Pakistan committed to goal of nuclear weapons free world: FO


ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office spokesman Nafees Zakaria has stated that Pakistan is committed to nuclear disarmament in a manner that promotes peace, security and stability at regional and global levels.

“Pakistan is committed to the goal of nuclear weapons free world through a universal, non-discriminatory and comprehensive convention on nuclear weapons”, the spokesman said in a statement on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Treaty.

Radio Pakistan quoted the spokesperson saying the Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons did not fulfill these essential conditions- -both in terms of process and substance.

He noted that treaties not considering the interests of all stakeholders fail to achieve their objectives and Pakistan like all the other nuclear armed states, did not take part in its negotiation and cannot become a party to this Treaty.

Zakaria reiterated Pakistan`s belief in a cooperative and consensus-based process resulting in equal and undiminished, if not increased security for all States to achieve the objective.

He said the Geneva-based Conference on Disarmament remains the most ideal forum for concluding such a convention.

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