Pakistan army condemns “baseless” allegations of role in Kunduz assault


RAWALPINDI: Pakistan army today strongly rejected a new report carried by a section of Afghan media regarding involvement of Pakistani officials in Kunduz attack.

In a press statement, a spokesman of the Inter-Service Public Relation (ISPR) said that army strongly rejects the allegations that Pakistani security officials were involved in Kunduz attack.

“The allegations leveled by an Afghan official are totally unfounded, baseless, uncalled for and mischievous,” the spokesman said.

While Pakistan has already supported Afghan led and Afghan owned peace process and condemned Kunduz attack, such allegations are not even comprehensible, he added.

“Such accusations are not a responsible behaviour and need not be repeated in the better interest of addressing the actual threat.”

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  1. These sick Afghanis need to be put in their place! I say Pakistan should bomb the hell out of them and throw their refugee’s across the border to die. Afghanistan is a disgrace and a curse on earth that needs to be removed. It is not Pak’s fault that the Russians invaded them nether did we choose the Taliban to take over their mess of a country.

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