Pakistan Army Chief Kayani Warns Indian Generals On Provocative Statements



Chief of the Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani delivered a speech at Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul, on Saturday, April 20.

The Graduating Cadets of the 127th PMA Long Course, Integrated Course 46 and Mujahid Course-1 listened to the Chiefs speech.

Foreign diplomats, senior military officers and families of the cadets were also present.

The following highlights are extracted from the official transcription of the speech.


Pakistan is fully capable of responding effectively to any threat and despite the current focus on internal security, the armed forces remain fully prepared to defeat an external direct threat

Pakistan is a peace-loving country. Our quest for peace is essentially based on a genuine desire to improve our lot and that of our future generations. Let no one see it as a weakness

We have exercised restraint in the face of some very belligerent statements in recent months. Let it suffice to say that Pakistan is fully capable of responding effectively to any threat. Despite our current focus on internal security, we remain fully prepared to defeat an external direct threat

Let there be no doubt that with a strong Pak Army and the nation standing with it united, no harm can ever come to Pakistan. Insha Allah


In our short history, we have overcome many a challenges that would have overwhelmed lesser nations. I am sure we can do it again

We are going through difficult times, but so has every other successful nation at some time in their history. Pak Army is fully committed to the cause and as always standing with the nation

I assure you that we will succeed if we remain committed to the basis for the creation of Pakistan and remain steadfast as a nation

I assure you that regardless of odds, Pakistan Army will keep on doing its best towards our common dream for a truly Islamic Republic of Pakistan envisioned by the Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal


Let me remind you that Pakistan was created in the name of Islam and Islam can never ever be taken out of Pakistan

However, Islam should always remain a unifying force


This day marks the culmination of your basic military training at an institution which stands out with distinction amongst the leading military academies of the world

My heartiest felicitations to you for becoming part of the great institution that is Pakistan Army. I also congratulate the graduating cadets of our brotherly Islamic Countries; Palestine, Sudan and Turkmenistan. I also want to extend my felicitations to your proud parents.

I appreciate the efforts of your trainers at PMA who have helped mould you as future leaders of PakArmy

I am confident that Pakistan Military Academy has instilled in you the highest standards of discipline, honour and integrity. It is your first and foremost responsibility to maintain these standards. Your life as commissioned officers in Pakistan Army will be challenging. It demands the best in professional skills and leadership qualities

I have full trust that you will never hesitate to always place your Country, PakArmy and your men before your own selves

You will be fortunate to command the soldiers who are known for their unflinching loyalty and sense of sacrifice. Our soldiers are known for delivering best results in the most challenging environment. When you command these brave men, you will see why Pakistan Army enjoys the respect as a professional Army both inside as well as outside Pakistan. Never forget that the relationship and trust between our officers and the men is the bedrock of that reputation. During active operations, our officers have always upheld the proud tradition of leading from the front, regardless of the cost. I expect nothing less from you.

I would like you to be good commanders and inspiring leaders as well. It requires both professional competence and character. Always remember that it is the character which makes command an honour, and not just another job

Never forget that you have become part of an institution where nothing else but your own merit will be the sole consideration for career progression

Be ambitious. There is nothing wrong with it, but the only way to achieve your ambitions is through hard work. There is no shortcut to it. Do have a dream and always aim high

I urge you to take pride in excellence in whatever you do, as this is the best source of personal satisfaction

Source: PakNationalist

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