Pakistan among states prepared to mediate in Afghanistan: Lavrov


MOSCOW: Russia, China, the us and Pakistan have an interest in serving as mediators in resolving the crisis in Afghanistan, Russian secretary of state Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday.

“We remain committed to the task of building peace and stability on Afghanistan’s territory in order that it poses no threats to the region,” Mr Lavrov said.

He also said Russia opposed the thought of allowing Afghan refugees enter Central Asia, the previous Soviet region that lies between Russia and Afghanistan, or having US troops there.

“If you think that that any country in Central Asia or elsewhere is curious about becoming a target in order that the Americans could fulfil their initiatives, i actually doubt anyone needs that,” he told an appointment during a visit to Hungary.

According to Reuters, Russia maintains close ties with Central Asia’s former Soviet republics and regards the region as a part of its sphere of interest.

In Islamabad, Pakistan’s secretary of state said on Tuesday that an inclusive political settlement is that the best way forward for peace and stability in Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover. Pakistan fully supports efforts therein direction, he added.

According to a far off ministry statement, secretary of state Shah Mahmood Qureshi made the remarks during a call with Mr Lavrov about things in Afghanistan.

The statement said Mr Qureshi told Mr Lavrov that a peaceful and stable Afghanistan is of critical importance for Pakistan and therefore the region. It said Mr Qureshi informed the Russian secretary of state about Pakistan’s outreach to regional countries for consultations on the challenges arising out of developments in Afghanistan.

The statement quoted Mr Qureshi as also saying that Pakistan is facilitating the evacuation of foreigners stranded in Afghanistan.


In Geneva, the UN human rights chief said that she has received credible reports of great violations committed by the Taliban in Afghanistan, including “summary executions” of civilians and Afghan security forces who have surrendered.

Michelle Bachelet gave no details of the killings in her speech to the Human Rights Council, but urged the Geneva forum to line up a mechanism to closely monitor Taliban actions.

The Taliban’s treatment of girls and girls would be “a fundamental red line”, she told the council’s emergency session, held at the request of Pakistan and therefore the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Independent UN human rights experts, during a joint statement, said that a lot of people are doggo as “the Taliban continues to look homes door-to-door” which seizures of property and reprisals are being reported.

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