Pakistan Army Abducting Pashtun women?


Recently a report has been published in print media and broadcasted on almost all the television channels of India, saying that Pakistan Army is abducting Pashtun girls and using them as sex slaves.

As a Pashtun, I became curious to find where this incident happened and how come all the Indian Media know about this while the Pakistani, as well as the international media & human rights organizations of rest of the world, are sleeping and not protesting for these innocent girls.

Out of curiosity, I started tracking the source of news and found that the source is few tweets of some Pashtun leader. As a Pashtun and Pakistani I know all the Pashtun leaders in Pakistan, so started checking the twitter accounts of all the Pashtun leaders especially the one who are the critics of Pakistan Army. Started with Asfandyar Wali and Mehmood Achakzai, followed by checking the twitter accounts of all the minor and major Pashtun political parties, their leaders and political workers but all in vein. All of them were busy tweeting about the politics of Pakistan, no one was aware that their daughters and sisters are being abducted by Pakistan Army and used as sex slaves.

Giving up on my search abilities, I again went back to the news of Indian media and tried to find the name of that great political leader who is so much worried about the Pashtun People while all the major and minor political parties and human rights organization are sleeping, they don’t even care what Pakistan Army is doing to the Pashtun people, but there is only one prodigious political leader of Pashtun people who still have a heart, who can’t sleep because of the atrocities of Pakistan Army on Pashtuns people.

Umar Khattak was the name that popped out while I was reading the report. I was so annoyed with myself, even cursed myself that being a Pashtun I don’t even know the leader who is leading us whereas all the Indian media know about him, called few of my friends involved in local Politics but they were also as ignorant as me. One of them said that the great leader may be from Balochistan, although I have already checked the twitter accounts of all the Pashtun leaders of Balochistan but still wanted to confirm, so called few of my friends from Balochistan but this great Pashtun leader was alien to them.

Now I started gaining some confidence that I am not alone, other Pashtun leaders, political activists and Pashtuns living in the two provinces (K.P.K and Balochistan) also don’t know about him. So which kind of Pashtuns he is leading that even the Pashtuns don’t know about their leader.

By making some effort I finally managed to find the twitter account of Umar Khattak, thanks to Indian media as his twitter account was not mentioned anywhere else. When I opened his twitter account, it started to unfold the mystery about this so-called leader.

The first thing that I noticed was his followers on the twitter account. This so called leader has only 800 followers and he is following the same number of people on twitter which makes sense for the leader of such magnitude.

In first few tweets I found his pic with another great leader and philosopher, his highness Mr. Tark Fateh, the founder of MUSLIM Canadian Foundation, the one who advocates gay rights and has been recently beaten by the Indian University students in India. One can easily understand his misunderstandings about Islam when they find that a founder of Muslim Canadian Organization is the advocate of gay rights, which are forbidden in Islam as well as in Muslim world. Like all these twitter leaders, Tarek Fateh is also the darling of Indian media, recently he was promoted to the rank of Islamic Philosopher, so now this gay right activist is hosting a religious show on the Indian channel.

From here it was easy to connect the dots and expose the cheapness of Indian media and this so-called Pashtun leader.

As mentioned above this so called leader has just 800 followers and 90% of those 800 are Indians, few Afghan and the 2-3 Pakistanis following him will surely be his relatives but Indian media presented him as a Pashtun separatist leader.


These so-called separatist leaders are not even worth a penny in Pakistan, they have zero following in Pakistan but after few tweets, they become pets of Indian media and Indian media will sensationalize and exaggerates their tweets to fool Indian people.

Here is another example of such tweets in which another so called Baloch has been spreading fake propaganda.

According to her, Pakistan Army is abducting Baloch women in the pics she shared with the tweet but If you will closely examine the images there is no Army personnel in the image and there is no Army vehicle. Some fools are wearing a uniform who doesn’t look soldiers from any side. Women are sitting in the vehicle which doesn’t belong to any of the security forces. It’s a private vehicle and the condition of the vehicle shows that it will hardly move from that place.


It’s difficult to find if these so called separatists are fooling the Indian media or the Indian Media is fooling the people of India but one thing is confirmed that as always once again the people of India were fooled by their own media and that’s the reason Indian media is considered one of the worst in the world.

Coming back to these so-called Pashtun separatist leaders, as far as the Pashtuns are concerned there is no separatists’ movement going on in Pakistan, even the most notorious terrorist organization like TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan) mostly consisted of Pashtun people, never demanded separation which is concrete proof that Pashtuns are not interested in separation.

If Indians will just study their own history, from Mehmood Ghaznavi till Ahmad Shah Abdali and from the Pashtun Tribal people who fought in Kashmir and liberated the parts of Kashmir known as Azad Kashmir now, till Colonel Sher Khan (Kargil War), all the Pashtuns taught them a lesson that they should never forget.

Pashtun people have fought against the enemies of Pakistan in the past and will fight for Pakistan till the last drop of blood in their veins because Pakistan is running as a blood in their body and without it, they cannot survive.  About 40%-45% of Pakistan Army consists of Pashtuns and most of them are posted in Pashtun areas of Pakistan. Which means that the Indian media is saying that Pashtun Army soldiers are abducting their own women. Maybe this news will make sense in India because they believe whatever is fed to them by their media but for rest of the world with common sense, this news itself does not make any sense.

So the basic thing is, whenever Indian government is under pressure they start such false propaganda campaigns against Pakistan. When Kashmiri people were protesting after the Martyrdom of Kashmiri youth leader Burhan Wani, Indian Army came up with the drama of Surgical strikes. Now when their own soldiers are campaigning on social media for proper food, Indian media started this false propaganda of women abduction by Pakistani Army.

When Indian media was busy in this false propaganda about the abduction of women by the Pakistan Army, the international media was reporting that women in India are sold as cows and goats, although cows have more rights in India than women. On the other hand, The United Nations (UN) is probing Indian peacekeepers in Haiti for arriving in the country without mandatory cholera vaccination. The UN has also officially sought a clarification from the Indian government to confirm whether the troops had cholera vaccination when they arrived in July-August 2016. At the same time, in India, the Indian soldiers have started a social media campaign against their own military superiors’ corruption in the ration for soldiers which brought more embarrassment to the Army and Government.

Instead of working on their own failures, for every failure of the Indian government, you will always find Indian government and Indian media pointing fingers towards Pakistan. They are so much obsessed with Pakistan that the recent avalanche in Indian-held Kashmir in which 24 Indian soldiers were killed, was blamed on Pakistan. Indian Army Chief said that Pakistan is responsible for Avalanche in Jammu and Kashmir.  Kanpur Railway accident Pakistan is responsible. If this pointing fingers game and false propaganda campaigns continued with the same pace, that time is not far away that Indian government and media will hold Pakistan responsible for the increase in their population.


Atiq is an IT professional, his area of interest are Socio-Politico issues of subcontinent and regional security issues with a special focus on Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. Can be reached at and tweets at @atiqpkkh.

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    Great Article:).

    I have been saying this for years now how every news on Pakistan that is bad is magnified and exaggerated or fabricated by Indians not just within India but across the globe.

    The Zionist used to use this tactic all be it more sophisticated and mimicked very crudely by Indians.

    Indian journalists in UAE, Europe and US have not been neutral in their stories on Pakistan and on numerous times exaggerated or fabricated stories.

    The other phenomena I have noticed is for Indians to reprint older stories or repost older stories on Pakistan to ensure that Pakistan continues to have bad coverage.

    Again very unsophisticated which shows their aggressive posture towards Pakistan painstakingly obvious.

    Thirdly the Internet trolls, same names same IDs of Indians across a plethora of news or media channels on the Internet spreading misinformation.

    I have always compared India to the boy who cries wolf.

    Pakistan’s place in history and I refer to the region and communities and civilisations that have lived along the Indus and Pakistan’s future is and will be noble.

    India can not stop the inevitable and that is the eventual rise of Pakistan.

    The time has come for each and every one of us to counter Indian misinformation by sending no more than 1 to 2 hours a day countering the Indian lies and deceit.

    The time for an assertive Pakistan is now.

    Not linked but relevant is Pakistan assertiveness against the duplicity Afghan government by ding their job for them, to bomb terrorists safe houses on Afghan soil.

    The time is NOW for a resurgent assertive Pakistan within the confines of what is right and legal but also what is justice.

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