Pakistan and the United States will enhance their military ties


The United States and Pakistan have agreed to improve military-to-military ties, particularly in the areas of training and operations.

On Monday, Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Ahmed Baber Sidhu and Commander of US Air Forces Central Command, Lieutenant General Alexus Grynkewich, met in Islamabad to come to an agreement.

The two of them met in the former’s office to talk about a lot of important things, like the state of regional security and the possibility of increasing bilateral and defense cooperation.

Pakistan’s efforts to promote regional peace were praised by the US dignitary on his way to Pakistan, and he promised to improve cooperation in a variety of areas.

He also praised the professionalism of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) personnel and the remarkable progress that the PAF has made over time, particularly through indigenization.

In addition, during his visit, the US commander expressed his sincere condolences to the Pakistani people for the deaths and destruction caused by floods in Pakistan and acknowledged the PAF’s efforts to assist flood victims in getting back on their feet.

During his remarks at the event, the air force chief emphasized the cordial relationship that exists between the two nations and reaffirmed his resolve to expand on the existing bilateral cooperation that exists between the two strategic partners.

In addition, Marshal Zaheer discussed with his American counterpart his plan to modernize the PAF so that it can deal with the changing security and geopolitical challenges.

He stated, “Pakistan values its strong diplomatic, economic, and defense relations with the United States of America, based on convergence on all important regional peace, security, and stability issues.”

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