Over 800 detained in anti-war protests across Russia


MOSCOW/ FRANKFURT: Russia detained further than 800 people for protesting Moscow’s “ military operation” in Ukraine on Sunday, as the conflict continues for a third week.

OVD-Info, which monitors apprehensions during demurrers, said police had detained 800 people during demonstrations in 23 Russian metropolises.
A intelligencer present at a kick in the capital Moscow witnessed at least a dozen apprehensions and said police were taking down anybody without press papers.

A youthful woman was crying “ peace to the world” as she was taken down by two bobbies, the intelligencer saw.

Some of the hoot police had the letter “ Z” in the colours of the Russian flag on their helmets, the journalist said.

The letter, seen on Russian tanks and vehicles in Ukraine, has come a symbol of support for what Moscow calls its “ special military operation”.

In Russia’s alternate megacity Saint Petersburg, this news agency’s journalist saw multiple apprehensions, including a protester being dragged across the ground.

The megacity’s central Nevsky Avenue was closed off by police with a dozen police vans situated along the road. According to the journalist, several intelligencers were detained.

Dressed in a unheroic chapeau and blue jacket, 20- time-old Kristina said she was “ expressing her kick” by wearing the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

“ It’s scary to go outdoors, of course, they’re detaining everyone. Numerous of my musketeers have been detained in the once many days, some were indeed expelled from university,” she said. Last weekend, police arrested further than protesters across Russia.

Protesters threat forfeitures and possible captivity rulings by taking to the thoroughfares.

Knockouts of thousands of demonstrators took to the thoroughfares in metropolises across Germany on Sunday to call for peace and kick against Russia’s irruption of Ukraine, police and organisers said.

Anti-war demonstrations in Germany

A ocean of people carrying unheroic and blue signs that read “ Stop Putin” and “ Stop the War” concentrated at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, with police estimating turnout in the capital at between and.

In Frankfurt, around people gathered in solidarity with Ukrainians, according to a police spokesperson, who said the rallies progressed “ peacefully and without incident”.

Demonstrators there gestured Ukrainian and European Union flags and chanted “ Stoppt den Krieg” ( Stop the war), a journalist at the scene said.

Various marches also took place in Stuttgart, Leipzig and Hamburg, drawing in youthful and old, including families with children.

The demonstrations were organised by an alliance of further than 40 rights organisations, crusade groups, unions and church groups.

The organisers put turnout nationwide at around people.

In a written appeal, organisers condemned the “ decreasingly brutal” attacks against civilians in Ukraine, and praised the courage of Russians protesting against Moscow’s conduct.

“ Together, we call on Putin to incontinently stop the attacks, withdraw from Ukraine and restore the nation’s territorial integrity,” the letter said.

The turnout in Berlin on Sunday was lower than the-strong crowd that attended a Ukraine solidarity march in the capital two weeks agone, three days after Russia launched its irruption.

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