‘No power in the world can separate Pakistan and Kashmir from each other’ President AKJ


MIRPUR:Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan has said that no power in the world can separate Pakistan and Kashmir from each other.

Addressing a seminar at the President House of AJK hosted under the aegis of National Defense University
on Saturday, the AJK prime minister stated that our commercial and cultural paths are connected with Pakistan, saying, “in order to strengthen ties with Pakistan, amendments in Interim Constitution Act 1974 are inevitable”.
“It is inevitable to get a valid part of the central resources through the 18th constitutional amendment. When provinces are availing these resources, why should masses from Azad Kashmir be deprived of such advantages,” the PM AJK maintained.

He voiced that the federal government has started a formal work on this and a meeting in this regard is going to be held on February 13.

“End of dual tax system from AJK, reduction in the authority of Kashmir Council, refund of the remaining schemes of the earthquake affected areas are the needs of the state,” the prime minister added.

Farooq expressed that our brethren in Pakistan should have full confidence on us as we also trust them, and we have never disappointed them.
He said, “Our elders have sacrificed for this region besides playing part in making Pakistan.”

The AJK prime minister highlighted the core issues that are needed to be addressed and uttered that the incumbent government of AJK is trying to resolve the main issues.APP/AFP


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