#OccupiedKashmir – Worldwide Top Trend at Twitter



It was the second time in a week when Twitter users from Kashmir made Kashmir trend globally on micro blogging site Twitter. Under the hashtag #OccupiedKashmir, twitter users not only highlighted the atrocities carried out by the so called worlds’ largest democracy i.e. India, but also  tried to remind and make the world and the international agencies viz UN aware that Kashmir is still under the illegal occupation of India, hence waiting for the promises that were made with the common masses of Kashmir.

Twitter users from Kashmir, Kashmiris around the world and the supporters highlighted the Kashmir conflict, the armed resistance and the mass uprisings against the Indian rule, human rights abuses, massacres, torture, killings, and detentions conducted by Indian forces.

They started  tweeting at 8:30 pm (Indian Standard Time) with the hashtag #OccupiedKashmir, and within no time, there was a massive flow of tweets, which made it possible to trend at top worldwide.

On 20th July 2013 , the Kashmiris, along with numerous die-hard Kashmir lovers around the world, created the first Twitter Storm with the hashtag #KashmirNow which also trended number one globally.

Creating awareness about the prevailing situation in Kashmir and the atrocities committed by the Indian police and troopers is the main motive behind these Twitter storms.

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  1. Pak Army and its front Mujahid groups in Kashmir(LJ, LT, Hizb) should learn from Afghan and Arab Mujahideen who expelled US & Asaaf forces from Afghanistan after a true spirit of Jihad. Kashir seems to be a Budget raising tool for Pak Army to feed thier luxurious status.

    • @Atiq – Please leave your luxurious life and show us the true spirit of Jihad – It is very easy to criticise and comment while sitting in an air-conditioned room of a Multi-national company. Tell us about your efforts and contribution?

      Have you been of any good for Pakitan or Kashmir?

      • perhaps you can enlighten him…. so, tell him… how many jihads have you participated in? Or perhaps you’ve blown up a few temples or killed a few hindus? Or have you enjoying raping a few christian girls?

        Go on …. tell him big fella…. show him “who’s da man”

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