Pakistan Cannot Win a War in My Lifetime: Manmohan Singh



Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday said that there was no scope of Pakistan winning a war with India in his lifetime.

“There is no scope of Pakistan winning any such war in my lifetime,” the Prime Minister said during a brief interaction with reporters at a Navy Day reception.

He was reacting to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s remark that Kashmir is “a flashpoint and can trigger a fourth war” with India.  Mr Sharif made the remark during his visit to Muzaffarabad.

Source: Khaleej Times


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  1. pakistan:

    we must settle the kashmir issue right away b/c if the kashmir issue is not settled peacefully as soon as possible, there’s a risk of a future war (in which many lives will be lost).


    we’re not going to respect basic human rights and do the right thing by giving the kashmiris their right to self-determination b/c we arrogant warmongers don’t think u can beat us in a war.

    it’s clear which country is the real impediment to the settlement of this issue

  2. Well, Pakistan has never “won” any war it started any way. 1965 was a stalemate at best, 1971 they got chopped in two, 1984, they lost Siachin and 1999 – humiliating retreat.

    Mr Singh – don’t worry. Pakis are useless anyway. The only thing they are good at is spreading terrorism. You might want to worry about more Kasabs

    • @bum man your nonsense really makes me laugh?? Pakistan has never won any war?? we managed to get hold of Kashmir in 1948 and the reason you have 700 million troops (wow how brave you really are!) stationed in Occupied Kashmir is because you are scared we will take the other half. Pakistan drove india out of its territories in 1965 i guess thats a victory and we won the air battle in 1971 (from Chuck Yeager American air force pilot) unfortunately bad politics led to the break up you didnt win anything.

      We defeated the Soviet Union In Afghanistan and laid the first blow to communist Russia we showed you what we can do in Kargil where we trapped 12 000 Indian soldiers and we are still fighting in Siachen who says we retreated??

      Pakistan army has been one of the armies of choice the UN uses in peace keeping missions. Pakistan has helped in numerous countries in serious times of conflict with a great record.

      Now lets get to India what has india won? you got your backsides handed to you from China and you couldnt do nothing! they took part of kashmir and you havent even asked for it back let alone fight for it, you have been kicked out of Nepal and Bhutan and told to stop meddling, Sri Lank blamed you for the 30 year civil war and sponsoring the tamil terrorists Infact none of your neighbors really like you and you dont even see that as a problem ATLEAST we get along along with most of ours and the nexalite insurgency in india which has spread to 18 states looks like india is not getting a grasp of it i guess thats a record you cant boast of either!!

      Unfortunately your naked hatred of Pakistan shows what kind of person you really are?? it must really kill you inside i hope its not stressing you out too much!

      • In 1948, Pakistan annexed part of Kashmir. India controls the other half. Kashmir was an independent state. And if you think you guys won 1965 – you might want to double check facts. What territory?

        And “air war” in 1971….thats like saying – i gate crashed a wedding and they threw me out. But atleast I licked a used plate. Look up a Paki postage stamp talking about 90,000 PoWs….

        So dream on pedolover

        • @the dirty bum man “dream on peodolover” whats that??? cant challenge me intellectually so you resort to idiotic personal insults! infact its very typical of you indians ive defeated many indians intellectually and they resort to the same level of disgusting meaningless personal insults im accustomed to it.

          Your hatred is only harming you inside thats whats really amusing, Pakistan and Islam is a thorn in your throat i hope it increases and rips your throat out you are a waste of space!

        • @the dirty bum man winning the air war in 1971 stopped india from attacking west Pakstan as that was their intention a two pronged attack you need to read your history, it was a major victory india did not dent west Pakistan and 40 000 troops did not surrender they were stranded and double crossed by mukti bahani terrorist supported by india THEN they moved in. Pakistan threatened india that if anything happened our troops Pakistan will take swift revenge and wage warfare in indian cities for many years thats why they werent harmed and returned so dont give me none of the surrender rubbish if it makes you happy cant stop you there.

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