Operation Protective Edge: A Double Edged Sword


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The region known as the Holy land situated in the Middle East seems to have been locked in conflict since times immemorial… from the battles of Canaan to the rebellions against the Roman Empire to the Crusades and now the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It would be easy to blame religion for all this bloodshed but upon close observation, one finds out it is not so. The conflict has always been instigated by a side trying to hold on to and acquire more power. The same is true for the most recent conflagration which has claimed 1500+ Palestinian lives who are overwhelmingly civilians while 61 Israeli casualties have mostly been soldiers killed in daring and well coordinated attacks by Hamas. Israeli supporters in the West primarily are trying to paint it in religious hues of the world’s remaining Jews under attack by hordes of Muslim fanatics. However this is nothing more than propaganda, pure and simple, backed by powerful lobbies.

If there was ever a religious motive used, it were the Zionists, a movement which claimed to follow Jewish religious edict to set up a “Jewish state” in the Holy Land- a notion rejected by orthodox Jews. However that refuge which according to Zionists was supposed to exist in Uganda shifted to Palestine. Throughout history, Zionists used colonial occupiers to achieve their objective and it was through the British Empire who was given the mandate of Palestine by the League of Nations that Zionists began to settle in Palestine. Conniving with the colonial occupiers, the local population of Palestine which comprised of Christians, Muslims and Jews was displaced by largely European migrants. However, this process was slow enough to cause several Zionist terror groups to emerge and stage violent attacks on British and Palestinian targets. Also these self proclaimed defenders of the Jewish people collaborated with the murderers of their brethren during the Holocaust. Instead as the first Jewish statesman Chaim Weizman stated “The most valuable part of the Jewish nation is already in Palestine, and those Jews living outside Palestine are not too important”. Weizman’s subordinate, Greenbaum, amplified this statement with the observation “One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Europe” However they did use the aftermath and the desperate survivors to augment their cause. In the end through the connivance of great powers, the land of Palestine was wrested from its true owners and given to a state that was built on terrorism and extremism, Israel. This new chapter of human tyranny has not ended, with bloodshed still going on.

The recent crisis in Gaza started when Israel attacked Gaza claiming to hold Hamas responsible for the kidnapping and deaths of three Israeli teenagers. Later on Israel that took the step without providing any evidence  admitted that this act was not carried out by Hamas. Then it shifted its’ pretext to rocket attacks which in effect were Hamas’s retaliation for Operation Brother’s Keeper which led to demolition of Palestinian homes and arresting of hundreds of Palestinians without charge. In the end as International airlines cut off Israel to avoid the threat of rocket fire, Israel backtracked again and now uses Hamas’s tunnel as a reason for actions which are being increasingly considered as war crimes by the UN. To many it seemed that the recent Israeli assault was an attempt to stop unification efforts for the divided Palestinian government as well as the results of an opportunity to take advantage of an anti Hamas regime in neighboring Egypt working in tandem with Tel Aviv. While Israel and its supporters are trying to portray this conflict as a battle between Hamas and Israel, this is an attempt to conceal Palestinian suffering. Hamas despite its terrorist label has declared to target soldiers instead of Israeli civilians which are backed by facts and figures, a truth that even Israel seems to be now acknowledging. This is opposed to the IDF which has been seen to target primarily civilian structures including a UN school – an act even condemned by its greatest ally, the USA. As events turn, it seems that things are turning against Israel which is not only unable to overcome stiff resistance in Gaza,  but also taking a beating on public opinion and social media. Even the heavily pro Israeli American media is focusing on the suffering of the Palestinian people much to Israel’s chagrin. The American government which did not bat an eye previously on Palestinian deaths has started to complain on the death toll in the new campaign. What seems to be the ultimate shock has been the growing opposition from within the Jews to Israel whom they consider as exploiting their name to carry out atrocities. Israel’s public support now lies with small diehard groups and rightwing fringe elements of the West.

Of course to consider that the end of this raging conflict is around the corner is to be have wild optimism. Israel’s greatest strength is the US government which still provides aid to Israel while protesting its actions. The same US prevents any lasting or effective action against Israel on the international forum. But the US is a waning power with the new rising powers like the BRICs not sharing the same enthusiasm for Zionism as the US. Slowly and surely justice for the oppressed of Palestine is coming and Israel is now facing a world that is increasingly turning against its brutal and callous nature.


Jawad Falak is currently pursuing MSc in International Relations from NDU. He has a keen insight on current affairs and is interested in the world at large.

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    Israels target is to isolate Palestinians inside Jerusalem.

    They destroyed Iraq under a pretext.

    They destroyed Libya under a phoney Arab Spring.

    They have destroyed Syria under a phoney Arab Spring.

    They trained and armed a Jewish Agent to rise up a very vile terror group in Syria and Iraq please read Edward Snowden account on Israel trained and created ISIS along with US and UK.

    They have placed a puppet into power in Egypt who like Ataturk works to remove the Islamic equation from Egypts political system.

    Incidentally Al Sisi’s mother was Jewish and uncle served under Israel and sworn allegiance to Israel.

    The destruction of Arab resistance to Israel has happened leaving Israel completely in control with the total occupation of Jerusalem and annexation of Al Qud’s.

    Stupidity of the Muslims siding with foreign states were responsible and largely the emirs and Kings of Saudi Kuwait and UAE.

    Once again they have financed the very states who seek the Muslim world broken humiliated and divided.

    A broken Muslim world now the focus is Jerusalem, Turkey and Iran.

    What has happened in Iraq has already happened in Pakistan. ISIS is no different to TTP with their un-Islamic Nizame Adl, promoting sectarianism, female genital mutilation and destruction of shrines and historic sites.

    Pakistanis take stock of this you have shown you are better than the foolish Arabs because you stood by your army and did not compromise the ideology on which Pakistan was built by foolishly siding with Khwarij with a foreign agenda.

    What has happened in Syria Libya and Iraq would have FIRST happened in Pakistan but we by grace if Allah SWT have survived that kind of onslaught and humiliation.

    What is happening in the Arab world is pre planned and Co ordinated by foreign states sadly funded by Saudi, Kuwaiti and Qatari money.

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