Pakistan – A Symbol of Unity


India has been proved as the worst neighbor of Pakistan since after the separation. The state that is full of rage and wants to knock down Pakistan as they got the chance. Whether it’s 1965 wars, 1971 or 1999, India has always initiated the war. Apart from this, it’s India’s agenda to evoke and infuriate Pakistan at every platform, so Pakistan should make an unintentional mistake so India label Pakistan as a terrorist state. However, the world knows about the India’s mindset, and they are warmongers and provokers as they are killing innocent Kashmiris who want freedom from Indian rule.

Apart from this, the cease-fire violation, shelling and killing of innocent villagers of Pakistan is yet another prodigy of them. Pakistan repeatedly warned India to not to provoke was heard from deaf ears. India was burning in its fire of revenge soon after the attack on CRFP officer in Pulwama (killing 40-45 officers), and (as we all know without any inquiry, India blamed Pakistan for the attack.), started to threaten Pakistan openly. It could be social, electronic or print media, the entire state threatened Pakistan for the revenge. While being a homicide of Muslims in Gujrat riots in 2002 and incomputable killings of Muslims on the name of religion and cow meat, the US refused to grant him the visa. The hidden agenda of Modi was to impose war on Pakistan and gain votes for upcoming General Elections.

On 26th February 2019, when Indian jets entered in Pakistan’s airspace and left a payload, acclaimed the killing of 350 Jaish -e- Muhammad militants. Indian Air Force called for celebration across India as they entered in Pakistani Air space and dropped 1000kg bomb, but in reality, only 13-15 trees were damaged. Next day, Pakistan’s sovereignty was again breached when IAF jets inclusion in Pakistan’s air space, as an act of self-defence, Pakistan shot down both jets and arrested one of their pilot “Abhinandan”. The result has been seen in almost in an hour. India issued a statement of de-escalation.

Let’s not forget that the Indian media has infuriated their countrymen, played with their sentiments and burned flame of rage in the hearts of Indians, who started to abuse Pakistanis on every social media platform. Indian media’s performance was the worst one in all this situation, they were beating the drums of their victory in front of their people. The reporting was of worst kind of reporting in the history of journalism.

On the contrary, Pakistanis also replied Indians but in the form of memes and with lightheartedly, Pakistani media also played a responsible part in the situation and reported sincerely and complete responsibility. The message of peace between the two states has always been sent from Pakistan but India always talked about the war and the destabilisation of Pakistan and still working for it.

From standing in front of nemesis, defending and supporting Pakistan and the Armed Forces of Pakistan to conducting Pakistan Super League matches in Karachi, every citizen of this state has shown their level of maturity, discipline and towards Pakistan can ever be seen anywhere.

The unity of Pakistanis was witnessed by the world, every Pakistani, regardless of culture, ethnicity, cast, political background, they confronted Indians and stayed united like lead. And Army has provided them with the fulcrum to stay unity in difficult times. The perseverance of Pakistanis on that situation has no other example in the world. The slogan of Quaid -e- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Unity, Faith, Discipline), was literally practised by the Pakistanis.

Such unity and firmness were also observed during the Pakistan Super League’s matches. The nation has proved that whatever the differences (are or created), we are standing with complete unification. The National Stadium of Pakistan was house-full in every single match of PSL Season 4. Pakistanis have exemplified themselves in front of their enemy and at the International level.

The conspiracies of the nemesis of Pakistan are futile. We are united, We will remain united. As said by Quaid -e- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Said:

“No one can Undo Pakistan.”

Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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