every one humanity u know iam not a enemy loved parson

  43. Pakistan is not capable to smash total India . If Pakistan use Nuclear weapons. India use aggressively to smash total Pakistan. There is no pakistan in the world map. this is happened.

    • Ghus k phatne wala admi

      Dear ashok, or whatever u are. u know there is only a single nation i.e. india and if india disappear from the map of this world even half of india attacked by pakistan you hindus will be in just a few millions but if pakistan is disappeared from the world map we muslims have no worries because we are trillions and we have world’s second majority w.r.t religion. our shaheen-III missile can easily destroy u it has range of 1700 miles. so just think first before attacking or just sledging with us because we are the powerful muslim state and can blow your filthy ass with our quality missile technology. Mind it cow piss drinkers.

  44. i think Pakistan will became more superior and prosperous in future. India should noticed about PAK- China economic corridor, which boost the economy of Pakistan. According to the USA and Europe they believe Pakistan will no more get aid and loan from USA and from world bank and from IMF.

  45. Pakistan is the most liberal state of this world as by allowing all the terrorists to live in a free society and perform their activities like bomb blast is not allowed by any other nation.It is the most heart welcoming state cause no other country Has given right to osama and daud to live in their country but pakistan has given. It is the most prosperous so as it allows the country like china to make investment and earn with communism.Pakistan is the most safest country for foreigners as they are welcomed by the isi officials with their passports to be in their custody and be allowed to be shown the fireworks by terrorists in bus.It is the most innovative as only eating the meat of donkey and dogs can prove the innovativeness.Great Great Great…

  46. The world most begger country in the world
    A. Pakistan
    B. Pakistan
    D. Only pakistan

    Pak should need to add a catora in his fleg

  47. Which was did India lose with Pakistan u dumb author????? Get a life .This is what you guys are good at. You aint capable of competing with Indian in any space except terror. Get a life dumbo.

  48. There aint any wars which India has lost with Pakistan. Why don’t you watch the video in Youtube where Pakistan army surrenders to the Indian army. If India has a war that is with China.

  49. India is great please don’t compare “THE GREAT INDIA” with Pakistan. It will be insult for INDIA.

  50. India is great please don’t compare “THE GREAT INDIA” with Pakistan. It will be insult for INDIA. So think about it and then compare.

  51. How many of you pakistanis are still alive since the comments were published? im guessing none.. most are probably dead being jihadi jokers or would hav joined xyz teroorist organizations and tied up some bombs around themselves to kill innocents! All you do is teach your kids false information. Grow up!

  52. U Indian Muslim have history we r rare in number either person quantity r miltery quantity but we conquer all if we get assult R which we want. Read our history we not believe in matelargy we believe in Martydom.ur 24 lakh miltry and we have every last person in my country ready to die bcoz this is our faith and faith always greatest than every thing.

  53. bhai wah : khan bhai tumne thik baat boli bhai ye article tha comparison Ka aur ye sab India – Pakistan kar rahe hai. ek baat to hai ki in dono me se koi bhi dusre ki nahi sunta bus apni gani se MATLAB hai. bhai mai to yeh chahta hu ki India – pak aram se rahe Aur border pe
    kisi fozi ki jarurat na ho .

  54. weather india or Pakistan both can’t affort a war.special with nukes. let me explain .war nukes ka huwa to kareeb 5 lakh crore ka nuksan dono daily dono country ko or ana wali generation chaiye india ki ho ya pakistan ki itni galiyan degi tumhe or humey .socho yr jab tumhre gharo mai taras jao ek bacha paida nhi hoga agar huwa to physical disable hoga kya esa Pakistan jinnah chata tha ya nehra or gandhi esa india chata tha. bura bhala humey Britishers ko khena chaiya tha but hum ek dusre per chikh raha ha itna salo se…. but kyu

  55. pata ha panga ye ha ki tum sab bewakuf logo na nuclear bomb ya missles ko halwa samaj rakha jaha dil kiya phek diya. or use pataka samaj rakha .ek missle ki kimat kayi crore hoti .agar nuke dono countries ka pass tha to Pakistan or india ko 99 mai hi nuke nuke khel lena chaiya tha hasrat bhi puri ho jatti or dono ki countries ki gaand bhi phat jati. tabhi acha hota aaj pagal kutto ki tarah na bhonk raha hota sab.dheko dusri countries like western countries and china un hone apni taraki bhi badayi or hatiyar bhi banaya but bus hatiyar khardta ha.aaj duniya i.s.r.o pe naas kari ha kyuke usne tabhi ka saman nhi banaya usne ek acha kaam kiya. Pakistan na bhi acha kaam kiya hafiz saeed ko terrorist ki list mai dala or hindu marriage ko legal kar diya economic coridor banara taraki kara .india economy bada duniya ki bada se bada brand india mai plant lagara.Pakistan Democratic country banra dhira dhira ye terrorism sab khatam ho jana ha.bhai logo mai to ek baat janta hun bujurk logo ko dheka ha bechara rota ha ki . lahore yahan idhar ana pada apna ghar chodna pada vo ek baat kheta tha putt jina lahore ni vekiya vo jamiya hi nhi….. kuch samaj sakta us tym ka logo ka dhuk socho kisi ka maa baap bhichad gaya koi apne dost chode ke aya us par .kisi ka pura pariwar khattam hogaya. war se barbadi stti ha or kuch nhi ata

  56. I think people from both sides are blinded by their political ghosts. The political classes always try to divert their attention of the people about their failure towards these issues which could have been solved long time ago. When everyone sit and think for a minute why are we fighting like this and what is that we have gained by doing this we will get the answer. This sort of fighting does not bring any good to people at either sides. The nation and international politics makes the progress of our nations slow because we don’t question our government’s what they have done to their nation’s growth. People from either sides should start thinking about the future not about all these war related things. Once people stops giving any ear to these type of misleading statements and pressurize the respective governments for the development all these war mongering will be stopped and the peace will remain.

  57. I believe there are more internal issues for each country for themselves to talk about rather than making a point on each other’s weaknesses and negligence.

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