Operation Zarb-E-Azb: 27th June Developments


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The thirteenth day of operation Zarb-E-Azb proved uneventful in terms of military attacks. Highlights of the day included the visit of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to the relief camps of Bannu.

Casualties and Surrender:

There have been no reports of any war casualties and surrender on 27th June by ISPR. The total casualty count of militants remained at 327 up till now. It is likely that operational skirmishes are not being reported by military officials.

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs):

According to Asad Hashim, Al-Jazeera correspondent, the Baka Khel IDP camp isn’t thronging with civilians although there was a mass evacuation from North Waziristan agency. The displaced are moving in with their relatives in town areas of Bannu and other provinces.
At least 466,000 civilians have been registered on various checkpoints to-date.

A campaign against polio virus was also initiated, aimed at more than 20,000 children who will be vaccinated under army supervision, in Bara Tehsil of Khyber Agency.

PM’s Visit to Bannu Relief Camp:

Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif, accompanied by COAS visited the IDPs relief camp where he spoke to the IDPs. He announced a Ramadan Relief package of Rs.20,000 for each IDP family, in addition to the earlier announced grant of Rs.20,000.

On this occasion, the PM ensured full commitment and support to the armed forces in carrying out military operation and the rehabilitation of the IDPs.

USAID Announcement:

The United States announced to donate $8 million to facilitate and fulfill the nutritional needs of the IDPs from the tribal areas of Pakistan.

Other Developments:

The Tariq Geedar group of the Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP), based in Dara Adam Khel was behind the Peshawar Flight Attack. According to the police reports, 8-10 militants, using foreign M-16 guns, were involved in the firing on the PIA flight in Peshawar. The ballistic experts believe that Automat Klashnikov 47 (AK-47) was used by the militants who affixed an additional barrel and used tracer bullets to target the aircraft.

A grand search operation in Regi and the adjacent areas of Peshawar was conducted by the Law Enforcement Agencies. Informed sources suggest that 56 accused militants were nabbed and a cache of illegal ammunition was also recovered from them.

A four to five kilograms remote-controlled bomb was successfully defused in Sarband-Achini Cross, Peshawar.

In order to maximize the security of the Federal Capital, the Rangers in Islamabad have now been given police-level authority for limited duration. Under the recently amended Anti-Terrorism Act, the Rangers can search homes without warrant.

The Inspector General Sindh Police also promised great developments in the investigation of Karachi Airport attacks.

Contributing Reporters: Khoulah Afzal and Fahad Nabeel


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