New furniture allows you to grow food in your own house


If you’re really into growing your own food – and that too without being a hassle for neighbours – then Ikea’s Growroom will solve your problem.

Designed in late 2016 by Ikea’s Space10 lab in collaboration with Danish architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum, the Growroom provides the option to have an interior garden. It is essentially furniture by definition and can be an indirect solution to the overflowing population in the world.



It has been developed with another goal – to encourage kids to learn how food is produced.

It is important to note that the flexible structure is open source – meaning that anyone who wants to install it can do so by themselves. At 3 metres tall and with 17 instructions to follow, the Growroom is also very convenient to construct.

According to the designers, “Local food represents a serious alternative to the global food model. It reduces food miles, our pressure on the environment, and educates our children of where food actually comes from.”





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