Ninjas In Our Backyard


Spies are Often known to be “Bad boys”, the “good bad boys”. Never have I ever heard of a spy who is straight going, nerdy or a 9 to 5 guy. Their job is tough, they have to stay positive in a negative environment. But they have to pretend negative, or we can say, they need to become the wrong people. It is not a choice, it is a necessity.

The most tricky part is that they have to revert to the right path after being on the wrong one. They don’t have to do that all the time. It varies from job to job, mission to mission. They become saints. They become devils. This was a general definition of a spy. Spies from Military and other Civil security agencies.

Now let us come to our spy agency ISI. Let us talk about our guys, the “ninjas”. The boys from Aabpaara.
They have been overly and unduly criticised. They have been bashed by the political analysts for interfering in politics.

Which intelligence agency does not interfere in internal issues? RAW? MOSSAD? CIA? KGB? Every intel agency does that. It just varies. In more developed countries, their interference is on a minimal level, but they do keep an eye on politics, politicians, journalists, social activists and etc. Impeachment of Nixon are the most prominent examples. I’m not justifying anybody’s murder but elaborating and affirming my stance.

Coming back to home, our intel agency is a miracle, with miraculous people and miraculous achievements.

Containing a regional power on the east, and defeating a superpower in the west was one hell of a task. Becoming a nuclear power under the nose of a ferocious superpower was more herculean, but they did it.

People would say that CIA was the energizer of ISI, and defeating Russia was CIA’s credit. I have two questions for those people, for those “idealistic democrats”. Why couldn’t CIA do it in Vietnam?

The world after 9/11 is different. CIA is not happy with ISI after 2001, they have been pressurizing us since then for a baseless demand, it means the relations have not been friendly lately, but ISI has survived yet another invader in its backyard, ISI has protected its borders and its nuclear programme from two superpowers on different occasions and with limited resources.

Yes, we have faced a wave of terrorism, “economic terrorism” and “political terrorism”, but we have handled it well. We have survived like no other resilient nation. And we are heading towards sustainability. Let me say this, the dream of a peaceful Pakistan is achieved by the hard work and professionalism of our armed forces and this ISI.

There are a lot of achievements which we civilians do not know. A lot of secret missions we have no clue about, but under the sea, there is always intelligence activity happening, “ninjas” are tackling the threats quietly, while their motherland sleeps, they do not wake her up, they counter the threats, silently, like obedient, loving sons. They do not let the wind of dangers disturb their mother’s sleep. They
take it on themselves, on their chests, on their heads, for the peace of their motherland, they get martyred silently. These ninjas don’t want recognition, badges of valor, they just need their mother’s peace. They are the giving sons. They are “ISI”.

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