Pak-China will fight together to eliminate terrorism: PM Nawaz


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif addressed the joint-session of Parliament on Tuesday describing today as a great day for Pakistan as the country was receiving a great friend.


The prime minister was referring to Chinese President Xi Jinping who addressed the joint-session earlier and described Pakistan as an ‘iron brother’.


Prime Minister Sharif said Pakistan and China would fight together to eliminate terrorism. “Our joint efforts have succeeded but we need to intensify them to achieve our objective”.


“Let me assure you that Pakistan considers China’s security as its own security,” Prime Minister Sharif said.


According to the prime minister, Pakistan would support the one China police and extend its support to its neighbour in the international forum.

Mr Sharif said all political parties had one united stance that Pakistan should have robust ties with Pakistan. “We thank you for your inspiring visit and solidarity with the people of Pakistan,” Prime Minister Sharif said while referring to the Chinese president.


The prime minister informed the Chinese president of his immense popularity in Pakistani. He said that Pakistan and China were all weather friends and trusted partners. “Our hearts and minds unite our nations.”


Speaking on the Pak-China Economic Corridor, Prime Minister Sharif said this would help both countries combine the geo-economic streams of the relationship, adding that it will benefit all provinces of Pakistan. “We are grateful to the Chinese leadership for supporting all these projects especially power projects. We thank china for helping us resolve the energy crisis,” Prime Minister Sharif said.


The prime minister added that defence ties between the two countries were strong and would become stronger in years to come. “Our young entrepreneurs and professionals will sustain our friendship and make it even more productive,” he said.


The prime minister ended his address with a poem by Allama Iqbal which emphasised the importance of relations with the east.


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