Pakistan can’t afford enmity with US, says Shehbaz


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that he is putting forth attempts to make peace with all partners and companions of Pakistan, including the United States, that have been alienated from Islamabad due to a “defective international strategy” of the past government.

“Pakistan can’t bear to have hatred with the US by any means,” proclaimed Mr Sharif while answering a volley of inquiries from senior writers during an Iftar supper at Prime Minister House on Tuesday.

The state head lamented that the past government drove by the Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf (PTI) had irritated that multitude of nations that had generally helped Pakistan in troublesome times, particularly China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United States.

He said there was a need to end the question among Pakistan and the United States, and the two nations expected to check whether they had committed any missteps before.

Mr Sharif — clad in a green safari suit and flanked by Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal, Musaddiq Malik and other senior PML-N pioneers — responded to questions in regards to international strategy, economy and the predominant political circumstance in the country following reestablished danger by PTI administrator Imran Khan to hold a long walk towards Islamabad to press for the party’s interest for early broad races.

However Mr Sharif addressed every one of the issues during his almost drawn out discussion, his primary accentuation stayed on the country’s international strategy. He talked about his impending visit to Saudi Arabia and furthermore communicated his interests over the self destruction assault on the Chinese nationals in Karachi prior on Tuesday.

Mr Sharif said he had guided the inside priest to visit Karachi on Wednesday (today). He said that not long after his visit to Saudi Arabia, he would direct a gathering to devise a technique to give security to the Chinese as well as other outside nationals in the country.

The head of the state said he was supposed to have a conversation on two-sided issues and participation with the Saudi authority during his forthcoming visit to Riyadh.

Hitting out at the past leaders over their supposed defective international strategy, Mr Sharif said first the PTI government irritated Qatar regal family by raising fingers at the agreement endorsed by Pakistan for the acquisition of gas in 2016, and afterward they did likewise with China when they cried foul and defilement in Chinese activities sent off here.

Essentially, the past government irritated Saudi Arabia by expressing that “we can do Kashmir without them (Saudi Arabia)”, Mr Sharif said. On the public authority’s Afghan strategy, Mr Sharif said: “What is really great for Afghanistan, it is great for Pakistan as well as the other way around.”

In light of an inquiry with respect to the PTI’s interest to shape a legal commission to examine the claims of a US connivance behind the ouster of Imran Khan’s administration, Mr Sharif said he could think about the choice.

Answering to an inquiry regarding Imran Khan’s danger to hold a long walk to Islamabad, the PM said that dissent was a popularity based right of everybody, except nobody would be permitted to make disorder on streets.

Concerning arrangement of the new armed force boss, Mr Sharif said he would pursue the choice as per the Constitution and the regulations.

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