Operation Zarb-e-Azb: Possible Reactions and Remedies



After several attempts for peace through negotiations and delays of North Waziristan operation, finally, the Government of Pakistan has decided a full fledged Operation Zarb-e-Azb in North Waziristan. This decision has been taken after exhausting the option of negotiations for several months.

Polls on different news channels and social media show that most Pakistanis are supporting the military operation against the militants in North Waziristan, but almost the same number of Pakistanis consider this operation as the end of terrorism in Pakistan and may get frustrated with the reaction to this operation by the militants.

It is important to understand that this operation does not mean the end of terrorism in Pakistan, but taking control of this area could play a significant role in reducing the terrorist activities of the militants. The objectives of this operation are to clean this area from militants and take control of this last part of FATA that was not under the control of the Government of Pakistan. Pakistan Army or any other security force was not present there on ground till now. This operation does not mean that after the success of this operation, terrorism will be completely eliminated from Pakistan.

A harsh reaction is expected by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and the sleeper cells of different militant organizations in different parts of Pakistan. The government of Pakistan should mentally prepare the people of Pakistan for such reaction.

As the local residents are leaving North Waziristan, it is important that the IDP camps are set up for them in the peaceful areas of FATA but not in the settled areas of KPK, as the militants may flee the territory with the IDPs and spread in other parts of Pakistan.

The border area between FATA and KPK – North Waziristan and other parts of FATA should be sealed by the security forces, so that the militants cannot flee towards the other parts of Pakistan and create tensions in the settled areas or already cleared areas in FATA.

Last but not least, every individual will have to remain vigilant during this end game. If you find any suspicious activity or suspicious person in your surroundings, immediately inform the Police. All these sleeper cells are living within us; if we will remain watchful and not ignore the different apprehensive activities happening in our surroundings, we can save the lives of hundreds of innocent people that may become a prey of the terrorist activities of these terrorists.

Pakistan Army and other security forces are ready for such reaction. A swift response against the militants involved in Karachi airport attack received appreciation in Pakistan and abroad and proved that in spite of the fact that the advantage of the element of surprise stays with the terrorists, Pakistani security forces are capable of prompt response in case of such attacks; though in the case of suicide attacks like Marriot Hotel Islamabad, Pearl Continental Hotel Peshawar and Army Mosque on Parade Lane-Rawalpindi, the damage was already done before the involvement of the security forces.

As a result of such attacks, the percentage of people supporting this operation at this time may significantly fall and the Government of PML-N may feel enormous pressure from media and opposition parties that were always taunting the PML-N for military operations.

This is the time when our nation should not get demoralized and should not lose hope; we should stand by our security forces. We have came a long way since 2001 against terrorism, Pakistani people and Pakistan Army has paid a high price for this cause of eliminating terrorism from Pakistan, and in this final stage of war, we should remain united against the enemies of Pakistan. Professionally, our security forces are trained enough to face such challenges, but morally, they will need the Government’s and the people’s support to win this war..

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    Well written.

    Information is paramount to counter terrorist misguidance from within but external information to the wider world that we do not support these butchers, criminals who use the name of Islam for acts of terror. We need to inform the world with undeniable evidence of foreign state funding and support.

    Communication is key to any war to transition to a stable and safer Waziristan.

    Support for Waziris moral, financial must be extended because they pay the price for all of ours freedom.

    Attack the terror hideouts deep inside Afghanistan like Turkey did so against Kurdish rebels.

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