Open Letter to the PM of Pakistan, Mian Nawaz Sharif, From The People of Kashmir




Dear Mr. Prime Minister, Mian Nawaz Sharif.

We extend our heartiest congratulations on your accession to the post which sets out the edified view of futuristic Pakistan. The era since the its conception, Pakistan has faced a roller coaster journey where, at times the military coup and at others, the democracy reigned, and that too for the shakes of a short span. Yet again, the tussle was always for power, and the race was to grab the economy, to run it for the sake of the elite. To run a government is not easy as we understand, but if run with scruples, it will always emerge as a success.

It is pertinent to mention here that the concept of Pakistan, as beheld by the great poet Iqbal, still relishes our hearts in Kashmir and enjoins new faith in help from the brethren across the borders to reconstruct our lost dream of Pakistan – “the fort of Islam”.

We opine that no matter what happened in the past, your government is all set to work enthusiastically towards the main goal of raising the people up from their decrepitude, infusing new sentiments and inducing the zeal to fight for the lost glory of Pakistan; or else it would be another example of failed Zardari’s ‘wet blanket regime’.

We completely understand that there are many grave problems, standing as impediments in the way of peace and progress of this lively nation, some of them worthy of mention are the religious ramifications, the lack of a strong civil body quorum, the load shedding, the drastically affected human resources, the occidental insinuation in return for aid, and the dollar proselytization, all of which promotes a mute silence and compels the nation to turn back from fulfilling the reason of its being.

We Kashmiris share similar belief, face similar problems in response to an unleashed terror at the hand of terrorists in uniform, where the ratio between the civilians and the army is 13:1; as a matter of fact, we have to stake the heads and dignity of our youth, and yet again, continue the fight with brazen chests, because to live free and breathe, “to maverick the shackles of slavery”, the air is now grown into an intoxicating; subtle splendor; which we believe is an arcane path to the pleasure of Allah. Moreover, when the religion you hold true to yourself, the pain you feel for your brethren, and when you see the ‘yet to blossom buds’ quenching the blood thirst of the enemy; only one thing makes us survive in our fight every new day – self dependence by the will of Allah.

We sincerely believe – as it is witnessed, too – that neither the new-agers nor the West can take you or us out of this quagmire, because they are shattered themselves, ones who want to suck in the last refreshers of their economy, which is itself stooped in deficits, and where war mongering is just a way to raise the shares of the military security complex to be run by the handful of autocrats. It is amazing to know how the entire process, for years together, worked to block the resources amongst the affluent, victimizing the foreign population and the one at home alike. The time is not far away when another war will be orchestrated, and your people and land, which should have been used as the converging nusrah (help) point, will be worn out and ruthlessly trampled upon, just to put up war fronts against your brethren in the ummah. Please don’t repeat the deadly mistakes of the regimes in Iraq, Egypt and Libya, as the current is showing you the consequences and darkness which is its cul de sac, as the Quran rightly says, ”O you who believe, take not the disbelievers as Auliya (protectors or helpers or friends) instead of believers.” (Nisa :144, Al Imran :28).

Every Muslim nation has, in itself, the innate quality and standard of faith, on whose basis the non-submissive attitude is evident. Its levels although increase and decrease, but in spite of the millions of efforts of the West, it can never be extinct. It is a sincere request to the one who heads his nation; who will be, first of all, accountable before the astute judgement of Allah, who has a prerogative to make subtle decisions; to please come and join the brethren of your side, the flag bearers of Khilafah, and save the today and tomorrow of your now deeply stricture-tessellated nation. Its success lies in openly confronting the visible evils that humiliate the entire nation and make a joke of your existence on the world map, by breaching the lines of your defense and bargaining with the heads of your citizens and your integrity.

We, in Kashmir, might have lost everything, from possessions to economy, from freedom to respect, from sons to self esteem, but yet again, you will find us standing with stones against the heads of our enemies. We are the same ones, who feel strongly proud of “martyrdom” and gladly give our sons and daughters away. You, as a nation, have given numerous sacrifices, but as a true leader, it’s your call now to honor and pay homage to it by strengthening the bond of survival through courage, which derives its energy and ability to stand from the cherished concept of “Tawhid” and “Taqwa’’.

We, as a nation, want you to realize your powers, your ability and orientation, and see you as an incorporated Nusrah front which would give a rejuvenation to the fight and act as a trestle, or the one word which everyone – mainly the enemies of Islam – fears, that is, “Courage”.

Nobody, save Allah, can take you out from the deluge which the leaders and the elite of Pakistan have pushed it into, but the success of your government depends on real pulse catching, contrition for the past, to consecrate justice, self-introspection and an alacrity with which you work for Allah’s pleasure, rather than the Luciferian will.

We wish you luck, and our orisons are to see a prospering Pakistan again, under the banner of the sovereignty of Islam, regaining its integrity and position among its people and the ummah, fighting for the truth, against oppression and for the victims; brave hearts of Kashmir, Syria and Chechnya alike.

It is time now to give life to Iqbal’s dream, in sha Allah.

A single following concept rules the hearts of knights, of courageous nations.

Justice alone triumphs.

On behalf of Ummah,

Kashmir (part of the global Islamic Khilafah)



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    How many more dollars do you wish to make Nawaz Shareef?

    When you leave this duniya you will be no different to anyone else, 2 pieces of cloth to your name.

    Please Please listen to Kashmir – your sisters, your daughters, your brothers, your fathers and mothers and your children.

    We Kashmiris are a part of Pakistan no one can change this.

    Please help the brave Kashmiris, noble, beautiful and courageous.

    Akis daza:n dA:r tI b’a:kh chus vushIna:v:n athI

    You are Kashmiri to Nazwaz Shareef – how can you forget your routes!.

    The only way to make us Kashmiri’s strong and put India on the backfoot is to provide us with, moral, economic and brotherly support and stand by us, give us strength.

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    @ Alansaralhaq,
    …. those Kashmiris who love to be with Pakistan, can simply cross the border and go to Pakistan …. why don’t they do that … ?

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      you really an idiot or trying to be one? tell me something if someone comes into your house by force and says its mine now get out, will you just leave???? no you will fight wouldn’t ya? Similarly you indians are into a territory which rightfully belongs to Kashmiris for absolutely no reason. You are only getting harm from it but are simply too violent to realise that.

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    Hopefully one day Pakistan will become Iqbal’s dream(only Allah can do that). . Allah can help us in it and may Allah help the ummat-e-muslimah and makes lives of our Kashmiri brothers and sisters easier and much much better with independence from India.

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