New Hope with the New Government


25th July 2018 was the day when the fortune of Pakistan was in the hands of the voters. The nation who was hopeless due to the continuously witnessing the same faces over the years and could not see the change that they wanted to see. The 207 million people wanted to see the prosperity and positive change in the country have stepped out on this remarkable day. Pakistanis have written a new chapter in the history by denying the typical political culture and giving a chance to the third option.

Pakistan Tehreek -e- Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan Niazi who initiated his career as a political leader from 1996, gained much recognition in the General Elections 2013 with the latest slogan “Tabdeeli”. The slogan was much appealing for the nation who was suffering from the typical political parties and their re-appearance in the Government but no remarkable change in the state. However, PTI has got the majority in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and got many seats from the Metropolitan city as well, secured 35 seats in the National Assembly, whereas, Pakistan Muslim League (N) has got a majority as secured 166 seats in the National Assembly. Needless to mention about the Azadi March, protests and Dharnas in the capital in 2014, but such protest proved as the “Bomb Blast” in the minds of Pakistanis who are hopeless from the state, apologetically.

Nonetheless, General Elections 2018 which are considered as the fairest elections happened in the history of Pakistan has proved that “PAKISTANI NATION WANTS CHANGE”. According to the Election Commision of Pakistan, voter’s turnout was 51.85 % and the total registered voters in Pakistan are 106 million, of which 59.22m are male and 46.73m are females. Pakistan’s verdict was undeniably for the third option whose struggle was in front not only to Pakistan but across the World when 2013 elected Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif was disqualified as PM and much more of it. PTI cleaned swept the state by 149 seats in the National Assembly of Pakistan and also got the majority in the Provincial Assemblies respectively. It is an undeniable fact that, PML N and PPP have been the major stakeholders of PAkistan and PML N still got 82 seats in NA yet the New Government of PTI.

Taking fast forward, 18th August 2018, when Imran Khan took oath as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, nation rejoiced and congratulated Khan for the future endeavor. But it is not that much easy to work in those circumstances when your rival is quite strong. It is the time when every member of PTI have to be extremely careful in their behavior, distribution of ministries and even in the policy-making, PTI will face criticism and even appreciation both from the state especially from the political rivals. The main reason is, the nation is watching with absolute hope towards Khan and their verdict depicts.

Nonetheless, it is an undeniable fact that newly elected Prime Minister is burdened than any former Head of the State, yet there is a plus point that IF Khan has worked on the expectations of the nation, then undoubtedly, He is going to win the next election and it is an understood fact. From his 2013 General Election speeches, Azadi March, living in the container for four months in Dharna, IK has got much support from Pakistanis.

The 100 Days Plan that he has given to the nation that includes the Transformation of the Governance, Strengthening the Federation, Revitalizing the Economic growth, Revolutionary Social service, Uplifting of Agriculture and conservation of water, and the State’s security. If this plan got success (even partially) then it would bring a remarkable change in the state.

However, we have witnessed that Imran Khan has denied the PM protocol and all type of Guests including the Consulates, Political guests, might be the Head of the States of other countries will be served as “Tea along with Biscuits”. The meals in the Prime Minister house has been reduced and the daily expenditure will also be reduced to save the National Finance. The initiation of PTI is quite impressive but We as a Nation, should not pressurize Khan to be on point every time as we have neglected the mistakes of the former governments. Let’s hope for the betterment and prosperity of Pakistan.

Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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