Our Precarious State


Imran Khan has achieved an unstoppable ascent in the political sphere, and the government’s vile attempt to exploit his faith as an attack tactic reveals the total pessimism that has seeped into their ranks as a result. This also has to be seen in the light of the fact that every political rival has lost whatever importance they may have had in the past as a result of their participation in the foreign-orchestrated plot to overthrow the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government.

However, this is not unexpected. The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) is credited with being the first to use Islam as a political tool. They had picked up this tactic from General Zia ul Haq, who served as their mentor and was solely responsible for the Sharif dynasty’s upbringing and instruction in the subtleties of using religion for political gain. Following that, they used religion as a political tool to great effect, harming the populace, passing questionable legislation, tarring the state with a political brush, and undermining its institutions. The tendrils of their massive criminal empire, which was founded on using religion as a weapon, continued to spread as time went on, and their crimes increased in scope and heinousness.

Other than the military pauses, which were dysfunctional in and of themselves, the PML-N and Pakistan Peoples’ Party have alternated as the dominant political parties during the past 40 years (PPP). Every time they gained control, they improved their corrupt techniques. The governmental exchequer was depleted in the process, and their individual empires kept expanding. The blood of religion would undoubtedly come in handy to be thrown around as a component of their political strategy when no other ploy would work to keep them in control of the reins of power, regardless of the blood it would flow and the damage it would wreak. The PML-N leadership has once again chosen to play the religion card against their enemy, Imran Khan, having given up all prospect of political redemption. Even worse, they have mostly used Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV), the country’s primary broadcaster, to spread their hateful and filthy message to the populace.

It is thus clear why they are discouraged. It was anticipated that miracles would start to happen and a flourishing new age would be ushered in when the criminal plot to overthrow Khan’s regime was carried out. Instead, the nation was left gasping for air after taking a plunge on all fronts in less than five months. The GDP growth rate dropped from 6 to a meagre 3.6 percent, exchange rates increased from Rs. 182 to Rs. 236 per dollar, inflation soared from 12.7 to 27.3 percent, reserves shrank from $16 to $8.8 billion, petrol prices rose from Rs. 150 to Rs. 236 per litre, electricity rates rose from Rs. 16 to Rs. 36 per unit, and the outlook for credit ratings changed from “stable” to “negative.”

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Remittances fell from $31.3 billion to $30 billion, exports from $31.8 billion to $30 billion, and the current account deficit rose from $17.3 billion to $18 billion over the same period. Agriculture’s growth rate dropped from 4.4 percent to -0.7 percent, industry’s growth rate dropped from 9.8 percent to 1.9 percent, and the services sector’s growth rate dropped from 5.7 percent to 3.5 percent.

While this was happening, the cost of everyday goods rose dramatically over the course of these five months, with wheat flour rising from Rs. 55 per kilogramme to Rs. 90, ghee from Rs. 473 to Rs. 542, lentils from Rs. 270 to Rs. 378 and Rs. 216 to Rs. 322, onions from Rs. 48 to Rs. 101, and tomatoes from Rs. 80 to Rs. 174. With default looming, the economy is practically on the point of catastrophe. They embarrassingly lack the language to react to certain rational questions since the regime-change plot has failed so terribly.

Where do we go from here is the key question. There is practically no chance of any change occurring in the near future because of the criminal combination. In actuality, the road to economic collapse is downhill and is only going to become worse. Elections seem to be the most practical solution. However, as they have no chance of winning, the incumbents don’t even want to consider it at this point. They would rather extend their time in power as far as they are able to. But given that the economic indicators are still flashing red, that seems to be fraught with danger.

The criminal gang would only consent to hold elections if they could prevent Khan from participating by a technical knockout. Numerous charges against him have already been filed with this nefarious goal, including Toshakhana, contempt of court, terrorism, and the current threat to use the religion card. Elections might take place as early as next year if they are successful in removing Khan from the arena. But they could have to deal with the fury of the populace if they fail in their evil plans and, as a result, refuse to announce the holding of elections. The government would not control the timing of it. Khan will choose the appropriate time to summon people to Islamabad in order to peacefully pressure the administration into allowing elections to take place.

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The only thing to worry about is which direction this wave of people will be travelling in when they get on the highways. It is anticipated that a violent component may seep into the rallies since life has become intolerably unpleasant. However, the fate of the nation and its citizens cannot be left in the hands of a group of criminals who have been cunningly manipulated into positions of authority. The rapid deterioration in the nation’s condition raises the possibility that public ire could soon spiral out of control.

Pushing things to the point where they can’t even breathe would be quite foolish. Before that, the bell needs to be rung. However, how much sooner is a choice that requires serious consideration. Additionally, measures should be taken to minimise the possibility of violence erupting during protests. Pakistan is poised to undergo a significant transition that cannot be put off for much longer. It is hoped that the corrupt incumbents would hear the judgement on their destiny, hold elections, and enable a representative government to seize the reins of power, which carries the weight of the public’s trust and confidence. That is the only option to get Pakistan out of the precarious situation it is now in.

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