No Loose Ends


It is really distressing to observe how the current administration is struggling to hold on to power in the face of Imran Khan’s growing opposition. I recall many passionate conversations that would ultimately conclude that Khan would become politically irrelevant the moment he was out of office before the planned overthrow of a democratic administration and the installation of a criminal conglomerate. Little did his political rivals and their managers realise how wide and deep his support network was, which has only grown since his expulsion, keeping them from having a moment of peace. The criminal governing group now resembles a stressed-out group plagued by several demons.

This group of chosen leaders never deserved to be in charge. It is a pity that they have continually been given control over a nation that they have pillaged and robbed cruelly, just to keep returning with more greed and desire. They wreaked heinous havoc on more than just the nation. The vast majority of marginalised and poor people who have remained on the periphery of society for all time, eking out a meagre living day after day, have been the true sufferers. They have continued to be without the fundamental requirements of life that the state is obligated to provide because of the elite loot. In truth, every Monday seemed gloomier than today. It’s always been a downward slope. But others who amassed mountains of illegal money to swell their bank accounts and buy opulent mansions all around the world showed no remorse. Additionally, they have no problem giving away this wealth to anyone who can assist them in getting another chance to rob the nation blind.

However, this time around, they had to deal with the might of Khan, who took them on with unwavering courage and determination to ensure that they were not given a free hand. While their previous terms in power were relatively smooth because of the PML-N and PPP’s friendship in scavenging the country, this time they had to contend with the might of the opposition.For the first time in Pakistan’s political history, the illegal deeds of these little charlatans are being revealed publicly so that the populace will be aware of them and speak out against them both now and when elections are held. What a crescendo it’s reaching, too! Every responsible citizen is queued up to tear down the corrupt officials’ shaky fortress while they tremble in fear. The intensity of the will to put an end to corruption and its nasty perpetrators has evolved into a popular movement.

They are using every evil tactic they can find in their contemporary Machiavelli playbook to prevent the impending catastrophe that might mark their collective political demise. But despite their best efforts, they are all failing miserably. Additionally, their leaders continue to offer several opportunities for comedic relief. The most recent was written by none other than the woman who considers it her hierarchical duty to lead. After regaining her passport according to a court order, she fired out her final statement before boarding a flight to London, claiming that because Khan was no longer prime minister, “foreign countries are terrified of sending cyphers to us.” Are these self-proclaimed leaders composed of this stuff? Did no one ever inform her that a cypher is a coded message and that foreign countries do not send them?

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Additionally, she has an unmatched repertoire of expletives that she can use when puking. I frequently ponder the unwholesome setting in which she was born and lived her adolescent years. Her story, her attitude, her hatred, and her abuse are disgusting. She ought to find a place to conceal her face. An excellent place to accomplish this would be London. It is apparent that this criminal gang has been held captive by its cunning techniques under constant growing strain, and it seems impossible for them to rescue their tottering administration from this widening morass.

The current leaders did not come into power through electoral victory. They achieved this by posing as hired thugs of a foreign power and threatening to take action if Khan’s position as prime minister was not overthrown by a vote of no-confidence. Incentives in cash and kind were abundantly provided during the process to woo PTI MPs who were already in office. The government’s coalition allies simultaneously got orders to march to the other side, which they promptly carried out in the best military tradition. As a result, using severely undemocratic and unlawful methods, a legislative majority was reduced to a minority. Local agents carried out this foreign-dictated plot, and a government made up of thieves, criminals, and fugitives were appointed. In less than six months, this administration has pushed the nation dangerously close to economic catastrophe.

Was this accomplished because he refused to cooperate by restricting his contacts with China and limiting the reach of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to forward the plotting nation’s regional agenda? Was this done as a result of Pakistan’s decision to opt-out of participating in wars in favour of peace, allowing its citizens to live without the fear of terrorism and violent crime? Was this action taken because he did not want to engage in bloc politics and wanted to see Pakistan grow into a regional economic powerhouse as a sign of peace?

While evil plots are created to control a nation’s and its citizens’ destinies, justice has its dynamics. We are now observing how these dynamics are unfolding. They now face a serious threat to their political existence as a result of a game they played to ensure the continuation of their unlawful power. In only a few short weeks, their sinfulness has come back to haunt them as they struggle hard to breathe while held captive by its tentacles. However, some things frequently grow more elusive as time runs out. It devolves into a game of shadow chasing, which is exactly what it has done.

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