This New Luxury Bus Service Offers Tickets As Low as Rs. 1


There is a new luxury bus company starting operations in Pakistan that will offer Lahore to Islamabad and vice versa trips starting at just Rs. 1.

Royals Express says that it will offer variable fares just like airlines do. Basically, if you reserve your seat in advance and early, then you will be charged less. The fares on your booked ride will keep increasing (Rs. 200, Rs. 400 and so on) until bus is half booked or more.

Simply put, if you are the first one to book a ticket on a particular ride, the first ticket will be sold for Rs. 1. The a chunk of tickets will be sold for Rs. 200, then another block of tickets for Rs. 400 and so on.

Here is how the bus fares will be broken down:

Thanks to, you can even select seat numbers and reserve your booking online for Royals Express bus service.

Royals Express told ProPakistani that its current fleet includes 16 buses and 30 more buses will be added within a month’s time.

With some high buses that feature 3 seats in a row, Royals Express promises to offer some additional features in their buses such as wash room, kitchen, on seat entertainment etc.

Current fleet offers tray tables, seat adjustment which helps in adding more space between two passengers sitting together, mobile phone charging ports and even onboard WiFi connectivity.

Royals Express said that it will soon offer in-journey meals for passengers, for which they can pay separately at the time of buying tickets online. The company said that while it has yet not finalized the menu, the in-journey bus meals would include burgers, pizza, fried chicken, snacks and more.

You can even add a cab service for the pick up and drop off to your destination.

Royals Express is launching tomorrow (March 9th, 2017) with two way service between Lahore and Islamabad.

Here are the features again:

  • In-bus WiFi
  • Plug-in power for your tablet and laptop
  • Play your favorite video games
  • Perk up your moods with our hot and cold beverage service
  • in-bus rest room
  • in-bus meals (billed separately)

You can visit their website here:

Here are some pictures of their buses:




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