Not So Curious Case of Dr. Imran Ali Shah


When the nation is celebrating its 71 years of independence this week, it was somewhere in the heart of the biggest city of Pakistan a common person had been punished publically for being so ordinary. It is not the rare scene in Pakistan that an influential person under the heavy hangover of the political wine ceases to believe that ordinary citizens have any right to live. It is the pity of this country that our nation despite being independent for 71 years is not being able to get away with the intoxication of the power and its derivatives.

Our election winners have not yet formed the new government in the country and recently concluded election has already shown some unorthodox trends which have never been seen in the history of the country. In the mid of all these furor, it is really disappointing that a common man is manhandled by his legislator in public. This particular incident has an exponential impact for various reasons. First and foremost, it was done by the law-maker of that political party which has been championed over the years to break the status-quo and would like to give privilege to the unprivileged segments of the society. Secondly, this incident took place not in some rural unknown area where a tribal leader is making and implementing his own brand of law but in the heart of the financial hub of the country which has always been known for its highly educated and civilized working class. Furthermore, the newly elected lawmaker does not have any political family background and is merely an ordinary person belonging to the same middle class from where the victim belonged.

During the political campaigns, every leader of the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf had on numerous occasions stressed that their party would give all the basic rights and respects long being deserved by the common people of Pakistan. They would make this country a welfare state as same as that of Madinah. They would stop the ‘VIP Culture’ and ‘Power Show’ in the political arena. They would introduce a new culture of not using the public funds for personal gains. They would provide the quality education and health to the masses. They would give quick and timely justice to people. They would end the exploitation of the people which had been done by the influential people for so long and they would transform the rotten structure of the governance and public departments.

It is not the PTI which broke the status quo of the political paradigm of the country. It is actually the masses who took bold steps to give an opportunity to this very vocal and promise-making party. It is the people who stand guard for the respect and value of the vote. It is the common man and not the political worker who sacrifice lives for the continuation of the political process. They were common Pakistanis during the incident of model town. They were the sons of Karachi during the fire incident of Baldia Town factory. They were the sons of soil during the 12th May slaughtering. The credit cannot be taken away from the people of Pakistan for breaking the status quo in the country and for giving confidence to the democratic system.

The people of Pakistan are not in a mood to be ruled in the same way as they have been ruled for decades by the seasoned politicians. They have bled enough blood and have sacrificed enough lives for this political system. They have listened to empty-promises and have given enough tenure to the rulers to realize their respective dreams. In the age of social activism, people are now competent enough to protect their civil rights. If this social activism can give gains to the election victors it can also teach timely lessons to these newly euphoric election winners. People in today’s time cannot be treated as slaves. If these people can go against the anti-state elements in the country they can also use the same force against their so-called rulers.

The official ceremony of apology has been performed on time by the legislator with video proof but the masses desire for some concrete measures from the top leadership. The official penalty must be enforced by the party on the said MPA. The party must make sure that lawmakers must learn to give respect to their voters and common citizens of the country. This VIP culture of considering oneself super-human must be stopped. If PTI leaders want to transform this country for better they must first learn to be civilized. The people of Pakistan have heard enough golden examples of European political system from the PTI chairman. It is now the time for the PTI chairman to teach his team members by himself to be civilized and be more respectful to the people of Pakistan and perform all those duties for which they are voted.

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