Padmavati – Another Instance of Intolerant India


India shines under the camera lights only, sunlight shows a different face. Under the sun, we see homeless and poverty-stricken humans. It has been a mark of followers of Chanakya to maintain an image other than the reality, in a more simple language, which is called hypocrisy.

Rajput Karni Sena, a Rajput organization, has announced a reward of 100 million for the head of a well-known director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Rajputs believe that the trailer for the film is derogatory towards a Rajput legend “Padmavati”, and creates a relatively positive perception of Allauddin Khilji. Alauddin had 3 shortcomings, according to fictional historical accounts, one he was a Muslim, second he was not a Rajput and loved a Rajput woman, and third, he tried to steal the wife of a Rajput. Resultantly, RKS have drawn out their swords to stop the release of the film.

In the 21st century, religious extremism is the most predominant and discussed issue, but there is a country, which by misfortune, happens to be a democracy, but simultaneously struck by a wave of racial and religious extremism.

This makes India and especially Rajasthan an interesting place to visit. There must be historical scenes to witness, like warriors from certain races, wearing specific costumes, with naked swords willing to wage war against a film director. So an army of 14th century marches to attack values of the 21st century, destroying sense, sanity, art, and freedom. We, the humans, would be able to witness such behaviors, with a mix of fanaticism and weapons in the land called India.

In my opinion, the orthodox Hindus should now stop discussing the destructions and invasions of the Muslim warlords in India, as the world is witnessing another brand of invasion. The invasion of secular India by Rajput Karni Sena (RKS), Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and their likes.

It is ironic that still, the so-called secular state of India has the audacity to talk about democracy, human rights, and freedom of expression. When these values are torn apart every year, by butchers, yogis, and warriors.

These elements have evolved democracy, neither society nor humanity. The polarisation and extremism of the Indian society are evident from this episode, a country whose foreign minister calls her nation “a nation of engineers and doctors” is ready to slit Sanjay’s throat, over a fictitious story.

While in Hyderabad, daughter of the American president is visiting for a summit on women entrepreneurship, the women with golden hairs come, and every footprint of fanaticism is wiped away from the face of India especially Hyderabad.

Hyderabad becomes a beggar-less city, no dirt, no homeless people, roads become clean and shine like Ivanka’s teeth. Hyderabad becomes a fort, with foolproof security, it gets secured from all types of threats, be it terrorist threats or cultural threats, even it is prevented from real threats. Whenever a high-level foreign dignitary visits India, reality becomes a threat too, along with the other threats.

It looks that a new world is created, a new civilized world, where the most modern and civilized beings of the world live. A depiction of scenes from a Bollywood movie.

Indian media has switched itself to the western mode, with the arrival of Ivanka, they have started feeling like a civilized state, all the media persons have taken out their brushes, colors and started to paint on their respective canvases. They have started to draw a democratic India, filling it with the colors of glamour. They are always successful to paint a flawless India, they always succeed in creating an illusion for the west.

In the background of this beautiful painting, there are 22 lac farmer suicides, everyday rapes, people without toilets, gypsies, poverty, and bloodthirsty radicals.

There are two versions of modern India, the real one and a painted one. The India Ivanka trump is visiting is a painted one. While the country of yogi Radhanath, RSS, Rajput Karni Sena is the real one, the real Hindustan.

Ivanka is the mask, Padmavati is the face.

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