Opinion: Evoking The Forgotten Resolution



By Dr. Aaminah Siddique

Pakistan not only means freedom and independence but the Muslim Ideology which has to be preserved, which has come to us as a precious gift and treasure and which, we hope others will share with us.Muhammad Ali Jinnah

The same ideology that set the foundation of a separate homeland was what triggered an idea into existence. The dawn of the 23rdMarch, 1940; at Minto Park, Lahore, witnessed a remarkable display of valor and steadfastness. The balanced figure of Jinnah walked up to the podium and the first words were avowed; the reason two stark ideologies cannot mingle and live together as one. It was mandatory, and much needed, on all accounts of faith and the connected principles of life; for the life of the common Muslim was no better than the lower caste Hindus.

There was a long road ahead, with known obstacles that seemed impossible to vault over. Who could have thought, that the disadvantaged, powerless, dejected Muslims of Hindustan would dare dream enough to demand a separate homeland?

Well, they did, and they had great leaders to voice their needs and stand up with them. Still, it took 7 years for the idea to take real form. For the adversaries to be silenced, and the stipulations be met, for Hindustan to be divided and a new nation to come into existence.

Every year, the 23rdof March is remembered for that one step that sent havoc amongst the parties of that time. Back then, the Muslim population was the image of unity. It regarded and obeyed the orders of Muhammad Ali Jinnah they had full faith in him, and he never let them down. Truly, what kept them going was the love for Islam, that one thing in common, the bond they all shared, and the faith, that mattered to them.

Unfortunately, the fog of time has now clouded the minds of that people. That strong barricade of fervor and commitment has long since deteriorated. The mold of anarchy and abhorrence grows on it, flagging its joints, such that the slightest blow may crumble it to dust. Among us, are Muslim brothers who live their lives worse than stray animals on the streets. Faith is forgotten, and bread is now worshipped. The paradox is that this state is not the result of an ideological diversity that was the reason above. It is the sad outcome of divergence of belief within belief, precedence within precedence and hate, within the same homeland.

6 decades later, today, we are a pitiable display of ignorance. We promise resolutions, and dream of a revolution everyday, as we ourselves fall prey to our ego and false pride. To a Punjabi, a Sindhi can never be faithful to the country. To a Muhajir, a Pathan is a traitor, and vice versa. We execute and blame and this is how our malignantly diseased thoughts takeover our love for our fellow countrymen. We all die, we all bleed, everyday, yet our animosity does not let us feel the pain. We are the victims to our own hate

This, is not what the Pakistan Resolution fore sought. Pakistan was not founded to suffer racism and discrimination within its people. This malady has spread and engulfed the whole nation and we let it do so. That reason was disregarded because it seems that abhorrence holds more meaning to us, than compassion. We seek peace through enforcing our principles upon one another and this is how our concept of a proud nation breathes. Do different languages even matter as long as were Muslim?

Evoking the forgotten resolution would help us apprehend the fact that Pakistan was not won by force, but by reason. It was not backed by an army, but by people. And when justice is requisite, then the unjust will always give in.

Today, the separate homeland we asked for on account of one strong faith that bound us together, is now divided into several portions; a product of insignificant ethical, sectarian and political issues, such that the reason and the blessing is taken for granted and left to shatter into pieces on its own.

Let this be a vision into the grave future that we behold.

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. Anon.

Dr. Aaminah Siddique, pharmacist/ freelance writer; interests: religion/human psychology; blogs athttp://wwe.deadpoetsanctuary.wordpress.com/


This article has been published in Fortress Magazineearlier.

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