Operation Zarb-e-Azb: 29th June Developments


operation-zarb-e-azb-is-zarb-e-haq-dr-qadri-1403661758-3909The operation has now entered in its fifteenth day; with air strikes continuing to eliminate terrorists and destroy their hideouts.

Fresh air strikes today eliminated 16 terrorists and destroyed a number of their hideouts on the outskirts of Mirali. These air strikes have increased the death toll of terrorists to 386. Few civilians remain in NWA who are being evacuated by security forces. Announcements are being made for people who have not left the area. According to PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com’s SpecialCorrespondent Shoaib Ahmed and Camera manMirza Afzal Baig, “North Waziristan is a ghost valley right now; civilians have been evacuated; and countdown to final grand offensive has started.”

COAS: Pakistan Army is a battle hardened force

Army Chief General Raheel yesterday reiterated that the Pakistan Army is a battle hardened force and is fully prepared to fight the entire spectrum of threats.

He said this during his visit to Siachen Glacier, the highest battle ground of the world. He laid wreath at the Shuhada Monument at Gayari and paid tribute to all those valiant officers and soldiers who laid their lives in defence of the sacred land.

KPK Govt’s demands to the Federal Govt

All Parties Conference (APC) organized by KPK Govt demanded the Federal Govt to announce an anticipated timeframe for the end of the ongoing operation and to provide more relief to the IDPs.

US: Ongoing Operation is entirely Pakistan-executed

US have reiterated that the ongoing operation is an entirely Pakistan-executed operation and has said that it is reviewing the situation of IDPs and is ready to help the IDPs.

Relief efforts for IDPs

Bahria Town chairman Malik Riaz urged the Govt to give Bahria Town administration the responsibility of one lakh IDPs, vowing to arrange proper care.

MQM chief Altaf Hussain has said that Pakistan is presently facing worst kind of terrorism and stressed upon helping the IDPs.

Other Developments

Two soldiers were injured when four rockets landed inside the Cantonment area in Peshawar. According to the police, the target was apparently the Bacha Khan International Airport.

Meanwhile, two major plots of terrorism were foiled in Lahore when police and law-enforcement agencies seized an explosive-laden truck and arrested 12 terrorists in two separate actions.

Pakistan Army officials have been deployed along with police in Masho Khel, Mashogagar, Sheikh Muhammadi and Garhi Mali Khel villages of Peshawar to ward off any other militant attack. Furthermore, as many as 10 people were arrested based on suspicion when the Security Forces and Badhabeir Police conducted a search operation in Suleman Khel village.

Around 2,500 personnel, including policemen and volunteers, will perform security duty around 720 mosques and 39 imam bargahs in Islamabad during Ramazan.

Local officials of eastern Khost province in Afghanistan have raised concerns about a number of Pakistani refugees who have entered the province armed with weapons, asking the Afghan security forces to confiscate their weapons. The Pakistani refugees have said that they are, indeed, armed and explained that this was for personal and defensive reasons.

Reported by: Fahad Nabeel and Khoulah Afzal

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