Operation Khyber-IV: Army captures mountain top in Rajgal


RAWALPINDI: The Inter Services Press Public Relations (ISPR) on Saturday said that Pakistan Army has achieved a major achievement in Operation Khyber-IV as the troops including Special Service Group (SSG) personnel cleared the highest and craggiest top Brekh Muhammad Kandao near Pak-Afghan border.

The army announced that it had completed the first phase of Operation Khyber-IV in the Rajgal area of Khyber Agency after gaining control of a key mountain top.

According to a statement issued by ISPR, many terrorists were killed while few fled to Afghanistan during the operation that conducted last night.

The operation has been launched to prevent the militant Islamic State group from making forays into Pakistan from its stronghold in Nangarhar across the Afghan border through collaboration with Pakistani terrorist groups having sanctuaries in the Rajgal Valley.

During the operation, terrorists’ hideout was destroyed while huge cache of arms and ammunition including Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) were also recovered, the statement added.

“Having cleared the top, the forces have established posts at over 12000-feet altitude – the terrain is riddled with thick forestation,” the ISPR statement further said.

The mountain top – which was cleared well ahead of planned timings – was being used as the main observation point and its base as a transit/storage point. Terrorists gave stiff resistance to the Pakistani troops but were unable to sustain for long.

Pakistan Army launched Operation Khyber-IV  in Rajgal Valley of Khyber Agency on July 16 to secure the international border with Afghanistan by preventing Daesh and other local militants on Afghan side of the border from infiltration.

DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor said that the operation has been launched to wipe out terrorists and consolidate gains made in other military operations to further enhance the security of Pakistan’s borders.










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