New York Minute – Nawaz Sharif’s address to the UN


When PM Nawaz Sharif took the stage at United Nations’ 71st general assembly session in New York, most of the world was all eyes and ears in view of intensifying tension between India and Pakistan due to the recent attack on Uri sector of Indian occupied Kashmir. Especially after India’s subsequent war mongering response with ultra-aggressive posture over the matter and considering the fact that the war hysteria on the Indian side was approaching a crescendo settings were being made to portray the occasion larger than what it was initially anticipated to be. Though PM Sharif’s body language was not that symphonic with words he was uttering but nonetheless one can’t take credit away from the 66 year old seasoned politician who have seen the top office three times.

Though it was expected that Kashmir issue will make to the list in a strong manner due to recent development in the valley, the pleasing surprise entry was the mentioning of the new icon of the Kashmiri freedom struggle, late Burhan Wani. Burhan Wani’s legacy is proving to be the turning point of the fate of the occupied Kashmir. He is the decedent of a long chain of freedom fighters, a star of the galaxy of inspiration, accompanied in the league with Maqbool Butt, Afzal Guru, Mirwaiz Farooq and many more. Prime minister of Pakistan used bold words to bring the international community’s attention towards the humanitarian crisis people of Kashmir are suffering and demanded an inquiry of the human rights violations committed by the Indian forces. Reaction of the opposing bench was the usual one. Indian foreign minister shared his “astonishment” momentarily over the citing of Burhan Wani, calling him a terrorist. If he had brains to evaluate that if Kashmir’s most beloved son today is his terrorist then he would have realized that there is something terribly wrong with their rotting narrative of attoot ang (inseparable body), you can’t just keep a nation slave forever.

Prime minister also mentioned the state of chaos in the Gulf region and rightly pointed out the necessity of addressing the core of the problem i.e. the issue of Palestine as peace cannot prevail in the presence of tyranny. Israeli atrocities and state sponsored suppression of Palestinians is the root cause of the conflict, and west’s support to this oppression is causing them to become the target of resulting outrage. World should understand that self-determination and freedom are rights of all sentient beings and if these basic instinctive needs of the specie will be denied then there will be an inevitable retaliation and reprisal knows no boundary. If the World wants peace, it should peruse justice and freedom for all, selective implementation of this approach like in East Taimur and South Sudan will only fuel the militant mindset which will be forced to perceive that the world has dual standards. Such hypocrisy will only add to the complication, now that the fire has reached the doors of Europe they have to do something about it, west should review their policy of supporting Israel and should force the fascist state to give Palestinian their birth right. PM Sharif reminded the World of these facts in very gentle words.

There was resolve, commitment, promise and atonement in the speech. Prime Minster asserted to the fact that Pakistan is among the principal victims of terrorism, most of which is foreign supported and Indian involvement in blooming terrorist outfits in Pakistan is an open secret known to the whole World now, something the Indian prime minister expressed, proclaimed and disgracefully  acknowledged several times, for example in his 15th August speech on India’s independence day and prior to Modi’s visit to Bangladesh and again shamelessly accepted the intensity of India’s hideous role played in the internal matters of Pakistan in 1971 civil war through cross border terrorism and open armed interference.

PM Sharif pointed out these fact in his address profoundly. He was explanatory where required and was tactful were needed. He let the World know that before asking Pakistan to do more the World should listen to the concerns of Pakistan, we already have done more than we owe, we have lost over 100 thousand precious lives in the process, initially it was not our war but then gradually it was directed towards us. It was a war of attrition through the hands of foreign proxies we lost our loved ones, our elders, our sick and our children. The international community should honor the sacrifice of Pakistanis by not helping the ones who are harboring our terrorists, noticeably Afghanistan and India.

Over all for now, it is a good outing so far for Pakistan. Though Indian response at UNGA is yet to be evaluated and chances are it will comprise of their usual idiotic fanaticism. For our sake we should keep our guard high on the diplomatic front and keep following up on the results. It should not be thrown away or treated like a one night wonder. Lastly the offer of a composite dialogue was made by Prime Minister of Pakistan but he clearly stated that it should not be subjected to any preconditioning, India has to realize that peace is a mutually beneficial feature, not only for the two countries but also for the whole region which houses about 25% of the world’s population but Pakistan will not beg for it. If a peaceful settlement of outstanding issues can be achieved and India is willing to get over their obsession with Pakistan then they can spend same energy and resources on their poor and hungry and bring rest of the 80% of the country above the poverty line.

In the end, truth be told, Indians first have to show some commitment for the peace process by giving the right of self-determination to the people of Kashmir. They have to stop interfering in Pakistan’s internal matters. They have to halt manipulation and stealing of water from Pakistani rivers and show genuine compassion towards the minorities in their country and above all take out this garbage of inferiority complex from their minds. These are the major points of rift between Pakistan and India for which mainly Indian arrogance, stubbornness and cruelty are the main hurdles. These are high times that once and for all India should decide what exactly they want. Purposeless occasional muscle flexing on the boarder is becoming a joke, no one in Pakistan is amused by it let alone feel any threat, nor do we give a damn what prime time Indian news channels are contemplating in their comic world of self-deception. Our sincere advice for our Indian counter parts is simple, get focused and avoid confusion, listen to reason and logic and decide what you want for yourselves, if you honestly want to resolve these issues by meaningful dialogue process, we will support it, we will welcome it, but if you want a war then you better batten down the hatches folks; because we have front row “tickets” for you and your friends on a one way flight to hell.

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  1. Our PM did good. We should be proud of him, he held his own against mounting pressure.
    He came, he put his point across and the world listened. As an Azad Kashmiri I will say I salute you PM sahib. Our PM was the voice of Kashmir in the UN and for representing the mazloom he has upped his profile from the dharna bores and the geedar politics of Zardari.

    Pakistan can not afford to back down from here regardless of what the US says in the background on Indian behest.

    The right wing Hindus in power @Indians have dug themselves a hole here with their zealot war mongering thinking the world will support them fool heartedly knowing the Indians are in the wrong in Kashmir. The deluded Indian electorate drunk on their own delusions of a grandeur kind want a Pakistani head.

    time and time again these Indian barbarians show us that they are no different to the Indians of old, quarrelsome, troublesome, zealot warmongering trouble makers that constantly played dirty politics and enjoy stabbing in the back.

    They pushed the Mohammed Bin Qasim into a confrontation by attacking Muslim ships in the Arabian and Persian gulf as well as kidnapping a noble muslimah and so began our history in dealing with these geedars.. Our history with them is riddled with “them” stabbing us in the back and using deceit outright lies as they do today through the internet trying to change the Kashmir narrative through very poor misinformation tactics.

    One single event describes the Indians and that is their love for that “tactics” of Siva their 4ft something legend who was nothing more than a protagonist bandit that over a call for a truce stabbed the Mughal emissary one Afzal Khan in the back with a dagger and decapitated his head. Siva was no match for Afzal Khan hence why he lured him into a tent under the pretext of reconciliation.

    Such are the politics of the Indians history teaches us and our not so distant past teaches us and our current situation teaches us this.

    If India misadventures across the LoC – please for the honour of Pakistan hot them hard, really hard and give them a slap they will remember for time to come undoubtedly one they will not forgot and will no doubt become the context of their continues engagement with us.

    Don’t trust these people just hit them hard – the only language the know. This chaiwala with his 56 inch man boobs – just who do you think you are.

    We need to remind who WE are, we are sons of Ghauri, Babur, Abdali, Ghaznavi, Nadir Shah, Zaman Shah.

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