Obama congratulates Narendra Modi; invites him to visit US


President Barack Obama, Narendra Modi, US Ban Narendra Modi, Indian Election 2014, President Barack Obama on Friday night congratulated Narendra Modi for his electoral victory during a telephone call and invited him to visit the U.S. to further strengthen bilateral ties.

“The President invited Narendra Modi to visit Washington at a mutually agreeable time to further strengthen our bilateral relationship,” the White House said following the maiden telephonic conversation between the two leaders.

The phone call was stated to be brief.

Mr. Modi, during his U.S. visit would be eligible for an A-1 visa, State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki said.

“The Prime Minister of India will be welcomed to the United States. As Head of Government, Mr. Modi would be eligible for an A-1 visa,” she said.

In 2005, the U.S. State Department had revoked a visa that Mr. Modi had for travelling to the U.S. on the ground of alleged human rights violations after the 2002 Gujarat riots.

The U.S. has repeatedly said there is no change in its long-standing visa policy relating to Mr. Modi but he is free to apply for a visa and await a review like any other applicant.

During the call, Mr. Obama felicitated Mr. Modi on the BJP’s success in India’s historic election.

“The President noted he looks forward to working closely with Mr. Modi to fulfil the extraordinary promise of the US-India strategic partnership and they agreed to continue expanding and deepening the wide-ranging cooperation between our two democracies,” the White House said.

Soon after the call, National Security Advisor Susan Rice wrote on Twitter — the micro blogging site — that the U.S. looks forward to working with India to continue to build a strong partnership between the two largest democracies of the world.

“We congratulate Narendra Modi and the BJP on its victory in winning a majority of seats in India’s historic national election, which saw more voters cast their ballots freely and fairly than in any election in human history,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters.

Secretary of State John Kerry offered his congratulations through twitter and said that he looks forward to working with the BJP on expanding their shared prosperity and security.

State Department Spokesperson said, “Once a new government is formed, we look forward to working closely with the Prime Minister and the Cabinet to advance our strong bilateral partnership.”

“As President Obama said in his statement on May 12, we also congratulate the people of India on concluding their national elections and look forward to continuing our strong partnership based on shared values,” the spokesperson said.


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  1. I think Indian Muslim’s are the greatest losers in all of this! Other then that the comments by the American politicians and Obama are just the usual!

  2. The denial of visa to Modi was a stupid move by the USA and its allies. Never expected this from a democratic America and now the US is looking like a fool and throwing red carpet to Modi. poor nancy powell had to resign at the end of her career shamefully for feeding all wrong info to her govt.

    Despite a hostile congress govt. at the center for 10 years which let loose the CBI against Modi, nothing came up against him and all the charges against him were proven baseless. Gujarat riots were akin to recent MuzaffarNagar riots with only difference that in gujarat 2000 muslims were killed and in muzaffar nagar just about 200 muslims. Gujarat riots were a spontaneous reaction to godhra train burning that killed about 100 hindus while muzaffarnagar was a planned riot brewing over a month on a petty issue of eve teasing. In both cases, the govt. failed to protect the victims. But US took stupid action only against Modi under pressure of sentiments aired by the media. Also because a few rich UK citizens of indian origine were killed and they pressured UK govt.

    Learning is that diplomacy, justice and governance dont run on sentiments but on hard facts which US failed in case of Modi.


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