Pakistan Air Force strikes 2 Indian jets across LoC


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Air Force on Wednesday struck Indian targets across the Line of Control from with in Pakistani airspace, said a statement from the Foreign Office (FO).

“Sole purpose being to demonstrate our right, will and capability for self defence.We have no intention of escalation, but are fully prepared to do so if forced into that paradigm.”

The FO statement said it was why Pakistan “undertook the action with clear warning and in broad daylight.”

“For the last few years, India has been trying to establish what they call “a new normal” a thinly veiled term for doing acts of aggression at whatever pretext they wish on a given day. If India is striking at so called terrorist backers without a shred of evidence, we also retain reciprocal rights to retaliate against elements that enjoy Indian patronage while carrying out acts of terror in Pakistan.”

“We do not wish to go to that route and wish that India gives peace a chance and to resolve issues like a  mature  democratic nation,” it asserted.


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  1. Measure the words of Pakistani military, government and media against the words of Indian military, government and media.

    Ours is balanced and based on facts and evidence yours is over inflated for internal consumption.

    Modi, BJP and RSS plays with the lives of ordinary Indians to win a second term in government. Personally I hope he wins because he makes our work easier and makes us look good.

    Stand for Peace and so will be, stand for War and know that we will fight until victory or martyrdom both are sweet to us.

    But sense needs to prevail and make overtures towards peace and build a better safer Asia where we are equals not some Hindu Extremist viewpoint where our destruction is sought.

    We are Pakistan, we are heirs to the mighty Mughals and we are the Mighty Indus Valley. We have been here for thousands of years and always strategic, relevant and pivotal in every historic period and we WILL CONTINUE to be so.

    War with Pakistan will be the end of an economic boom in India. Remember many will come to our aid to rebuild us but India will have no such luxury but the vultures namely European and US will hover over your carcass and feast on you.

    Let SENSE PREVAIL and better it does and begin to treat The Islamic Republic of Pakistan with the respect it deserves.

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