Open Letter/Request to Pak Cricket Team from Kashmir


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Dear Misbah-ul-Haq and the Pakistani Cricket team,

I happen to belong to a Land where Pakistani Players are treated as heroes. In a land where Pakistan’s win is a joy to our beleaguered hearts. When you play against India, it is not just Pakistan but also Kashmiris who add to the voices in the crowd. These Kashmiris are the people who burst firecrackers and loud shrills when you win, and when you lose there faces sullen and sad.

You see, Kashmir is the story of a sorrowful tale but which is equally heroic in its struggle. I am sure you must be knowing about Kashmir, since it used to be all over PTV during 90s. But I am not sure if the new team members have an idea, since Pakistani government stopped airing anything Kashmir. Well, that’s another story.

I am sure Misbah, you have been reading the news of how scores of Kashmiris have been deported to Kashmir by a University in Meerut, India. I am sure you must have read the news. As miraculously it has been finally reported by the Pakistani Media. Must be the magic of Afridi’s six.

I am writing to you with a heartfelt request. If you and the rest of the Pakistani cricket team wear black arm-bands to express solidarity with the Kashmiri People. I know this might sound a ridiculous request. But for the oppressed people like us, our voices need to be heard. We have always supported you as die-hard fans. There are people who have been killed and arrested just because they used to support Pakistani Cricket Team.

This would be a heartfelt gesture towards the people of Kashmir. A bond which can only be strengthened with this act.

Good Luck for the Finals, May you win, will be on all our lips. aamen

Yours Truly,
A Pakistani Cricket Fan from Kashmir.

is a blogger from occupied city of Srinagar in Kashmir, he tweets at @_faysal

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    • LOL… and where have you seen Baluchistan support India you idiot.

      Grow up. Balochistan has nothing to do with india, you should see the celebration videos on youtube after Pakistan win that would shut your ugly mouth up

      • How many matches in World Cup competitions has Pakistan defeated India in (don’t count such idiotic competitions like Asia Cup, Australasia Cup and other aaltoo-faaltu tournaments that are “chavanna” by comparison) — I will tell you: ZERO, yes ZERO as in 0 (the number supposedly invented by your forefathers in Arabia) …!!! That is what counts in the end, remember … and other thing, how many matches has Pakistan able to hold in Pakistan over the last 5, yes FIVE years? I will tell you: ZERO, yes 0…!!! And which team did your compatriots (sorry “shaheeds” of the TTP and others) target the last time an international cricket match was held in Pakistan? I will tell you: Sri Lanka. Perhaps you will be saying to yourself “if only they had succeeded fully in their attack and killed them all” — at least then Pakistan would have by now won this “chavanna” of a tournament – because your “Ghazis” would have killed their opponents a long time ago. This is the true face of Pakistan, remember (the world over)

  1. I am a Baloch. And we support Pakistan, NOT India. India is the reason of all dispute being created in balochistan. Thank God that majority of Balochis know that its Indians who are the masterminds of all the atrocities taking place in Balochistan, and not our Pakistani brothers, in fact we are Pakistani first and then we are Balochis.

  2. This letter is nothing but a propaganda.
    @Vakil: Zero “0” was invented by Indian and not Arabs please. And Arabs are not the forefathers of the people of Indian subcontinent.
    @Jasim & Hussain: So what if a few handful hyderabadis and kashmiris celebrate Pak victory over India? There are many such people left in India who could not cross over to Pakistan after the partition. There are many such people who are left behind in Bangladesh also and perhaps they are not aware of the treatment of Mohajirs in Pakistan.
    There are many British subjects who despite being a UK citizen support India or Pakistan.

  3. Siddharth Pattnaik

    Why you guys fight all the time? That’s the reason we are not able to fully develop. Those Europeans created hatredness amongst us but they themselves live cordially with each other even though they fought world wars against each other. Why can’t we just leave in peace with what we have got? Pakistan could have developed more like India. And India could have been much more of a superpower than china. And if both countries would have been one like in history it would have been clearly a superpower by now.
    Yes i know there has been already too much blood and war.
    But, its never late to have peace. Beter late than never. Hatredness has never ever helped anyone.
    Forgive and forget guys.
    I know some might say am speaking bullshit. But its due to you guys that people are dying in cross border firing.
    Hatredness spreads like germs.

    May God help us all!

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