‘No Sign of Life’ After India Sub Explosion



Mumbai – Indian navy divers have entered a stricken submarine which exploded and sank on Wednesday in Mumbai but have detected no signs of life from the 18 crewmen on board, the navy said.

Asked if there had been any communication with survivors, chief of naval staff DK Joshi told a press conference: “Of course not. I would have said so if we had.”

He added: “There is a possibility of an air pocket. Whilst the indicators are negative, one cannot lose hope.”

Joshi added that divers had entered the vessel through the main hatch and would begin pumping out the water to try to float the submarine to the surface.

Initial indications were of a “primary explosion of a minor intensity which caused a bigger explosion” when some of the weapons on board ignited, he said.

“The basic question is what caused the fire and explosion. We do not have an answer to that question as of now.”

A board of enquiry established by the navy would probe all possible explanations for the initial fire including sabotage, but “the indicators at this point of time do not support that theory”, he said.

Source: AFP

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  1. Oh some rapists drowned, I say good riddance!
    Just like the rat air force is unable to defy gravity , the rat navy is unable to float, on top of that they “made” another rust bucket….buffoons!

    • These PISSDRINKINGPISSDRENCHEDRATSofBHA-RAT did not make this rust bucket, they purchased this Kilo class for $113M from Russia and spent till 3 days ago additional $135M to retrotfit it; this they were doing since 2007, after which they think they have manufactured it, then calling it indigeneously manufactured kilo class submarine; thats what they do and call it Made in India, even when they sometimes buy, mostly beg or steal it by telling lies to friendly countries. This litter trash was on fire in Feb 2010 during retrofit, so now into graveyard in Aug 2013; Second big target now is INS Vikrant, which is now in shape of a big tub, but in 2020 could become some nuisance for Pakistan, so need to be taken care of;

  2. Big question: What was a submarine doing in the docks going under repair and retrofit, and under cover of workshop tasks being there fully loaded and armed with missiles, torpedoes, mines etc; Was it a secret mission it was getting ready for; This sub was the secretly modified version with special cruise missiles launchable thru the torpedo tubes with a range of 300km, to attack land targets; So, it is now tasting the salt waters and blood; They, these Hindus-tanis thought they are supermen when P3C Orion was destroyed in Karachi; NEVER NEVER underestimate Pakistan, who are fully, more than capable to crawl under skin of these Hundus-tanis and sting them at will with poison;

  3. This is very sad. The Indian “engineers” and the government must be held accountable for the death if innocent lives.

    This should now put an end to India warmongering and border violations of LOC and other sectors.

    They roared like a cup without teeth thinking they have an indigenously developed nuclear submarine. Thanks to the Russians.

  4. Thanks to all pakistanis who have expressed happiness and elevated gratitude on the deaths of those sailors.. I hope their bereaved families, the wives and children of those immortal souls would certainly appreciate your good gesture.. I am very much sure that your words are in line with your esteemed religion.. You afterall belong to an Islamic state, dont you?? Mocking the dead and their families must be very Islamic.. Keep rejoicing..


    • Sick!!! I agree that’s not very nice to say about any one even when they are your enemies, but then Jeeth what goes around comes around, go through the comment,s on incidents that have occurred where Pakistanis have lost live’s and the Indians have raveled in there hour of grief.

  5. It is really nice to see “peace loving” Pakis rejoicing over the death of Naval personnel in an accident.

    Just so that we get this straight – it is OK to rejoice when Pakis die in an accident or a terrorist event or whatever? After all, if it’s OK for you to rejoice, surely, it must be good if we do the same.

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