Nine Zero sealed illegally, despite MQM’s dissociation from Altaf Hussain: Farooq Sattar


KARACHI: MQM leader Farooq Sattar on Saturday claimed that MQM headquarter Nine Zero has been sealed illegally and unconstitutionally, and that there was no point of this action after the party’s disassociation from Altaf Hussain.

“When we say that we have disconnected with London it means that we are no more in contact with them, stop doing speculations,” Sattar said while addressing a press conference in the metropolis.

“Stop doubting our intention. If somebody is misguided, he should consult some Urdu linguistic for explanation of what we have said,” he added.

Sattar went on to say that MQM is only asking for political ownership, which is their due legal and political right.

“Stop our victimisation through media. Stop pressuring us through these ‘so-called’ analysts, we won’t take any dictation from anyone.”

“You cannot seal the headquarter of a political party, only because of the controversial statements issued by an individual — who is already dissociated from the party,” said Sattar.

“We will cooperate with the law enforcement agencies if party members or workers are found involved in any unlawful action or violation of law and order,” he assured, adding that “unlawful raids and arrests of innocent workers must be stopped immediately”.

These actions demonstrate that it is not just about one person, but there is some other nefarious agenda being followed from behind the curtains, said Sattar. “It suggests you are planning to create fractions inside MQM.”

The MQM leader said that more than 20 party offices have been demolished so far, despite the fact that many of them were legal and the properties are were donated by MQM’s well-wishers.

“Even if these offices were illegal, why these offices were not demolished earlier?”

When Wasim Akhtar will take oath as Karachi’s mayor, he will announce to demolish all the illegal encroachments including our illegal offices [if any], Sattar announced.

“I herby inform the federal and provincial governments that our offices and members have nothing to do with the statements of Altaf Hussain. Stop pushing us towards negative approach. We showed positivity, and expect same from the governments.”

If there are any criminals in MQM, go ahead arrest them, but MQM and terrorism are two different entities, he asserted.



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