Pakistan Bashing: An old Die-hard habit of Indians



”Minorities not safe… Sikhs, Hindus fleeing to India… Christians being culled… Ahmadis facing the violence … Shi’ites being bombed in their houses… A country established on the basis of religion descending the stairs to its failure.”

Yeh hai All India Radio ki Urdu Service” said the broadcaster and started the old habit of Pakistan bashing. It is the foreign policy of India, through which they defame Pakistan. Here goes a transcript of that half an hour program usually broadcasted on daily basis from All India Radio Broadcasting services.

Few days ago, 35 Shia’s were killed in an apparent terrorist attack by a certain group of Sunni extremists supported by the Sunni Majority. Laskar e Jhangvi, Sipah e Sahaba and even Tehreek e taliban is supposed to cleanse Pakistan from Shias. Abbas town and other places of Karachi witness it every day. Hundreds of Shia’s are killed on a routine basis. There is a wave of terrorism unleashed against the Shia’s and government is just a mute spectator. The Shia’s now fear for their lives in their own country, as if they have come here from some alien land.

Calling itself a purely Islamic state where each and every minority is supposed to be protected according to the laws of Islam, but in Pakistan even the Hindus are being treated as some alien forces, untouchables, converted forcibly and till date hundreds of Hindu families have migrated to India.

The miniscule population of Christians is not even safe. What happened this year in Lahore. Over 170 houses and shops of Christians were set on fire by a mob in the Badami Bagh area of Lahore. This, they said, was to avenge an alleged act of blasphemy by a Christian, days ago, bringing back memories of the 2009 Gojra violence.

The situation of Pakistan is proving it to be a failed sate. Ahmadis which consider themselves as sect of Muslims are not even regarded as minority. They are called as infidels, their houses are burnt, their graveyards bulldozed but the government of Pakistan is not serious about these things. Rather they help in breeding terrorists against the minorities. Even they send terrorists to Indian Kashmir to foil the peace in valley for which Indian army with the help of local establishment is doing good.”

And with these lines, the broadcaster made a pause “Baloch people also face the tyranny of Pakistan army on daily basis. Peace activists are shot dead. Baloch nationalists are bombed in their houses. No one is safe in so called Islamic republic of Pakistan.”

All India radio goes like this every day, my dear Pakistanis!

I am from Indian occupied Kashmir and I do listen to such things and try to take it easily but it hurts within. Though the world knows in which hostile conditions the Indian minorities survive, merely any conscious mind can negate that. Being a democratic country, we can see how minorities, be it Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Parsis, Dalits and other low caste Hindus are treated. Who can forget Gujarat, Assam, Uttar Pradesh and various other places of India, where Muslims were culled like chicks. Who can ignore the killings of Sikhs after Indira Gandhi’s murder? Aren’t the Dalits still treated as untouchables in this modern and democratic country? Who can pass it as a rumor when Christians were burnt alive in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu by Hindutva forces? Was that India or some other country? We all know that it all happened in this so-called democratic and secular India. Yes, it all happened in India and it is still going on.

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, these Indians are worst than any other nation while dealing with minorities but bashing Pakistan is their passion. My point here is why are we as Muslims and Pakistanis, giving them the chance to blame us and spew out hatred towards Islam and Pakistan. It is known that dozens of foreign agencies are working in and outside the country to destabilize Pakistan. Their motive is to divide it into pieces because their main enemy from the Muslim world is our lone nuclear capable Muslim Pakistan. It is the thorn which is stuck in their throats and they just want to pluck this thorn out of the way so that they can occupy more Muslim lands and spread the terror.

As they draft plans to destroy us, we need to come up with a strategy to defy their plans. We need to refocus on our agenda to see a prosperous and developed Pakistan in all its aspects. Leaving behind this insignificant sectarian war we should focus on national development as our foremost agenda is the betterment of all. Let there be no regionalism, caste conflicts or any difference on the basis of color, creed or religion. Let us unite under the flag of Muslim brotherhood where all other minorities are safeguarded and protected as per the sayings of Islam. Let us fulfill the vision of the Quaid e Azam Ali Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Dr. Allama Mohammad Iqbal. Let us remember those martyrs, who sacrificed their present for our future; who sacrificed their jobs, lives, properties and families so that we could live in a free and fair Pakistan. Let us not give our enemies any chance to malign Pakistan. Let us be a role model for the world as the protectors and backbone of Muslim Ummah. Let us shun all this violence in the name of sects and work for the betterment of Pakistan. Let us build a stronger Pakistan because the world over, Muslims bear oppression and injustice, and need a savior. They look up to us with their teary eyes, to free them from the occupational forces. Mothers and sisters from Palestine and Kashmir still wait for their sons and brothers from Pakistan.

Pakistan is this Ummah’s only lasting hope. So dear Pakistan, don’t deceive the Ummah.

Get up. Develop a better Pakistan and keep the candle of hope burning for the sake of this Ummah. May Allah bless Pakistan.



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  1. “Pakistan is this Ummah’s only lasting hope. So dear Pakistan, don’t deceive the Ummah.”

    Oh please! Despite being a Pakistani myself, I am sick and tired of this Ummah Ummah b.s. The Ummah does not give a damn about us, they do not consider us any important except to become a lab for their own proxy battles (thank you Iranian mullahs and Gulf Arab sheikhs!).

    This whole Ummah fetish is the one that got Pakistan into trouble in the first place. We welcomed in jihadis from all around the world and they have made our lives a living hell.

    Ummah gayi bhaarh mein, pehley apney ghar ko bachao! Kyunke Ummah ney phir bhi yahan aag lagani hai!

    • Hang in there mate…. things usually turn to sh*t before they turn better. Things will improve…. sometimes they just take time. Things here aren’t all that much better, but progress is being made….just like heaps being made in your part of the world.

      Chill out – and treat this place as a punching bag. If you want to talk serious stuff – there are better avenues 🙂

  2. “I am from Indian occupied Kashmir”

    This is a classic statement. NO ONE from J&K would use that term. Seriously…. if you want to start creating propaganda lies, atleast try to use the correct terms morons.

    This “ibne zaraar” or “ghareebah” or whatever needs to stop smoking crack and start reading indian magazines and THEN write propaganda after familiarising with the proper words to use.

    Typical half assed Paki attempts. No wonder the whole world laughs at them

  3. Ye logo ka misal kutte k dum jese he, kabi sede ho he nahe sakti.

    Well said by someone that small brains discuss about peoples rather than discussing ideas…as you peoples above

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